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Frontiers in Ultrafast Optics: Biomedical, Scientific, and Industrial Applications XIV
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Volume Number: 8972
Date Published: 28 March 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 8972
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Single cell transfection by laser-induced breakdown of an optically trapped gold nanoparticle
Author(s): Yoshihiko Arita; Martin Ploschner; Maciej Antkowiak; Frank Gunn-Moore; Kishan Dholakia
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Plasmonic nanobubbles for target cell-specific gene and drug delivery and multifunctional processing of heterogeneous cell systems
Author(s): Ekaterina Y. Lukianova-Hleb; Leslie E. Huye; Malcolm K. Brenner; Dmitri O. Lapotko
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Mechanistic investigations and molecular medicine applications of gold nanoparticle mediated (GNOME) laser transfection
Author(s): M. Schomaker; D. Heinemann; S. Kalies; S. Willenbrock; H. Murua Escobar; A. Buch; B. Sodeik; T. Ripken; H. Meyer
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Dynamic imaging of transient bubbles generated by femtosecond irradiation of plasmonic nanoparticles in suspensions and cell environment
Author(s): Christos Boutopoulos; Matthieu Fortin-Deschênes; Eric Bergeron; Michel Meunier
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Femtosecond optical injection of intact plant cells using a reconfigurable platform
Author(s): Claire A. Mitchell; Stefan Kalies; Tomas Cizmar; Nicola Bellini; Anisha Kubasik-Thayil; Alexander Heisterkamp; Lesley Torrance; Alison G. Roberts; Frank J. Gunn-Moore; Kishan Dholakia
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Evaluation of pulsed laser ablation in liquids generated gold nanoparticles as novel transfection tools: efficiency and cytotoxicity
Author(s): Saskia Willenbrock; María Carolina Durán; Annette Barchanski; Stephan Barcikowski; Karsten Feige; Ingo Nolte; Hugo Murua Escobar
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Label-free high-throughput imaging flow cytometry
Author(s): A. Mahjoubfar; C. Chen; K. R. Niazi; S. Rabizadeh; B. Jalali
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Smart surgical tool
Author(s): Huan Huang; Shuang Bai; Lih-Mei Yang; Jian Liu
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Femtosecond laser induced nanostructuring for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): H. Messaoudi; S. K. Das; J. Lange; F. Heinrich; S. Schrader; M. Frohme; R. Grunwald
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Compact, high-repetition-rate OPCPA system for high harmonic generation
Author(s): Jan Matyschok; Thomas Binhammer; Tino Lang; Oliver Prochnow; Stefan Rausch; Piotr Rudawski; Anne Harth; Miguel Miranda; Chen Guo; Eleonora Lorek; Johan Mauritsson; Cord L. Arnold; Anne L'Huillier; Uwe Morgner
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Hyperspectral (fluorescence lifetime) imaging based on a UV-VIS enhanced supercontinuum source using high-order mode propagation
Author(s): Stefano Taccheo; Raffaella Mercatelli; Silvia Soria; Cosimo D'Andrea; Kay Schuster; Andreas Bassi; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Jens Kobelke; Klaus Mörl; Giancarlo Righini; Franco Quercioli
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Industry-grade high average power femtosecond light source
Author(s): O. H. Heckl; S. Weiler; R. Fleischhaker; R. Gebs; A. Budnicki; M. Wolf; J. Kleinbauer; S. Russ; M. Kumkar; D. H. Sutter
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The coherent artifact in modern pulse measurements
Author(s): Michelle Rhodes; Madhuri Mukhopadhyay; Jonathan Birge; Günter Steinmeyer; Rick Trebino
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Spatio-temporal characterization techniques of high-power femtosecond laser chains
Author(s): Valentin Gallet; Gustave Pariente; Subhendu Kahaly; Olivier Gobert; Fabien Quéré
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Plasma generation by ultrashort multi-chromatic pulses during nonlinear propagation
Author(s): Jeremy R. Gulley; Jiexi Liao; Thomas E. Lanier
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Arbitrary integrated multimode interferometers for the elaboration of photonic qubits
Author(s): Andrea Crespi; Roberta Ramponi; Daniel J. Brod; Ernesto F. Galvao; Nicolò Spagnolo; Chiara Vitelli; Linda Sansoni; Fabio Sciarrino; Paolo Mataloni; Roberto Osellame
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Integrated optical waveplates fabricated by femtosecond laser micromachining
Author(s): G. Corrielli; A. Crespi; R. Geremia; R. Ramponi; L. Sansoni; A. Santinelli; P. Mataloni; F. Sciarrino; R. Osellame
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Morphological evolution of nanopores and cracks as fundamental components of ultrashort pulse laser-induced nanogratings
Author(s): F. Zimmermann; A. Plech; S. Richter; A. Tünnermann; S. Nolte
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Direct-write diffracting tubular optical components using femtosecond lasers
Author(s): Ben McMillen; Yves Bellouard
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Temperature-compensated fiber optic 3D shape sensor using femtosecond laser direct-written Bragg grating waveguides
Author(s): K. K. C. Lee; A. Mariampillai; M. Haque; B. A. Standish; V. X. D. Yang; P. R. Herman
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Micro-patterning of self-assembled organic monolayers by using tunable ultrafast laser pulses
Author(s): Stella Maragkaki; Andreas Aumann; Florian Schulz; Anja Schröter; Benjamin Schöps; Steffen Franzka; Nils Hartmann; Andreas Ostendorf
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Comparison of different processes for separation of glass and crystals using ultrashort pulsed lasers
Author(s): M. Kumkar; L. Bauer; S. Russ; M. Wendel; J. Kleiner; D. Grossmann; K. Bergner; S. Nolte
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Rapid microfabrication of transparent materials using a filamented beam of the IR femtosecond laser
Author(s): S. Butkus; D. Paipulas; Ž. Viburys; A. Alesenkov; E. Gaižauskas; D. Kaškelytė; M. Barkauskas; V. Sirutkaitis
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Simultaneously spatially and temporally focusing light for tailored ultrafast micro-machining
Author(s): Jens U. Thomas; Erica Block; Michael Greco; Amanda Meier; Charles G. Durfee; Jeffrey A. Squier; Stefan Nolte; Andreas Tünnermann
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A brief analysis on pulse front tilt in simultaneous spatial and temporal focusing
Author(s): Site Zhang; Frank Wyrowski; Robert Kammel; Stefan Nolte
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Monolithic hybrid optics for focusing ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): U. Fuchs
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Ultrashort pulse lasers for precise processing: overview on a current German research initiative
Author(s): S. Nolte
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Trepanning drilling of stainless steel using a high-power Ytterbium-doped fiber ultrafast laser: influence of pulse duration on hole geometry and processing quality
Author(s): John Lopez; Mathieu Dijoux; Raphael Devillard; Marc Faucon; Rainer Kling
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Determination of the AISI 1045 steel ablation threshold dependence on the pulse superposition using the Diagonal Scan (D-Scan) technique
Author(s): Ricardo E. Samad; Denílson C. Mirim; Wagner de Rossi; Nilson D. Vieira Jr.
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A new plasmonics enhanced ultrafast laser multi-nanoscapel (Presentation Video)
Author(s): Michel Meunier
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Laser drilling of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) by picosecond laser pulses: comparative study of different drilling tools
Author(s): T. Herrmann; M. Stolze; J. L'huillier
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Surface blackening by laser texturing with high repetition rate femtosecond laser up to 1MHz
Author(s): M. Faucon; A. Laffitte; J. Lopez; R. Kling
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Combination of thermal extrusion printing and ultrafast laser fabrication for the manufacturing of 3D composite scaffolds
Author(s): Evaldas Balčiūnas; Laurynas Lukoševičius; Dovilė Mackevičiūtė; Sima Rekštytė; Vygandas Rutkūnas; Domas Paipulas; Karolina Stankevičiūtė; Daiva Baltriukienė; Virginija Bukelskienė; Algis P. Piskarskas; Mangirdas Malinauskas
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Three-dimensional nanostructuring of polymer materials by controlled avalanche using femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Sima Rekštytė; Linas Jonušauskas; Albertas Žukauskas; Gediminas Gervinskas; Mangirdas Malinauskas; Saulius Juodkazis
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Thermoelectric assessment of laser peening induced effects on a metallic biomaterial Ti6Al4V
Author(s): H. Carreón; S. Barriuso; J. A. Porro; J. L. González-Carrasco; J. L. Ocaña
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