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Nonlinear Frequency Generation and Conversion: Materials, Devices, and Applications XIII
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Volume Number: 8964
Date Published: 25 February 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 8964
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
CW emission at 193 nm using an all solid-state laser source
Author(s): Matthias Scholz; Dmitrijs Opalevs; Jürgen Stuhler; Patrick Leisching; Wilhelm Kaenders; Guiling Wang; Xiaoyang Wang; Rukang Li; Chuangtian Chen
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High power green, yellow, and UV fiber lasers
Author(s): Eran Tal; Eitan E. Rowen; Doron Barness; Jacob Lasri; Eran Inbar
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A new approach to sum frequency generation of single-frequency blue light in a coupled ring cavity
Author(s): Ole Bjarlin Jensen; Paul Michael Petersen
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Efficient generation of orange light by frequency-doubling of a quantum-dot laser radiation in a PPKTP waveguide
Author(s): Ksenia A. Fedorova; Grigorii S. Sokolovskii; Philip R. Battle; Daniil A. Livshits; Edik U. Rafailov
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Generation of 3.5 W of diffraction-limited green light from SHG of a single tapered diode laser in a cascade of nonlinear crystals
Author(s): Anders K. Hansen; Ole B. Jensen; Bernd Sumpf; Götz Erbert; Angelika Unterhuber; Wolfgang Drexler; Peter E. Andersen; Paul Michael Petersen
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SM green fiber laser operating in CW and QCW regimes and producing over 550W of average output power
Author(s): Valentin Gapontsev; Alexey Avdokhin; Pankaj Kadwani; Igor Samartsev; Nikolai Platonov; Roman Yagodkin
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Continuous-wave optical parametric source for terahertz waves tunable from 1 to 4.5 THz frequency
Author(s): Jens Kießling; Karsten Buse; Konstantin L. Vodopyanov; Ingo Breunig
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Ultra-broadband IR and THz generation and detection with ultrashort pulses
Author(s): Masaaki Ashida; Eiichi Matsubara; Ikufumi Katayama
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Room temperature terahertz wave imaging at 60 fps by frequency up-conversion in DAST crystal
Author(s): Shuzhen Fan; Feng Qi; Takashi Notake; Kouji Nawata; Takeshi Matsukawa; Yuma Takida; Hiroaki Minamide
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Efficient femtosecond 50 MHz repetition rate mid-IR source up to 17 µm by difference-frequency generation in AgGaSe2
Author(s): Marcus Beutler; Ingo Rimke; Edlef Büttner; Valery Badikov; Dmitri Badikov; Valentin Petrov
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Non-collinear upconversion of incoherent light: designing infrared spectrometers and imaging systems
Author(s): Jeppe Seidelin Dam; Qi Hu; Christian Pedersen; Peter Tidemand-Lichtenberg
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All-optical signal regeneration of advanced modulation formats
Author(s): Tobias Roethlingshoefer; Thomas Richter; Birgit Stiller; Georgy Onishchukov; Colja Schubert; Bernhard Schmauss; Gerd Leuchs
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Generation of low-noise frequency replicas in parametric frequency combs via phase-sensitive process
Author(s): Zhi Tong; Lan Liu; Stojan Radic
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Mode-selective frequency up-conversion in a chi(2) waveguide
Author(s): Young Bong Kwon; Michael Vasilyev
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Influence of pump fiber laser conditions at 1550 nm on broadband infrared supercontinuum generation in all-solid all-normal dispersion photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): Mariusz Klimczak; Bartłomiej Siwicki; Grzegorz Soboń; Jarosław Sotor; Dariusz Pysz; Ryszard Stępień; Tadeusz Martynkien; Krzysztof Abramski; Ryszard Buczyński
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Fiber laser driven dual photonic crystal fiber femtosecond mid-infrared source tunable in the range of 4.2 to 9 μm
Author(s): Yuhong Yao; Wayne H. Knox
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Investigations of SBS and laser gain competition in high-power phase modulated fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Angel Flores; Iyad Dajani; Dane Hult; Craig Robin
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Broadband IR supercontinuum generation in hexagonal lattice tellurite photonic crystal fiber with dispersion optimized for pumping over 1500 nm
Author(s): Mariusz Klimczak; Grzegorz Stępniewski; Henry Bookey; Dariusz Pysz; Andrew Waddie; Ryszard Stępień; Ajoy Kar; Mohammad R. Taghizadeh; Ryszard Buczyński
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Mid-infrared supercontinuum generation using lead-bismuth-gallium-oxide glass-based photonic crystal fibers pumped at 1560 nm
Author(s): Grzegorz Soboń; Mariusz Klimczak; Jaroslaw Sotor; Karol Krzempek; Dariusz Pysz; Ryszard Stępień; Tadeusz Martynkien; Grzegorz Dudzik; Krzysztof M. Abramski; Ryszard Buczynski
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Mid-infrared frequency comb generation using a continuous-wave pumped optical parametric oscillator
Author(s): Markku Vainio; Ville Ulvila; C. R. Phillips; Lauri Halonen
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Sensitive absorption measurements in bulk material and coatings using a photothermal and a photoacoustic spectrometer
Author(s): S. Fieberg; N. Waasem; F. Kühnemann; K. Buse
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Laser damage studies of CdSiP2 and ZnGeP2 nonlinear crystals with nanosecond pulses at 1064 and 2090 nm
Author(s): Anne Hildenbrand; Christelle Kieleck; Aleksey Tyazhev; Georgi Marchev; Georg Stöppler; Marc Eichhorn; Peter Schunemann; Valentin Petrov
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Estimation of random duty-cycle error in periodically poled lithium niobate by simple diffraction experiment
Author(s): Prashant Povel Dwivedi; Hee Joo Choi; Byoung Joo Kim; Myoungsik Cha
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Measurement of thermal lensing in GaAs induced by 100 W Tm:fiber laser
Author(s): Joshua Bradford; Konstantin Vodopyanov; Peter Schunemann; Lawrence Shah; Martin Richardson
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Multicolor frequency upconversion luminescence in europium/terbium co-doped ytterbium-sensitized fluorogermanate glass excited at 980 nm
Author(s): James R. Silva; Artur S. Gouveia-Neto; Luciano A. Bueno
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Expanding frequency comb by means of enhanced multiple four-wave mixing
Author(s): S. A. S. Melo; A. R. Nascimento Jr.; Arismar Cerqueira S. Jr.; L. H. Carvalho; D. M. Pataca; J. C. R. F. Oliveira
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New simple method for measuring nonlinear polarization ellipse rotation with high precision using a dual-phase lock-in
Author(s): M. L. Miguez; E. C. Barbano; S. C. Zilio; L. Misoguti
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Sum frequency generation process for a new astronomical instrument
Author(s): R. Baudoin; J. T. Gomes; L. Delage; L. Grossard; T. A. Ten Brummelar; N. J. Scott; J. Sturmann; F. Reynaud
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Upconversion enhanced degenerate four-wave mixing in the mid-infrared for sensitive detection of acetylene in gas flows
Author(s): Lasse Høgstedt; Jeppe Seidelin Dam; Anna-Lena Sahlberg; Zhongshan Li; Marcus Aldén; Christian Pedersen; Peter Tidemand-Lichtenberg
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Mid infrared upconversion spectroscopy using diffuse reflectance
Author(s): Nicolai Sanders; Louis Kehlet; Jeppe Seidelin Dam; Peter Tidemand-Lichtenberg; Pablo Beato; Christian Pedersen
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Near diffraction limited mid-IR spectromicroscopy using frequency upconversion
Author(s): Nicolai Sanders; Jeppe Seidelin Dam; Peter Tidemand-Lichtenberg; Christian Pedersen
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Saturable absorption properties of multi-core nonlinear fiber arrays
Author(s): Elham Nazemosadat; Arash Mafi
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High energy Yb:CaF2 femtosecond laser for efficient terahertz generation in lithium niobate
Author(s): C. Vicario; B. Monoszlai; Cs. Lombosi; A. Mareczko; A. Courjaud; J. A. Fülöp; C. P. Hauri
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Continuously tunable, from MHz to GHz range, pulse train generation and its dynamic properties
Author(s): X. You; G. G. Perez-Sanchez; C. Gosset
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Enhanced second harmonic generation in lithium niobate hexagonal micro-resonator via total internal reflection quasi-phase-matching
Author(s): Christos Riziotis; Tleyane J. Sono; Sakellaris Mailis; Robert W. Eason
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Difference frequency generation of Mid-IR radiation in PPLN crystals using a dual-wavelength all-fiber amplifier
Author(s): Karol Krzempek; Grzegorz Soboń; Grzegorz Dudzik; Jaroslaw Sotor; Krzysztof M. Abramski
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Theoretical analysis of effect of pump and signal wavelengths on modal instabilities in Yb-doped fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Shadi Naderi; Iyad Dajani; Jacob Grosek; Timothy Madden; Thien-Nam Dinh
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Pump suppressed four-wave mixing in optical fibers for correlated photon generation using feedback technique
Author(s): Ankita Jain; Suchita .; K. Pradeep Kumar; R. Vijaya
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