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IX International Seminar on Medical Information Processing and Analysis
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Volume Number: 8922
Date Published: 19 November 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8922
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Sparse based optical flow estimation in cardiac magnetic resonance images
Author(s): Emiro Ibarra; Rubén Medina
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A novel right ventricle segmentation strategy using local spatio-temporal MRI information with a prior regularizer term
Author(s): Angélica Atehortúa; Fabio Martínez; Eduardo Romero
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Automated classification of LV regional wall motion based on spatio-temporal profiles from cardiac cine magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): Juan Mantilla; Mireille Garreau; Jean-Jacques Bellanger; José Luis Paredes
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Evaluation of a motion artifacts removal approach on breath-hold cine-magnetic resonance images of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy subjects
Author(s): Julián Betancur; Antoine Simon; Frédéric Schnell; Erwan Donal; Alfredo Hernández; Mireille Garreau
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Optical flow estimation of the heart's short axis view using a perceptual approach
Author(s): Ernesto Moya-Albor; Boris Escalante-Ramírez; Enrique Vallejo
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Towards an atrio-ventricular delay optimization assessed by a computer model for cardiac resynchronization therapy
Author(s): David Ojeda; Virginie Le Rolle; Kevin Tse Ve Koon; Christophe Thebault; Erwan Donal; Alfredo I. Hernández
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Extracting regional brain patterns for classification of neurodegenerative diseases
Author(s): Andrea Pulido; Andrea Rueda; Eduardo Romero
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A multiscale method for a robust detection of the default mode network
Author(s): Katherine Baquero; Francisco Gómez; Christian Cifuentes; Pieter Guldenmund; Athena Demertzi; Audrey Vanhaudenhuyse; Olivia Gosseries; Jean-Flory Tshibanda; Quentin Noirhomme; Steven Laureys; Andrea Soddu; Eduardo Romero
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detecting multiple sclerosis lesions with a fully bioinspired visual attention model
Author(s): Julio Villalon-Reina; Ricardo Gutierrez-Carvajal; Paul M. Thompson; Eduardo Romero-Castro
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An automatic search of Alzheimer patterns using a nonnegative matrix factorization
Author(s): Diana L. Giraldo; Juan D. García-Arteaga; Eduardo Romero
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A threshold-based approach for muscle contraction detection from surface EMG signals
Author(s): Gaudi Morantes; Gerardo Fernández; Miguel Altuve
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Blind separation of multiple physiological sources from a single-channel recording: a preprocessing approach for antenatal surveillance
Author(s): Aída Jiménez-Gonzalez; Christopher J. James
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Investigation into the efficacy of generating synthetic pathological oscillations for domain adaptation
Author(s): Rory Lewis; James Ellenberger; Colton Williams; Andrew M. White
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Preliminary results in large bone segmentation from 3D freehand ultrasound
Author(s): Zian Fanti; Fabian Torres; Fernando Arámbula Cosío
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Non-rigid registration based on local uncertainty quantification and fluid models for multiparametric MR images
Author(s): I. Reducindo; A. R. Mejia-Rodriguez; E. R. Arce-Santana; D. U. Campos-Delgado; G. Rizzo
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Wavelet denoising of multiframe optical coherence tomography data using correlation analysis
Author(s): Wajiha Habib; Adil Masood Siddiqui; Imran Touqir
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Characterization of architectural distortion on mammograms using a linear energy detector
Author(s): Jorge Alvarez; Fabián Narváez; César Poveda; Eduardo Romero
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3D freehand ultrasound for medical assistance in diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer: preliminary results
Author(s): Fabian Torres; Zian Fanti; F. Arambula Cosío
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How to identify rectal sub-regions likely involved in rectal bleeding in prostate cancer radiotherapy
Author(s): G. Dréan; O. Acosta; J. D. Ospina; C. Voisin; B. Rigaud; A. Simon; P. Haigron; R. de Crevoisier
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Hybrid image representation learning model with invariant features for basal cell carcinoma detection
Author(s): John Arevalo; Angel Cruz-Roa; Fabio A. González
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Shape estimation of gastrointestinal polyps using motion information
Author(s): Josue Ruano; Fabio Martinez; Martin Gomez; Eduardo Romero
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A novel atlas-based approach for MRI prostate segmentation using multiscale points of interest
Author(s): Charlens Álvarez; Fabio Martínez; Eduardo Romero
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Bag-of-visual-ngrams for histopathology image classification
Author(s): A. Pastor López-Monroy; Manuel Montes-y-Gómez; Hugo Jair Escalante; Angel Cruz-Roa; Fabio A. González
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Virtual slide mosaicing using feature descriptors and a registration consistency measure
Author(s): David E. Romo; Jonathan Tarquino; Juan D. García-Arteaga; Eduardo Romero
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Effects of the DICOM grayscale standard display function on the accuracy of medical-grade grayscale and consumer-grade color displays for telemammography screening
Author(s): Antonio J. Salazar; Javier Romero; Oscar Bernal; Angela Moreno; Sofía Velasco; Xavier Díaz
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Usability evaluation of a mobile tool to support prenatal examination
Author(s): Juan C. Leon; Angelica Aponte; Sebastian Vega; Eduardo Romero
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Concurrent access to a virtual microscope using a web service oriented architecture
Author(s): Germán Corredor; Marcela Iregui; Viviana Arias; Eduardo Romero
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Influence of signals length and noise in power spectral densities computation using Hilbert-Huang Transform in synthetic HRV
Author(s): María G. Rodríguez; Miguel Altuve; Carlos Lollett; Sara Wong
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QT correction formulas and laboratory analysis on patients with metabolic syndrome and diabetes
Author(s): Sara Wong; Pedro Rivera; María G. Rodríguez; Érika Severeyn; Miguel Altuve
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A grid computing framework for high-performance medical imaging
Author(s): Gabriel Mañana Guichón; Eduardo Romero Castro
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Filtering and left ventricle segmentation of the fetal heart in ultrasound images
Author(s): Lorena Vargas-Quintero; Boris Escalante-Ramírez
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Comparative study of variational and level set approaches for shape extraction in cardiac CT images
Author(s): Barba-J. Leiner; Boris Escalante-Ramírez; Enrique Vallejo
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A string matching shape prior to constraint the level set evolution for the segmentation of x-ray coronary angiography
Author(s): J. Brieva
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Local image registration a comparison for bilateral registration mammography
Author(s): José M. Celaya-Padilaa; Juan Rodriguez-Rojas; Victor Trevino; José G. Tamez-Pena
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A probabilistic model of emphysema based on granulometry analysis
Author(s): J. V. Marcos; R. Nava; G. Cristobal; A. Munoz-Barrutia; B. Escalante-Ramírez; C. Ortiz-de-Solórzano
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Simulation and evaluation of the strain of female pelvic organs with mass-spring and finite-elements models
Author(s): R. Khelfi; M. Rahim; B. Ratni; A. Rabahi; M.-E. Bellemare
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Knee cartilage segmentation using active shape models and contrast enhancement from magnetic resonance images
Author(s): Germán González; Boris Escalante-Ramírez
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Segmentation of knee cartilage by using a hierarchical active shape model based on multi-resolution transforms in magnetic resonance images
Author(s): Madeleine León; Boris Escalante-Ramirez
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