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International Symposium on Photoelectronic Detection and Imaging 2013: High Power Lasers and Applications
Editor(s): Andreas Tünnermann; Zejin Liu; Pu Wang; Chun Tang
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Volume Number: 8904
Date Published: 20 September 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8904
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Pulsed laser deposited cobalt-doped ZnO thin film
Author(s): Li Wang; Xue-qiong Su; Yi Lu; Jiang-bo Chen
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Performance of smoothing by spectral dispersion combined with distribute phase plate on SG-II
Author(s): Youen Jiang; Rong Wu; Shenlei Zhou; Jinghui Li; Xuechun Li; Zunqi Lin
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Effect of nonideal wavefront on the near filed beam quality disturbed by flaw in target system
Author(s): Zhaoyang Jiao; Yanli Zhang; Junyong Zhang; Jianqiang Zhu
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Application of delrin in laser plasma micro-propulsion
Author(s): Z. Y. Zheng; H. Gao; L. Gao; J. Xing; Z. J. Fan
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Study on the output of LD-pumped passively Q-switched subnanosecond microlasers
Author(s): He-jiao Cheng; Hui-min Chen; Bo-sheng Ding; De Cai
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LD pumped high-repetition-rate high-power 532nm Nd:YAG/LBO solid state laser
Author(s): Pingxue Li; Dongyu Liu; Junjie Chi; Chun Yang; Ziqiang Zhao; Haowei Hu; Guangju Zhang; Yifei Yao
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Long-pulse laser design and experimental work
Author(s): Osama Helal; Tan Yong; Ding Yunfeng; HongXing Cai
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Gain and reflective index combination guiding in a rod laser amplifier
Author(s): D. Wang
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Numerical research of two-dimension temperature distribution in bio-tissue induced by pulse laser and continuum laser based on FEM
Author(s): Ning Shan; Renjun Zhan; Heping Cui
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The research of atmospheric transmittance of high power laser along a ground-space slant path
Author(s): Y. Wang; Y. Liu; H. Li; M. Yao; M. Wang; Q. Zou; F. Qi; C. Huang
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Linewidth influenced by phase modulation and frequency modulation in optical feedback diode laser
Author(s): Hongying Wang; Xiao-xia Zhao; Zhen Cheng; Shu-li Li; Bian-lian Zhang; Yuan-yuan Li
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Power scaling and beam divergence compression of bottom-emitting vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Xing Zhang; Yongqiang Ning; Jianwei Zhang; Jian Zhang; Jinsheng Zhang; Peng Jia; Xiushan Li; Jingjing Shi; Li Qin; Yun Liu; Cunzhu Tong; Lijun Wang
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Theoretical research on damage mechanism of ultrafast laser ablation crystal silicon
Author(s): Junfeng Shao; Jin Guo; Tingfeng Wang
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Design criteria of end-pumped Nd:YAG zigzag slab amplifiers
Author(s): Bing Tang; Xiaojun Wang; Hua Su
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A four kHz repetition rate compact TEA CO2 laser
Author(s): Yijun Zheng; Rongqing Tan
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High energy quadruple pass amplifier for high power laser preamplifier module
Author(s): Yujie Peng; Jiangfeng Wang; Xue Pan; Xinghua Lu; Xuechun Li
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The influence of energy deposition parameters on laser plasma drag reduction
Author(s): Zhiguo Dou; Zhun Liu; Honglin Yao; Xiuqian Li
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Second harmonic generation study of the air/liquid interface of different solutions
Author(s): Kai Sun; Dechun Li; Lihua Cao; Ying Li; Xinwang Song; Chunxiu Li; Yaping Li; Xulong Cao
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Morphology and chemical composition analysis on multi-pulsed CO2 laser ablation of HgCdTe crystals
Author(s): Wei Tang; Jin Guo; Jun-feng Shao; Ting-feng Wang
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Numerical study of thermal stress damage in dielectric film by long-pulse laser
Author(s): Ji-xing Cai; Guang-yong Jin; Juan Bi; Gui-bo Chen; Ye Zhang
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The influence of the inflow speed on air-breathing supersonic laser propulsion
Author(s): Lei Shi; Hao Chen; Li-hua Ma; Yong-an Chen; Zhi-yan Xu; Hua Hong
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Flat-top temporal and spatial profiles femtosecond pulse beam generated by phase only modulating
Author(s): Yong-ming Nie; Jun-hui Liu; Pu-hua Huang; Ji-zhen Tang; Xuehua Yang; Hao-tong Ma; Xiu-jian Li
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Phase compensating algorithm investigation of real-time adaptive femtosecond pulse shaping
Author(s): Xin Lou; Tie-ju Sun; Fang-zhen Duan; Xue-hua Yang; Yong-ming Nie
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Output spectrum of high-power CW fiber amplifier
Author(s): Wei Liu; Hu Xiao; Xiaolin Wang; Pu Zhou
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Analysis of the power scaling of resonantly pumped Tm-doped silica fiber lasers
Author(s): Yadong Zhu; Pu Zhou; Hanwei Zhang; Xiaolin Wang; Shaofeng Guo
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High-power all-fiber picosecond MOPA laser based on hybrid-doped Yb fibers
Author(s): Hongwei Chen; Liang Guo; Yu Lei; Shengping Chen; Jing Hou; Qisheng Lu
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The mechanism of laser disturbing infrared detector and its intelligent protection
Author(s): Yuan Lu; Yun-song Feng; Yong-shun Ling; Ya Qiao
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Numerical simulations of high power near-infrared supercontinuum generation from a nonlinear fiber amplifier
Author(s): Rui Song; Jing Hou; Yan-Bin Wang; Ai-Jun Jin; Liang Guo; Qi-Sheng Lu
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Influence of storage causing packaging stress changes on smile effect for diode laser arrays
Author(s): Hui-wu Xu; Yong Zhang; Yu-suo Fang; Xiao-wen Liu; Jiang-li Niu; Chun-sheng Yuan; Cheng-yan Li; Yuan-yuan Wang; Xiao-yan Wang; Mu Shen; Zhen-feng An
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The technique of high power laser beam combination using liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): Ying-ying Duan; Xiang-ru Wang; Zi-qiang Huang
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Design and development of 24 times high-power laser beam expander
Author(s): Zhao-heng Lin; Xiu-ming Gong; Shi-bin Wu; Yi Tan; Hong-wei Jing; Zhong-wei Wei
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Experimental research on mechanism of phase noise of laser amplifier
Author(s): Lei Liu; Yang Liu; Kun Zhang; Xiao-jun Tang; Chao Wang; Hong Zhao
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Mid-infrared supercontinuum generated from a single-cladding Tm-Ho co-doped fiber
Author(s): Xiong Wang; Pu Zhou; Xiaolin Wang; Jing Hou; Zejin Liu
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Simulation for thermal blooming of the axial pipe flow
Author(s): Yunqiang Sun; Fengjie Xi; Zebin Ren; Zhiqiang Chen; Qiang Peng; Hongbin Chen; Longde Guo; Qisheng Lu
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Optical nonlinearity measurements of copper phthalocyanine film
Author(s): Li-hao Luo; Yu Fang; Xiang-yong Chu; Xing-zhi Wu; Junyi Yang; Ying-lin Song
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Thermal effect in pulsed laser diode dual-end pumped Tm:YAG laser
Author(s): Jing Wu; Chun-ting Wu; Er-he Fan; Chao Wang; Xin-yu Chen; Yong-ji Yu; Guang-yong Jin
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Influence of BBO temperature distribution on phase mismatching distribution in fourth harmonic
Author(s): Chao Wang; Miao Yu; Xin-yu Chen; Xue-chun Tan; Yong-ji Yu; Guang-yong Jin; Chun-ming Wan
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The research of wavefront compensation of a reflective beam shaping system
Author(s): Dianyu Gu; Wenguang Liu; Qiong Zhou
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The comparison between MFD and MOI on the simulation of combiner insertion loss
Author(s): Ling-chao Kong; Jin-yong Leng; Jian-qiu Cao; Shao-feng Guo; Hou-man Jiang
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LD dual-end-pumped CW Tm:YLF laser
Author(s): Xin-yu Chen; Yu Zhang; Yong-ji Yu; Chao Wang; Guang-yong Jin
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Numerical analysis of supercontinuum generation in cascaded photonic crystal fiber tapers
Author(s): Hai-huan Chen; Jing Hou
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Research on output characteristics of continuous-wave operation of Ho:YAG laser pumped by Tm:YLF laser
Author(s): Xinyu Chen; Jiaqi Bie; Zhulong Huang; Xuedi Song; Guangyong Jin
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Directly writing embedded optical waveguides in LiNbO3 by a femtosecond laser
Author(s): Zigang Zhou; Liang Zhang; Zongxue Fan; Yongjia Yang; Chen Luo
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Comparison of different methods for stripping cladding light in the high-power fiber laser
Author(s): Wei Guo; Zilun Chen; Hang Zhou; Jing Hou
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Optical fiber polarization control system based on fast locating algorithm
Author(s): Zhi-meng Huang; Da-yong Zhang; He-ping Cheng; Yong-quan Luo; Mei Han; Jian-feng Li; Cang-li Liu
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Flexibly controllable multi-pulse mode-locked MOPA Yb-doped fiber laser in all normal dispersion regime
Author(s): Chenxi Bu; Chinhua Wang
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Influence of the 400mm-aperture Nd:glass slab-amplifier gain nonuniformity on 1w(1053nm) near-field performance
Author(s): Wen-yi Wang; Yuan-Chao Geng; Lin Chen; Yi-ming Luo; Yuan-bin Chen; Jun-pu Zhao; Wan-qing Huang; Ying Zhang; Lan-qin Liu; Kui-xing Zheng; Qi-Hua Zhu; Xiao-feng Wei
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Enhancement of third harmonics generation during ultrashort pulse diffraction in multi-layer volume grating
Author(s): Yizhou Tan; Yisheng Yang; Jiali Liao; Ming Zhang
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Modeling of 1.2-μm phosphorus doped Raman fiber laser
Author(s): Yan-lin Li; Yan-rong Song; Jin-rong Tian; Zhen-hua Yu; Zhi-yuan Dou; Xiao Zhang
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Design and preparation of frequency-doubled laser optical coatings for double wavelength with low waviness in short-wave
Author(s): Huasong Liu; Lishuan Wang; Yugang Jiang; Chenghui Jiang; Yiqin Ji
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The study on the scaling relations between impulse coupling with aluminum by pulsed ultraviolet laser and by x-ray
Author(s): Yu-heng Wang; Feng Liu; Guo-liang Peng; Sheng Ding; Yin-jun Gao; Xue-qing Zhao
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Passive coherent combination of all-fiber multichannel pulsed laser based on optical feed-back ring cavity
Author(s): Xiang Ji; Pu Zhou; XiaoLin Wang; HengWei Zhang; QiSheng Lu; YiJun Zhao
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High power Yb-doped fiber laser operates at special wavelength
Author(s): Hanwei Zhang; Man Jiang; Hu Xiao; Xiaolin Wang; Pu Zhou; Zejin Liu
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Linearly polarized operation of a Yb3+-doped double-clad fiber laser
Author(s): De-jun Feng; Wen-yu Huang; Pei-pei Zhang; Jun Zhou; Xi-jia Gu
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Pulse multi-pass stretcher using linear chirped fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Chengtao Zhang; Xiaochao Wang; Wei Fan; Daxing Rao; Zunqi Lin
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Deflagration-induced flash of solid pyrotechnics as pumps for high-energy solid state lasers
Author(s): Xiaoli Kang; Liming Liu; Yongjian Tang
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86 W continuous-wave diode side-pumped 1341.4nm Nd:YAP laser
Author(s): Yong-ji Yu; Jing Zhao; Xin-yu Chen; Chao Wang; Chun-ting Wu; Guang-yong Jin
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Thermal blooming of different waveform laser propagation in atmosphere
Author(s): Tian-he Liao; Wei Liu; Qiong Gao; Hua-chao Kang
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High temperature operating (>80oC) 795-nm VCSEL based on InAlGaAs MQWs active region
Author(s): Jian Zhang; Yongqiang Ning; Jianwei Zhang; Xing Zhang; Lijun Wang
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