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Emerging Technologies in Security and Defence; and Quantum Security II; and Unmanned Sensor Systems X
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Volume Number: 8899
Date Published: 7 November 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8899
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
3D computational ghost imaging
Author(s): Matthew P. Edgar; Baoqing Sun; Richard Bowman; Stephen S. Welsh; Miles J. Padgett
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Multi-dimensional compressive imaging
Author(s): B. Javidi; A. Mahalanobis; X. Xiao; Y. Rivenson; R. Horisaki; A. Stern; P. Latorre-Carmona; M. Martínez-Corral; F. Pla; J. Tanida
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Uncooled MWIR InAs/GaSb type-II superlattice grown on a GaAs substrate
Author(s): M. J. Hobbs; F. Bastiman; C. H. Tan; J. P. R. David; S. Krishna; E. Plis
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Compact camera technologies for real-time false-color imaging in the SWIR band
Author(s): John Dougherty; Todd Jennings; Marco Snikkers
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Arbitrary waveform generation using optical direct digital synthesis
Author(s): J. Chester-Parsons
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Advances in AlGaInN laser diode technology for defence applications
Author(s): S. P. Najda; P. Perlin; T. Suski; L. Marona; M. Boćkowski; M. Leszczyński; P. Wisniewski; R. Czernecki; R. Kucharski; G. Targowski; S. Watson; A. E. Kelly
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Patterned resistive sheets for use in infrared microbolometers
Author(s): Dean P. Neikirk; Hoo Kim; Jong Yeon Park; Joo-Yun Jung
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MiSPiA: microelectronic single-photon 3D imaging arrays for low-light high-speed safety and security applications
Author(s): Alberto Tosi; Franco Zappa
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Technologies for blue-green underwater optical communications
Author(s): Richard Hollins; Amy Rudge; Stuart Bennett
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Design of high sensitivity detector for underwater communication system
Author(s): J. S. Cheong; J. S. L. Ong; J. S. Ng; A. B. Krysa; F. Bastiman; J. P. R. David
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Essential elements lacking in security proofs for quantum key distribution
Author(s): Horace P. Yuen
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Quantum key distribution: vulnerable if imperfectly implemented
Author(s): G. Leuchs
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Polarity inversion attack prevention by physical properties of Y00 quantum stream cipher
Author(s): Takehisa Iwakoshi; Osamu Hirota
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Saturation attack on continuous-variable quantum key distribution system
Author(s): Hao Qin; Rupesh Kumar; Romain Alléaume
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Continuous QKD and high speed data encryption
Author(s): Hugo Zbinden; Nino Walenta; Olivier Guinnard; Raphael Houlmann; Charles Lim Ci Wen; Boris Korzh; Tommaso Lunghi; Nicolas Gisin; Andreas Burg; Jeremy Constantin; Matthieu Legré; Patrick Trinkler; Dario Caselunghe; Natalia Kulesza; Gregory Trolliet; Fabien Vannel; Pascal Junod; Olivier Auberson; Yoan Graf; Gilles Curchod; Gilles Habegger; Etienne Messerli; Christopher Portmann; Luca Henzen; Christoph Keller; Christian Pendl; Michael Mühlberghuber; Christoph Roth; Norbert Felber; Frank Gürkaynak; Daniel Schöni; Beat Muheim
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Notes on evanescent wave Bragg-reflection waveguides
Author(s): Benedikt Pressl; Gregor Weihs
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Towards a high-speed quantum random number generator
Author(s): Damien Stucki; Samuel Burri; Edoardo Charbon; Christopher Chunnilall; Alessio Meneghetti; Francesco Regazzoni
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Truly random number generation: an example
Author(s): Daniela Frauchiger; Renato Renner
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Protocols and prospects for building a quantum repeater
Author(s): Peter van Loock
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An approach to experimental photonic quantum digital signatures in fiber
Author(s): Ross J. Donaldson; Robert J. Collins; Vedran Dunjko; Partick J. Clarke; Erika Andersson; John Jeffers; Gerald S. Buller
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Meeting performance and sensing-cost requirements for detection and recognition systems
Author(s): Chris J. Willis
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Multi-modal target detection for autonomous wide area search and surveillance
Author(s): Toby P. Breckon; Anna Gaszczak; Jiwan Han; Marcin L. Eichner; Stuart E. Barnes
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FMCW radar for the sense function of sense and avoid systems onboard UAVs
Author(s): Eric Itcia; Jean-Philippe Wasselin; Sébastien Mazuel; Matern Otten; Albert Huizing
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Utilizing wide area maritime domain awareness (MDA) data to cue a remote surveillance system
Author(s): Anthony W. Isenor; Richard Cross; Sean Webb; Anna-Liesa S. Lapinski
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Automated generation of high-quality training data for appearance-based object models
Author(s): Stefan Becker; Arno Voelker; Hilke Kieritz; Wolfgang Hübner; Michael Arens
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Super-resolution imaging applied to moving targets in high dynamics scenes
Author(s): Olegs Mise; Toby P. Breckon
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High precision object geo-localization and visualization in sensor networks
Author(s): Simon Lemaire; Christoph Bodensteiner; Michael Arens
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Optical system components for navigation grade fiber optic gyroscopes
Author(s): Marcus Heimann; Maximilian Liesegang; Norbert Arndt-Staufenbiel; Henning Schröder; Klaus-Dieter Lang
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An object-oriented modeling and simulation framework for bearings-only multi-target tracking using an unattended acoustic sensor network
Author(s): Murat Şamil Aslan
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Management of unmanned moving sensors through human decision layers: a bi-level optimization process with calls to costly sub-processes
Author(s): Frédéric Dambreville
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