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Lidar Technologies, Techniques, and Measurements for Atmospheric Remote Sensing IX
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Volume Number: 8894
Date Published: 7 November 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8894
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fiber optic CW doppler lidar using a synthetic broadband source
Author(s): Ernst Brinkmeyer; Thomas Waterholter
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Wind measurement via direct detection lidar
Author(s): I. Afek; N. Sela; N. Narkiss; G. Shamai; S. Tsadka
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A direct detection 1.6μm DIAL with three wavelengths for high accuracy measurements of vertical CO2 concentration and temperature profiles
Author(s): Yasukuni Shibata; Chikao Nagasawa; Makoto Abo
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Lidar sounding of volcanic plumes
Author(s): Luca Fiorani; Alessandro Aiuppa; Federico Angelini; Rodolfo Borelli; Mario Del Franco; Daniele Murra; Marco Pistilli; Adriana Puiu; Simone Santoro
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Investigating the effect of aerosol droplets in a volcanic plume for increasing sensitivity of a CO2 DIAL measurement
Author(s): M. Queißer; M. Burton; L. Fiorani; W. R. Saleh
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Dual-wavelength resonant pumping of compact Er:YAG lasers providing high power output at 1645.55 nm for methane detection
Author(s): H. Fritsche; O. Lux; C. Schuett; S. Heinemann; W. Gries; H. J. Eichler
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Overview of Japan's spaceborne vegetation lidar mission
Author(s): Jumpei Murooka; Takashi Kobayashi; Tadashi Imai; Keiko Suzuki; Daisuke Sakaizawa; Shiro Yamakawa; Ryota Sato; Haruo Sawada; Kazuhiro Asai
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Waveform simulator and analytical procedure for JAXA's future spaceborne lidar to measure canopy height
Author(s): Takashi Kobayashi; Takahiro Endo; Yoshito Sawada; Shigeru Endo; Masato Hayashi; Yohei Satoh; Yoshikazu Chishiki; Shiro Yamakawa
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Design and development of a compact lidar/DIAL system for aerial surveillance of urban areas
Author(s): P. Gaudio; M. Gelfusa; A. Malizia; M. Richetta; A. Antonucci; P. Ventura; A. Murari; J. Vega
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Development and testing of a high-power Q-switched DPSS laser for lidar applications: ESA QOMA project case
Author(s): Georgios Avdikos; Christos Evangelatos; Dimitrios Papadopoulos; George Tsaknakis; Paraskevas Bakopoulos; Alexandros Papayannis; Georgios Tzeremes
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Lidar measurements of atmospheric temperature profiles (2-15 km) by utilizing Rayleigh-Brillouin scattering
Author(s): Benjamin Witschas; Christian Lemmerz; Oliver Reitebuch
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PollyNET: a network of multiwavelength polarization Raman lidars
Author(s): Dietrich Althausen; Ronny Engelmann; Holger Baars; Birgit Heese; Thomas Kanitz; Mika Komppula; Eleni Giannakaki; Anne Pfüller; Ana Maria Silva; Jana Preißler; Frank Wagner; Juan Luis Rascado; Sergio Pereira; Jae-Hyun Lim; Joon Young Ahn; Matthias Tesche; Iwona S. Stachlewska
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Monitoring and characterization of atmospheric aerosols with Raman and dual-polarization lidars
Author(s): P. Royer; L. Sauvage; A. Bizard; L. Thobois
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Assessment of long scale plume transport to the US East coast using coordinated CREST lidar network and synergistic AERONET and satellite measurements
Author(s): Fred Moshary; Lina Cordero; Yonghua Wu; Barry Gross; Daniel Orozco; Patricia Sawamura; Raymond M. Hoff; Ruben Delgado; Jia Su; Kevin Leavor; Robert B. Lee III; M. Pat McCormick
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A versatile instrument with an optical parametric oscillator transmitter tunable from 1.5 to 3.1 µm for aerosol lidar and DIAL
Author(s): Iain Robinson; Jim W. Jack; Cameron F. Rae; John Moncrieff
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Multi-wave finely tuned laser source for simultaneous probing atmosphere constituents and/or chemicals
Author(s): S. M. Bashchenko; L. S. Marchenko; O. S. Bashchenko
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Stand-off mapping of the soot extinction coefficient in a refinery flare using a 3-wavelength elastic backscatter lidar
Author(s): Renata F. da Costa; Riad Bourayou; Eduardo Landulfo; Roberto Guardani; Igor Veselovskii; Juliana Steffens
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Mid-IR DIAL for high-resolution mapping of explosive precursors
Author(s): V. Mitev; S. Babichenko; J. Bennes; R. Borelli; A. Dolfi-Bouteyre; L. Fiorani; L. Hespel; T. Huet; A. Palucci; M. Pistilli; A. Puiu; O. Rebane; I. Sobolev
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Automatic methods to detect the top of atmospheric boundary layer
Author(s): Gregori de A. Moreira; Riad Bourayou; Fabio J. da Silva Lopes; Taciana A. Albuquerque; Neyval C. Reis Jr.; Gerhard Held; Eduardo Landulfo
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Ceilometer, sun photometer and ozonometer measurements of the aerosol optical depth,angstrom coefficients, water vapor and total ozone content over Sofia (Bulgaria)
Author(s): Nikolay Kolev; Tsvetina Evgenieva; Nikolay Miloshev; Plamen Muhtarov; Doino Petkov; Evgeni Donev; Danko Ivanov; Ivan Kolev
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Studying Taklamakan aerosol properties with lidar (STAPL)
Author(s): Paul Cottle; Detlef Mueller; Dong-Ho Shin; Xiao Xiao Zhang; Guanglong Feng; Ian McKendry; Kevin Strawbridge
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Vertically resolved optical and microphysical properties of Portuguese forest fire smoke observed in February 2012
Author(s): Jana Preißler; Sérgio Pereira; Ana Maria Silva; Frank Wagner
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