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Hard X-Ray, Gamma-Ray, and Neutron Detector Physics XV
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Volume Number: 8852
Date Published: 8 October 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8852
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Time-encoded imaging of energetic radiation
Author(s): James Brennan; Erik Brubaker; Mark Gerling; Peter Marleau; Aaron Nowack; Patricia Schuster
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First-principles study of electronic structure, defects, and activators in LiCaAlF6
Author(s): Mao-Hua Du; David J. Singh
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Heavy metal ternary halides for room-temperature x-ray and gamma-ray detection
Author(s): Zhifu Liu; John A. Peters; Constantinos C. Stoumpos; Maria Sebastian; Bruce W. Wessels; Jino Im; Arthur J. Freeman; Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
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Basic studies on x-ray fluorescence analysis for active x-ray spectrometer on SELENE-2
Author(s): Hiroki Kusano; Nobuyuki Hasebe; Hiroshi Nagaoka; Takuro Kodama; Yuki Oyama; Reiko Tanaka; Yoshiharu Amano; Kyeong J. Kim; Josè A. Matias Lopes
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Fabrication of high resolution n-type 4H-SiC epitaxial layer alpha particle detectors, defect characterization and electronic noise analysis
Author(s): Kelvin J. Zavalla; Sandeep K. Chaudhuri; Krishna C. Mandal
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Photoemission analysis of chemically modified TlBr surfaces for improved radiation detectors
Author(s): A. J. Nelson; J.-S. Lee; J. A. Stanford; W. K. Grant; L. F. Voss; P. R. Beck; R. T. Graff; E. L. Swanberg; A. M. Conway; R. J. Nikolic; S. A. Payne; H. Kim; L. J Cirignano; K. Shah
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Compact low-noise preamplifier for noise spectroscopy with biased photodiodes in cargo inspection systems
Author(s): Bob Benetti; Willem G. J. Langeveld
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Exploitation of geometric occlusion and covariance spectroscopy in a gamma sensor array
Author(s): Sanjoy Mukhopadhyay; Richard Maurer; Ronald Wolff; Stephen Mitchell; Paul Guss; Clifford Trainham
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Development and first results of the Yale PIXeY two-phase xenon detector
Author(s): Nicholas E. Destefano; Ethan Bernard; Blair Edwards; Moshe Gai; Markus Horn; Nicole Larsen; Daniel McKinsey; Brian Tennyson; Christopher Wahl
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Experimental and computational results on exciton/free-carrier ratio, hot/thermalized carrier diffusion, and linear/nonlinear rate constants affecting scintillator proportionality
Author(s): R. T. Williams; Joel Q. Grim; Qi Li; K. B. Ucer; G. A. Bizarri; S. Kerisit; Fei Gao; P. Bhattacharya; E. Tupitsyn; E. Rowe; V. M. Buliga; A. Burger
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Photosensor characterization for the Cherenkov Telescope Array: silicon photomultiplier versus multi-anode photomultiplier tube
Author(s): A. Bouvier; L. Gebremedhin; C. Johnson; A. Kuznetsov; D. A. Williams; N. Otte; R. Strausbaugh; N. Hidaka; H. Tajima; Ji. Hinton; R. White; M. Errando; R. Mukherjee
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Investigation of non-uniformity and inclusions in 6LiInSe2 utilizing Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
Author(s): Brenden Wiggins; Eugene Tupitsyn; Pijush Bhattacharya; Emmanuel Rowe; Eric Lukosi; Ondrej Chvala; Arnold Burger; Ashley Stowe
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Spectral resolution in pixel detectors with single photon processing
Author(s): C. Fröjdh; D. Krapohl; S. Reza; E. Fröjdh; G. Thungström; B. Norlin
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Development of a high-performance detection system for the hard x-ray astronomy (1-200 keV) based on a germanium double-sided strip detector
Author(s): Isidre Mateu; Jean Pierre Roques; Odile Coeur-Joly; David Murat; Elsa André; Jacques Landé; Elisabeth Jourdain; Patrice Medina; Cedric Mathieu
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Analysis of scintillator crystal production via the edge-defined film-fed growth method
Author(s): Andrew Yeckel; Robert S. Feigelson; Jeffrey J. Derby
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Temperature behavior of CLYC/MPPC detectors
Author(s): Jarek Glodo; Mickel McClish; Rastgo Hawrami; Patrick O'Dougherty; Josh Tower; Andrey Gueorguiev; Kanai S. Shah
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Growth and characterization of CdTeSe for room-temperature radiation detector applications
Author(s): U. N. Roy; A. E. Bolotnikov; G. S. Camarda; Y. Cui; A. Hossain; G. Yang; R. B. James; A. Fauler; M. Fiederle; M. Sowinska; G. Hennard; P. Siffert
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Developing a high-resolution x-ray imager using electron-multiplying (EM) CCDs
Author(s): James H. Tutt; David J. Hall; Andrew D. Holland; Neil J. Murray; James Endicott
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Direction-sensitive hand-held gamma-ray spectrometer
Author(s): Sanjoy Mukhopadhyay
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Gigahertz (GHz) hard x-ray imaging using fast scintillators
Author(s): Zhehui Wang; Elena Guardincerri; D. D. Rathman; M. E. Azzouz; Cris W. Barnes; R. Berger; E. M. Bond; D. M. Craig; David Holtkamp; J. S. Kapustinsky; Alexei V. Klimenko; K. Kwiatkowski; R. B. Merl; C. L. Morris; J. O. Perry; E. Ramberg; R. K. Reich; A. Ronzhin; K. Warner; R. T. Williams; Ren-Yuan Zhu
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The energy dependence of the sensitivity for planar CdZnTe gamma-ray detectors
Author(s): Alexandr A. Zakharchenko; Anna I. Skrypnyk; Manap A. Khazhmuradov; Alexandr V. Rybka; Vladimir E. Kutny; Petro M. Fochuk; Valery M. Sklyarchuk; A. E. Bolotnikov; R. B. James
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Reasons of low-charge collection efficiency in CdTe-based x/gamma detectors with ohmic contacts
Author(s): Toru Aoki; O. L. Maslyanchuk; L. A. Kosyachenko; V. A. Gnatyuk
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Differential thermal analyses of Cd0.95-xMnxZn0.05Te alloys
Author(s): V. Kopach; O. Kopach; L. Shcherbak; P. Fochuk; A. E. Bolotnikov; R. B. James
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Characterization of CdTe and (CdZn)Te detectors with different metal contacts
Author(s): J. Pekárek; E. Belas; R. Grill; Š. Uxa; R. B. James
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Raman analysis of Zn(1-x)Mn(x)Te polycrystalline films
Author(s): O. V. Klimov; D. I. Kurbatov; A. S. Opanasyuk; V. V. Kosyak; V. Kopach; P. M. Fochuk; A. E. Bolotnikov; R. B. James
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Effect of side-surface passivation on the electrical properties of metal-Cd(Zn)Te-metal structures
Author(s): V. Sklyarchuk; P. Fochuk; Z. Zakharuk; R. Grill; V. Kutny; A. Rybka; D. Nakonechny; A. Zakharchenko; Ye. Nykoniuk; A. E. Bolotnikov; R. B. James
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Three-energy radiography method for uniformity control of composite materials including components with different effective atomic numbers
Author(s): Volodymyr D. Ryzhikov; Oleksandr D. Opolonin; Boris V. Grinyov; Serhiy M. Galkin; Olena K. Lysetska; Yevheniy F. Voronkin; Serhiy A. Kostioukevitch
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Radioluminescence dosimetry by scintillating fiber optics: the open challenges
Author(s): Ivan Veronese; Marie Claire Cantone; Norberto Chiodini; Cristina De Mattia; Mauro Fasoli; Eleonora Mones; Anna Vedda
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Boron selenide semiconductor detectors for thermal neutron counting
Author(s): Alireza Kargar; Joshua Tower; Leonard Cirignano; Kanai Shah
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Characterization of amorphous selenium alloy detectors for x-rays and high energy nuclear radiation detection
Author(s): Krishna C. Mandal; Abhinav Mehta; Sandeep K. Chaudhuri; Yunlong Cui; Michael Groza; Arnold Burger
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Residual gas analysis of volatile impurities in halide precursors for scintillator crystals
Author(s): S. Swider; S. Motakef; A. Datta; W. M. Higgins
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