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Optomechanical Engineering 2013
Editor(s): Alson E. Hatheway
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Volume Number: 8836
Date Published: 25 September 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8836
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The correct lens mount lightweighting design and thermal stress OPD analysis in Cassegrain telescope
Author(s): Ming-Ying Hsu; Chia-Yen Chan; Wei-Cheng Lin; Shenq-Tsong Chang; Ting-Ming Huang
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The ASTRI SST-2M prototype: camera design
Author(s): V. De Caprio; M. Belluso; G. Bonanno; R. Canestrari; E. Cascone; O. Catalano; G. La Rosa; G. Pareschi; G. Rodeghiero; G. Sottile
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Design considerations in a novel fiber-coupled three degree-of-freedom displacement interferometer
Author(s): Steven R. Gillmer; Jonathan D. Ellis
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Remote vibration sensor using fiber optic fused 2x2 coupler
Author(s): Dinakar Dantala; Kishore Putha; Srimannarayana Kamineni; Vengal Rao Pachava
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Responder fast steering mirror
Author(s): Andrew Bullard; Islam Shawki
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Practical aspects of specification of extreme lightweight ZERODUR mirrors for spaceborne missions
Author(s): Tony Hull; Thomas Westerhoff; Antoine Lays; John Pepi
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Advanced composite materials for optomechanical systems
Author(s): Carl Zweben
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Design guidelines for high dimensional stability of CFRP optical bench
Author(s): Nichola Desnoyers; Marc-André Boucher; Philippe Goyette
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On the strength of glass
Author(s): Alson E. Hatheway
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Alignment and assembly strategies for AWARE-10 gigapixel-scale cameras
Author(s): Hui S. Son; Daniel L. Marks; Seo H. Youn; David J. Brady; Jungsang Kim
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High sensitive FBG pressure sensor using metal bellows
Author(s): P. Vengal Rao; K. Srimannarayana; M. Sai Shankar; P. Kishore
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Opto-mechanical analysis of mirror mounting mechanism
Author(s): Ching-Wei Chen; Mei-Yi Yang; Po-Hsuan Huang; Cheng-En Ho; Chia-Ray Chen
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Line-of-sight stabilization by inertial reaction
Author(s): Allie M. Baker
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Next generation lightweight mirror modeling software
Author(s): William R. Arnold Sr.; Matthew Fitzgerald; Rubin Jaca Rosa; H. Philip Stahl
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Integration of mirror design with suspension system using NASA's new mirror modeling software
Author(s): William R. Arnold Sr.; Ryan M. Bevan; H. Philip Stahl
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Design and analysis of isostatic mounts on a spaceborne lightweight primary mirror
Author(s): C. Y. Chan; Y. C. Chen; S. T. Chang; T. M. Huang; M. Y. Hsu
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Flexure mounted spaceflight laser for high g-load launch environment
Author(s): Viatcheslav Litvinovitch; Joel Edelman
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Optomechanical tolerancing and lens alignment using elastomeric lens mount to efficiently meet optical requirements
Author(s): Frédéric Lamontagne; Michel Doucet; Maxime Savard; Min Wang
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Unique mounting for miniature optics at cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): Zachary N. Leahy; Andrew J. Magner
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Optomechanical design of a modular K-B mirror mount system for x-ray microfocusing at the advanced photon source
Author(s): D. Shu; R. Harder; J. Almer; N. Kujala; S. Kearney; J. Anton; W. Liu; B. Lai; J. Maser; L. Finney; B. Shi; J. Qian; S. Marathe; A. Macrander; J. Tischler; S. Vogt; L. Assoufid
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Athermal mounting of optics in metallic housings
Author(s): Zachary N. Leahy; Andrew J. Magner
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Design of bipod flexure mounts for the IRIS spectrometer
Author(s): Isaac Weingrod; Catherine Y. Chou; Buck Holmes; Craig Hom; James Wes Irwin; Obert Lindstrom; Frank Lopez; David M. Stubbs; Jean-Pierre Wüelser
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Development of rotating prism mechanism and athermalized prism mounting for space
Author(s): Chip R. Beebe; Mark J. Brooks; Michael W. Davis; Robert A. Klar; John M. Roberts; Peter W. A. Roming; Randall J. Rose; Gregory S. Winters
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Test validated alignment and stability performance of the JMAPS program focal plane array assembly in a cryogenic vacuum environment
Author(s): Brian C. Thompson; Pedro Sevilla; Mike Watson; Trent Newswander; Duane Miles; James Peterson
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Implementing stray light baffles for improved JWST NIRCam performance
Author(s): Paul V. Mammini; Tom Birge; Paul Dineen; Craig L. Hom; Michael S. Jacoby; Alison Nordt; Rob Shivitz
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Optomechanical analysis and testing of a fast steering secondary mirror prototype for the Giant Magellan Telescope
Author(s): Andrew Corredor; Won Hyun Park; Myung Cho; Young-Soo Kim
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Development of the fast steering secondary mirror for the Giant Magellan Telescope
Author(s): Myung Cho; Andrew Corredor; Christoph Dribusch; Won-Hyun Park; Gary Muller; Matt Johns; Charlie Hull; Michael Sheehan; Jonathan Kern; Young Soo Kim; Eric Hansen; Seongdo Kim
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Flexure design development for a fast steering mirror
Author(s): Won Hyun Park; Andrew Corredor; Myung Cho; Young-Soo Kim; Ho-Sang Kim; Kyoung-Don Lee
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Optical-field induced volume- and surface-relief formation phenomenon in thin films of vitreous chalcogenide semiconductors
Author(s): Ugis Gertners; Zanda Gertnere; Elina Potanina; Janis Teteris
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A conceptual design for a Cassegrain-mounted high-resolution optical spectrograph for large-aperture telescopes
Author(s): Cynthia S. Froning; Steven Osterman; Eric Burgh; Matthew Beasley; Paul Scowen; Todd Veach; Steven Jordan; Dennis Ebbets; Michael Lieber; James deCino; Bruno Vaz Castilho; Clemens Gneiding; Antonio César de Oliveira
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