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Clinical and Biomedical Spectroscopy and Imaging III
Editor(s): Volker Deckert; Nirmala Ramanujam
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Volume Number: 8798
Date Published: 25 June 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8798
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Oligonucleotide switches and nanomaterials for intracellular mRNA sensing
Author(s): S. Tombelli; M. Ballestri; G. Giambastiani; A. Giannetti; A. Guerrini; G. Sotgiu; C. Trono; G. Tuci; G. Varchi; F. Baldini
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Wavefront coding using a spatial light modulator for extended depth of field microscopy
Author(s): Michael Gierlak; Stephanie Albrecht; Josef Kauer; Eric Leverenz; Ingeborg E. Beckers
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Visualizing a cytostatic drug and probing apoptosis of cancer cells
Author(s): Verena Richter; Petra Weber; Michael Wagner; Sarah Schickinger; Thomas Bruns; Herbert Schneckenburger
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Simultaneous laser speckle imaging and positron emission tomography
Author(s): M. Gramer; D. Feuerstein; H. Backes; M. Takagaki; T. Kumagai; R. Graf
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Compact imaging system with single-photon sensitivity and picosecond time resolution for fluorescence-guided surgery with lifetime imaging capability
Author(s): F. Powolny; C. Bruschini; E. Dubikovskaya; E. Grigoriev; O. Michielin; K. Muehlethaler; J. O. Prior; D. Rimoldi; R. Sinisi; E. Charbon
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Cardiac action potential imaging
Author(s): Qinghai Tian; Peter Lipp; Lars Kaestner
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Optimal wavelengths of atherosclerotic plaque observation in near-infrared multispectral imaging
Author(s): Ryo Nagao; Katsunori Ishii; Akiko Kitayabu; Kunio Awazu
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Numerical analysis of dysplasia-associated changes in depth-dependent light scattering profile of cervical epithelium
Author(s): Dizem Arifler; Calum MacAulay; Michele Follen; Martial Guillaud
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Laser induced fluorescence and breakdown spectroscopy and acoustic response to discriminate malignant and normal tissues
Author(s): Mohammad Keraji; Fateme Hadavand Mirzaee; Ali Bavali; Hossein Mehravaran; Parviz Parvin
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Label-free detection of tumor markers in a colon carcinoma tumor progression model by confocal Raman microspectroscopy
Author(s): Claudia Scalfi-Happ; Angelika Rück; Martin Udart; Carmen Hauser; Christine Dürr; Martin Kriebel
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A combined Raman-fluorescence spectroscopic probe for tissue diagnostics applications
Author(s): Riccardo Cicchi; Alessandro Cosci; Susanna Rossari; Alessandro Sturiale; Flavio Giordano; Vincenzo De Giorgi; Vincenza Maio; Daniela Massi; Gabriella Nesi; Anna Maria Buccoliero; Francesco Tonelli; Renzo Guerrini; Nicola Pimpinelli; Francesco Saverio Pavone
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Noncontact plethysmographic imaging based on diffuse reflectance spectroscopy using a digital RGB camera
Author(s): Izumi Nishidate; Ryohei Matsuda; Noriyuki Tanaka; Takaaki Maeda; Tomonori Yuasa; Tetsuya Yuasa; Kyuichi Niizeki; Yoshihisa Aizu
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Enhanced multiphoton microscopy of bilogical tissue with optical clearing
Author(s): Vladimir Hovhannisyan; Ara Ghazaryan; Pu-Sheng Hu; Chang-Seok Kim; Chen-Yuan Dong
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Sensitivity improvement of an all-fibre computerized optical fluorescence setup using dual fibre probes
Author(s): A. Patel; E. Bogomolny; M. Cheng; S. Swift; F. Vanholsbeeck
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Intra-vital microscopy of lung tissue: A simulation based analysis of the image formation
Author(s): Maria Gaertner; Kerstin Schirrmann; Christian Schnabel; Sven Meissner; Ulrich Kertzscher; Lars Kirsten; Edmund Koch
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Faster tissue interface analysis from Raman microscopy images using compressed factorisation
Author(s): Andrew D. Palmer; Alistair Bannerman; Liam Grover; Iain B. Styles
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Proposal of one-shot-type spectroscopic-tomography for non-invasive medical-measurement
Author(s): Shun Sato; Masaru Fujiwara; Pradeep K. W. Abeygunawardhana; Satoru Suzuki; Akira Nishiyama; Ichiro Ishimaru
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Novel cell identification: markerfree and suitable for living cells
Author(s): S. Koch; H. Walles; K. H. Krause; M. Baquié; M. L. Hansmann; K. Schuetze
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Fluorescence spectroscopy for noninvasive glucose measurement
Author(s): Z. Bagheri; R. Massudi; J. Ghanavi; H. Latifi
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Multi-bacteria multi-antibiotic testing using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) for urinary tract infection (UTI) diagnosis
Author(s): Katerina Hadjigeorgiou; Evdokia Kastanos; Costas Pitris
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Rank order kernels for the classification of Raman spectra of bacteria
Author(s): Alexandros Kyriakides; Evdokia Kastanos; Katerina Hadjigeorgiou; Costas Pitris
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Near real time accurate bacterial enumeration in aquatic environment using an all-fibre optical system
Author(s): E. Bogomolny; S. Swift; A. Patel; M. Cheng; F. Vanholsbeeck
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An ultra-bright white LED based non-contact skin cancer imaging system with polarization control
Author(s): A. Günther; C. Basu; B. Roth; M. Meinhardt-Wollweber
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Numerical and experimental investigation of lens based configurations for depth sensitive optical measurements
Author(s): Yi Hong Ong; Caigang Zhu; Quan Liu
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Optical biometry of biological tissues by ellipsoidal reflectors
Author(s): M. A. Bezuglyi; N. V. Pavlovets
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Ag coated microneedle based surface enhanced Raman scattering probe for intradermal measurements
Author(s): Clement Yuen; Quan Liu
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Semi-automatic detection of skin malformations by analysis of spectral images
Author(s): U. Rubins; J. Spigulis; L. Valeine; A. Berzina
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Skin chromophore mapping by modified video-microscope
Author(s): Amina Bekina; Uldis Rubins; Janis Zaharans; Janis Spigulis
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Application of infrared reflection microspectroscopy for chemical imaging of cross-sectioned urinary calculi
Author(s): M. Pucetaite; J. P. Banys; V. Sablinskas
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Baseline correction of infrared absorption spectra of urinary sediments by taking mie scattering effects into account
Author(s): S. Tamosaityte; E. Baltakyte; D. Blazevic; M. Pucetaite; J. Ceponkus; V. Hendrixson; S. Varvuolyte; V. Sablinskas
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Improvement of temporal resolution in blood concentration imaging using NIR speckle patterns
Author(s): Naomichi Yokoi; Yuichi Shimatani; Masaki Kyoso; Hideki Funamizu; Yoshihisa Aizu
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A multispectral imaging approach for diagnostics of skin pathologies
Author(s): Ilze Lihacova; Aleksandrs Derjabo; Janis Spigulis
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NIR remission spectroscopy of turbid media
Author(s): P. Krauter; F. Foschum; A. Kienle
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Near-infrared hyperspectral imaging of atherosclerotic tissue phantom
Author(s): K. Ishii; R. Nagao; A. Kitayabu; K. Awazu
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Systems for rapid simultaneous measurement of calcium transients and contractions of adult cardiomyocytes
Author(s): Vratislav Cmiel; Ivo Provaznik
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Detection of singlet oxygen luminescence generated in photosensitization reaction excited by CW laser in vitro
Author(s): Hiroshige Kawakami; Emiyu Ogawa; M. Takahashi; A. Ito; T. Arai
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