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Videometrics, Range Imaging, and Applications XII; and Automated Visual Inspection
Editor(s): Fabio Remondino; Mark R. Shortis; Jürgen Beyerer; Fernando Puente León
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Volume Number: 8791
Date Published: 9 April 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8791
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A webcam photogrammetric method for robot calibration
Author(s): Ben Sargeant; Ali Hosseininaveh A.; Tohid Erfani; Stuart Robson; Jan Boehm
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Investigation of a consumer-grade digital stereo camera
Author(s): Fabio Menna; Erica Nocerino; Fabio Remondino; Mark Shortis
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Monitoring structure movement with laser tracking technology
Author(s): Luigi Barazzetti; Alberto Giussani; Fabio Roncoroni; Mattia Previtali
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Image selection in photogrammetric multi-view stereo methods for metric and complete 3D reconstruction
Author(s): Ali Hosseininaveh Ahmadabadian; Stuart Robson; Jan Boehm; Mark Shortis
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Mosaicking thermal images of buildings
Author(s): Luigi Barazzetti; Silvia Erba; Mattia Previtali; Elisabetta Rosina; Marco Scaioni
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Evaluation of outlier detection based on support vector machine regression for close-range photogrammetry
Author(s): Y. Y. Lu; C. Stamatopoulos; C. S. Fraser
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Automatic object detection in point clouds based on knowledge guided algorithms
Author(s): Hung Truong; Ashish Karmacharya; Waldemar Mordwinzew; Frank Boochs; Celeste Chudyk; Adlane Habed; Yvon Voisin
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3D scanner point cloud denoising by near points surface fitting
Author(s): Václav Smítka; Martin Štroner
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View integration technique using multi-resolution point clouds in 3D modeling
Author(s): E. Hołowko; R. Sitnik
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Alignment of range image data based on MEMS IMU and coarse 3D models derived from evacuation plans
Author(s): Ali M. Khosravani; Michael Peter; Dieter Fritsch
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A review of techniques for the identification and measurement of fish in underwater stereo-video image sequences
Author(s): Mark R. Shortis; Mehdi Ravanbakskh; Faisal Shaifat; Euan S. Harvey; Ajmal Mian; James W. Seager; Philip F. Culverhouse; Danelle E. Cline; Duane R. Edgington
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A photogrammetric approach to survey floating and semi-submerged objects
Author(s): Fabio Menna; Erica Nocerino; Salvatore Troisi; Fabio Remondino
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Experiences in determination of non-rigid body motion in industrial environment using low-cost photogrammetry
Author(s): Ewelina Rupnik; Josef Jansa
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High accuracy low-cost videogrammetric system: an application to 6DOF estimation of ship models
Author(s): Erica Nocerino; Fabio Menna; Salvatore Troisi
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Generation of synthetic image sequences for the verification of matching and tracking algorithms for deformation analysis
Author(s): F. Bethmann; C. Jepping; T. Luhmann
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Stochastic process modeling for multiple human tracking using stereo video camera
Author(s): Takashi Fuse; Wataru Nakanishi
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Metrological characterization of 3D imaging devices
Author(s): G. Guidi
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Estimating the roughness of rock fractures and geomorphic surfaces by multiresolution analysis of terrestrial LiDAR data
Author(s): Graham Mills; Georgia Fotopoulos
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Lighting estimation in fringe images during motion compensation for 3D measurements
Author(s): Andreas Breitbarth; Peter Kühmstedt; Gunther Notni; Joachim Denzler
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A robotized six degree of freedom stage for optical microscopy
Author(s): M. Z. Avramov; I. Ivanov; V. Pavlov; K. Zaharieva
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A background light resistant TOF range finder with integrated PIN photodiode in 0.35µm CMOS
Author(s): Milos Davidovic; Johannes Seiter; Michael Hofbauer; Wolfgang Gaberl; Horst Zimmermann
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Optical sensor feedback assistive technology to enable patients to play an active role in the management of their body dynamics during radiotherapy treatment
Author(s): J. M. Parkhurst; G. J. Price; P. J. Sharrock; J. Stratford; C. J. Moore
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Technique for real-time frontal face image acquisition using stereo system
Author(s): Vladimir A. Knyaz; Yuri V. Vizilter; Yuri I. Kudryashov
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Improved EEG source localization employing 3D sensing by "Flying Triangulation"
Author(s): Svenja Ettl; Stefan Rampp; Sarah Fouladi-Movahed; Sarang S. Dalal; Florian Willomitzer; Oliver Arold; Hermann Stefan; Gerd Häusler
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A study of systematic errors in the PMD CamBoard nano
Author(s): Jacky C. K. Chow; Derek D. Lichti
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Correction of a phase dependent error in a time-of-flight range sensor
Author(s): Johannes Seiter; Michael Hofbauer; Milos Davidovic; Horst Zimmermann
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Correction of the temperature dependent error in a correlation based time-of-flight system by measuring the distortion of the correlation signal
Author(s): M. Hofbauer; J. Seiter; M. Davidovic; H. Zimmermann
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Development of virtual pipe fitting system
Author(s): Hiroshi Yokoyama; Kazuyuki Takeuchi
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2D and 3D documentation of St. Nicolas baroque church for the general reconstruction using laser scanning and photogrammetry technologies combination
Author(s): Tomáš Křemen; Bronislav Koska
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Calibration of profile laser scanner with conical shape modification for autonomous mapping system
Author(s): Bronislav Koska
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Relative orientation of videos from range imaging cameras
Author(s): Sajid Ghuffar; Camillo Ressl; Norbert Pfeifer
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An improved calibration method for structured light projection measurement system
Author(s): Baopeng Li; Bing Li; Bingcai Liu; Tao Jiang
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Miniature photometric stereo system for textile surface structure reconstruction
Author(s): Dimitris Gorpas; Christos Kampouris; Sotiris Malassiotis
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Multi-view line-scan inspection system using planar mirrors
Author(s): Bransilav Holländer; Svorad Štolc; Reinhold Huber-Mörk
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Reconstruction of specular surfaces via probabilistic voxel carving
Author(s): Alexey Pak
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Pattern and form recognition of statistically distributed defects on functional optical surfaces
Author(s): P. Kadkhoda; P. Chubak; M. Lassahn; D. Ristau
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Inspecting rapidly moving surfaces for small defects using CNN cameras
Author(s): Andreas Blug; Daniel Carl; Heinrich Höfler
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Combined spatial and spectral unmixing of image signals for material recognition in automated inspection systems
Author(s): Matthias Michelsburg; Fernando Puente León
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Model based image restoration for underwater images
Author(s): Thomas Stephan; Peter Frühberger; Stefan Werling; Michael Heizmann
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Automated real-time search and analysis algorithms for a non-contact 3D profiling system
Author(s): Mark Haynes; Chih-Hang John Wu; B. Terry Beck; Robert J. Peterman
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A semi-automatic measurement system based on digital image analysis for the application to the single fiber fragmentation test
Author(s): Swen Blobel; Karin Thielsch; Volker Ulbricht
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Automatic area based registration method and its application to the surface inspection of steel industry products
Author(s): Ricardo García Llenderrozos; Ignacio Álvarez García; José M. Enguita González; Silvia Rodríguez Jiménez
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Investigation of fluorescence spectra disturbances influencing the classification performance of fluorescently labeled plastic flakes
Author(s): Petr Fomin; Siegfried Brunner; Christian Kargel
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Development of automated endoscopes for dimensional micro-measurements
Author(s): Frank Hrebabetzky
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Fast car/human classification methods in the computer vision tasks
Author(s): Boris V. Vishnyakov; Ivan K. Malin; Yuri V. Vizilter; Shih-Chia Huang; Sy-Yen Kuo
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Identification of bacteria species by using morphological and textural properties of bacterial colonies diffraction patterns
Author(s): A. Suchwalko; I. Buzalewicz; H. Podbielska
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Optical-electronic system for express analysis of mineral raw materials dressability by color sorting method
Author(s): Artem A. Alekhin; Elena V. Gorbunova; Aleksandr N. Chertov; Darya B. Petuhova
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Pattern coding strategies for deflectometric measurement systems
Author(s): Sebastian Höfer; Masoud Roschani; Stefan Werling
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Digital processing of speckle photography to measure refractive index of a transparent plate
Author(s): Nasser A. Moustafa
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Technique for positioning moving binocular vision measurement system and data registration with ball target
Author(s): Fei-fei Gu; Hong Zhao; Zinxin Zhao; Lu Zhang
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Reduction of the lateral localization error of targets moving through a LIDAR beam
Author(s): Konrad Wenzl; Heinrich Ruser; Christian Kargel
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