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Modeling Aspects in Optical Metrology IV
Editor(s): Bernd Bodermann; Karsten Frenner; Richard M. Silver
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Volume Number: 8789
Date Published: 13 May 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8789
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Assessment of the scatterometry capability to detect an etch process deviation
Author(s): N. Troscompt; M. Besacier; M. Saïb
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Mueller matrix characterization using spectral reflectometry
Author(s): Dror Shafir; Gilad Barak; Michal Haim Yachini; Matthew Sendelbach; Cornel Bozdog; Shay Wolfling
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Numerical investigations of the influence of different commonly applied approximations in scatterometry
Author(s): J. Endres; S. Burger; M. Wurm; B. Bodermann
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Scatterometry sensitivity analysis for conical diffraction versus in-plane diffraction geometry with respect to the side wall angle
Author(s): Victor Soltwisch; Sven Burger; Frank Scholze
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Phase unwrapping using geometric constraints for high-speed fringe projection based 3D measurements
Author(s): Christian Bräuer-Burchardt; Peter Kühmstedt; Gunther Notni
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Sensitivity analysis of tilted-wave interferometer asphere measurements using virtual experiments
Author(s): Ines Fortmeier; Manuel Stavridis; Axel Wiegmann; Michael Schulz; Goran Baer; Christof Pruss; Wolfgang Osten; Clemens Elster
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A method to measure sub nanometric amplitude displacements based on optical feedback interferometry
Author(s): Francisco J. Azcona; Reza Atashkhooei; Santiago Royo; Jorge Méndez Astudillo; Ajit Jha
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Influence of surface structure on shape and roughness measurement using two-wavelength speckle interferometry
Author(s): Thomas Bodendorfer; Philipp Mayinger; Alexander W. Koch
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Design rules for a compact and low-cost optical position sensing of MOEMS tilt mirrors based on a Gaussian-shaped light source
Author(s): Marcus Baumgart; Andreas Tortschanoff
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Extremum seeking control to avoid speckle-dropouts in a vibrometer
Author(s): Robert Dehnert; Sascha Mayer; Bernd Tibken
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Characterisation and comparison of ophthalmic instrument quality using a model eye with reverse ray-tracing
Author(s): Conor Sheil; Alexander V. Goncharov
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Modelling PTB's spatial angle autocollimator calibrator
Author(s): Oliver Kranz; Ralf D. Geckeler; Andreas Just; Michael Krause
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Transmission functions of optical choppers for Gaussian beam distributions: modeling and simulations
Author(s): Octavian Cira; Virgil-Florin Duma
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Deconvolution microscopy of living cells for phase-contrast imaging
Author(s): Guanxiao Cheng; Ping Xu; Zhilong Sun; Chunquan Hong; Zelin Li
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Measurement based simulation of microscope deviations for evaluation of stitching algorithms for the extension of Fourier-based alignment
Author(s): Florian Engelke; Markus Kästner; Eduard Reithmeier
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Reconstruction of SNOM near-field images from rigorous optical simulations by including topography artifacts
Author(s): M. Ermes; S. Lehnen; K. Bittkau; R. Carius
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Defect parameters retrieval based on optical projection images
Author(s): Dongbo Xu; Sikun Li; Xiangzhao Wang; Tim Fühner; Andreas Erdmann
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Alternative discretization in the aperiodic Fourier modal method leading to reduction in computational costs
Author(s): M. Pisarenco; I. D. Setija
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Modeling and optimization of high index contrast gratings with aperiodic topologies
Author(s): Milan Maksimovic
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Effect of imposed boundary conditions on the accuracy of transport of intensity equation based solvers
Author(s): J. Martinez-Carranza; K. Falaggis; T. Kozacki; Malgorzata Kujawinska
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Rigorous Dyson equation and quasi-separable T-scattering operator technique for study of magnetic response from ordered and disordered non-magnetic particles' ensembles at electromagnetic wave multiple scattering
Author(s): Yurii N. Barabanenkov; Mikhail Yu. Barabanenkov
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The influence of nonlinear modal propagation analysis on MMI power splitters for miniaturization
Author(s): M. Tajaldini; M. Z. Mat Jafri
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Multi resonant platform based on modified metallic nanoparticles for biological tissue characterization
Author(s): Renato Iovine; L. La Spada; R. Tarparelli; L. Vegni
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Investigation of microstructured fiber geometries by scatterometry
Author(s): Poul-Erik Hansen; Sven Burger
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Simulation based optimization of scatterometric signatures by designed near field structures
Author(s): V. Ferreras Paz; K. Frenner; W. Osten
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Alternative methods for uncertainty evaluation in EUV scatterometry
Author(s): Sebastian Heidenreich; Mark-Alexander Henn; Hermann Gross; Bernd Bodermann; Markus Bär
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The effect of line roughness on DUV scatterometry
Author(s): Mark-Alexander Henn; Sebastian Heidenreich; Hermann Gross; Bernd Bodermann; Markus Bär
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A simulation environment for assisting system design of coherent laser doppler wind sensor for active wind turbine pitch control
Author(s): Leilei Shinohara; Tuan Anh Pham Tran; Thorsten Beuth; Harsha Umesh Babu; Nico Heussner; Siegwart Bogatscher; Svetlana Danilova; Wilhelm Stork
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Modelling laser interferometers for the measurement of the Avogadro constant
Author(s): Birk Andreas; Giovanni Mana; Enrico Massa; Carlo Palmisano
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Fundamental performance determining factors of the ultrahigh-precision space-borne optical metrology system for the LISA Pathfinder mission
Author(s): Gerald Hechenblaikner; Reinhold Flatscher
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EFPI signal processing method providing picometer-level resolution in cavity length measurement
Author(s): Nikolai Ushakov; Leonid Liokumovich; Andrey Medvedev
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Comparative analysis of absolute methods to test rotationally asymmetric surface deviation
Author(s): Weihong Song; Xi Hou; Fan Wu; Wenchuan Zhao
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A new method for adjusting the lateral transfer hollow retroreflector
Author(s): Alexandr G. Ershov
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Absolute testing of flats with all terms by using even and odd functions
Author(s): Xin Jia; Fuchao Xu; Tingwen Xing; Zhixiang Liu
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Modeling of Risley prisms devices for exact scan patterns
Author(s): Alexandru Schitea; Marius Tuef; Virgil-Florin Duma; Aurel M. Vlaicu
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Efficient and stable numerical method for evaluation of Zernike polynomials and their Cartesian derivatives
Author(s): Pavel Novák; Jíří Novák
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Mathematical model of a galvanometer-based scanner: simulations and experiments
Author(s): Corina Mnerie; Stefan Preitl; Virgil-Florin Duma
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Design of soft x-ray gratings for free electron lasers: from specification to characterization
Author(s): Maurizio Vannoni; Daniele La Civita; Rolf Follath; Liubov Samoylova; Frank Siewert; Harald Sinn
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Super-resolution imaging based on liquid crystal on silicon displays technology
Author(s): A. Hussain; M. Sohail; J. L. Martínez; A. Lizana; A. Márquez; J. Campos
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S-Genius, a universal software platform with versatile inverse problem resolution for scatterometry
Author(s): David Fuard; Nicolas Troscompt; Ismael El Kalyoubi; Sébastien Soulan; Maxime Besacier
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Phase recovery from interferograms under severe vibrations
Author(s): Jesús Muñoz-Maciel; Francisco J. Casillas-Rodriguez; Miguel Mora González; Francisco G. Peña Lecona; Victor M. Durán Ramirez
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Diffractive optical element for optical data storage
Author(s): S. Yoshida; N. Unno; H. Akamatsu; K. Yamada; J. Taniguchi; M. Yamamoto
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