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2012 International Workshop on Information Storage and Ninth International Symposium on Optical Storage
Editor(s): Fuxi Gan; Zhitang Song
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Volume Number: 8782
Date Published: 11 February 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8782
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Characteristics optimization of organic photopolymer materials for holographic data storage
Author(s): Xiudong Sun; Jian Wang
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Multi-level recordable disc using signal waveform modulation recording method
Author(s): Jing Pei; Longfa Pan; Bo Yang; Junhua Hu
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Study of holographic storage characteristics of nanoparticle-doped photopolymers
Author(s): Mingju Huang; Ruoping Li
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Dependence of the readout resolving on the thickness of nonlinear super-resolution thin films
Author(s): Rui Wang; Jingsong Wei
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Optimized design of four-zone phase pupil filter for nanoscale phase transition optical lithography
Author(s): Yikun Zha; Jingsong Wei; Fuxi Gan
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FDTD analysis of silver-nanoparticles-embedded phase change recording pits
Author(s): Jincheng Lin; Huan Huang; Yang Wang; Yiqun Wu
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influence of film thickness on optical constants of antimony-based bismuth-doped super-resolution mask layer
Author(s): Xinmiao Lu; Yiqun Wu; Yang Wang; Jinsong Wei
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Preparation of nickel(II)-azo dye films and their optical properties for write-once blu-ray recording
Author(s): Zhimin Chen; Yiqun Wu; Chunying He; Bin Wang; Shoulei Miao; Wubiao Duan; Donghong Gu; Fuxi Gan
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Two-photon absorption three-dimensional optical data storage with novel anthracene derivative
Author(s): Liang Li; Yan-Lei Hu; Yiqun Wu; Wen-Hao Huang
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Preparation, one- and two-photon properties of carbazole derivatives containing nitrogen heterocyclic ring
Author(s): Yichi Zhang; Ping Wang; Liang Li; Zhimin Chen; Chunying He; Yiqun Wu
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Multi-wavelength holographic storage in PMMA film containing spirooxazines
Author(s): Shencheng Fu; Shiyu Sun; Xintong Zhang; Yichun Liu
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Holographic characteristics of citrate ion modified gold nano-particles dispersed photopolymer
Author(s): Xiao-yu Xue; Fu-Sheng Hai; Li-Zhen Gao; Fei He; Chun-Liu Li; Yun-Xi Li; Mingju Huang
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Electrode-dependent resistive switching characteristics of Sr(Ti,Sn)O3 thin films
Author(s): Qigang Zhou; Jiwei Zhai
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Optimal design of phase change random access memory based on 130nm CMOS technology
Author(s): Daolin Cai; Houpeng Chen; Qian Wang; Xiao Hong; Yifeng Chen; Linhai Xu; Xi Li; Zhaomin Wang; Yiyun Zhang; Zhitang Song
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16-Kbit SPI phase change memory chip with ECC scheme
Author(s): Yiyun Zhang; Houpeng Chen; Zhitang Song; Xi Li; Xiao Hong; Qian Wang; Rong Jin; Zhaomin Wang; Daolin Cai
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Investigation of Sb-rich Sb-Te binary films used as phase change material
Author(s): Yan Cheng; Yifeng Gu; Zhitang Song; Sannian Song; Feng Rao; Liangcai Wu; Bo Liu; Songlin Feng
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Phase change materials for multi-level storage phase change memory
Author(s): Kun Ren; Feng Rao; Zhitang Song; Min Zhu; Yuefeng Gong; Liangcai Wu; Bo Liu; Songlin Feng
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A comparison of the Ge-Sb-Te and Si-Sb-Te film oxidization at atmosphere
Author(s): Wanchun Ren; Bo Liu; Zhitang Song; Xuezhen Jing; Yanghui Xiang; Haibo Xiao; Zongtao Wang; Beichao Zhang; Jia Xu; Guanping Wu; Ruijuan Qi; Chunyan Fan; Shuqing Duan; Qinqin Yu; Songlin Feng
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Crystallization behavior of Ge2Te3-TiO2 film for phase-change random access memory application
Author(s): Yegang Lu; Sannian Song; Zhitang Song; Yan Cheng; Liangcai Wu; Bo Liu
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Optical emission spectroscopy analysis for Ge2Sb2Te5 etching endpoint detection in HBr/He plasma
Author(s): Juntao Li; Bo Liu; Zhitang Song; Gaoming Feng; Guanping Wu; Aodong He; Zuoya Yang; Nanfei Zhu; Jia Xu; Jiadong Ren; Songlin Feng
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Real-time measurement of electrical and optical transients of as-deposited amorphous AgInSbTe thin films during crystallization induced by single-shot picosecond laser pulses
Author(s): G. F. Liang; S. M. Li; H. Huang; F. X. Zhai; Y. Wang; T. S. Lai; Y. Q. Wu
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XPS study on the selective wet etching mechanism of GeSbTe phase change thin films with tetramethylammonium hydroxide
Author(s): Changmeng Deng; Yongyou Geng; Yiqun Wu
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Thermal properties of Te-based phase-change materials
Author(s): Xiaolin Cai; Jingsong Wei
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The structure and magnetic properties of FePt based perpendicular exchange coupled composite films
Author(s): H. H. Guo; J. L. Liao; B. Ma; Z. Z. Zhang; Q. Y. Jin
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Ultrafast dynamics of spin waves and coercivity of a FePt/FeNi exchange coupling film studied by femtosecond laser Kerr spectroscopy
Author(s): Shufa Li; Zhifeng Chen; Chuyuan Cheng; Jiaming Li; Shiming Zhou; Tianshu Lai
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NAFFS: network attached flash file system for cloud storage on portable consumer electronics
Author(s): Lin Han; Hao Huang; Changsheng Xie
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Research on the active cloud computing algorithm model
Author(s): Denghui Wang; Hao Huang; Changsheng Xie
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A sensitive data extraction algorithm based on the content associated encryption technology for ICS
Author(s): Wei Wang; Hao Huang; Changsheng Xie
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Design of Viterbi detector of NVD system based on specific partial-response channels
Author(s): Hao Ruan; Jinglong Wang; Changyu Bu; Hao Wang; Zhituo Xia
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Adaptive signal quality evaluation for signal waveform modulation multi-level disc
Author(s): Hequn Wang; Jing Pei; Longfa Pan; Junhua Hu
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Micro lens actuator and polymer objective lens for optical pickup
Author(s): Pei Li; Longfa Pan; Hans Zappe
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Jitter measurement method for multi-level disc based on quadratic interpolation algorithm
Author(s): Junhua Hu; Jing Pei; Longfa Pan
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Chemical mechanical planarization of amorphous Ge2Sb2Te5 using KClO4 as oxidizer in acidic slurry
Author(s): Aodong He; Zhitang Song; Bo Liu; Min Zhong; Weili Liu; Liangyong Wang; Weixia Yan; Yu Lei; Guanping Wu
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Reactive etching of a novel phase change material Si2Sb2Te3
Author(s): Mengjiao Xia; Feng Rao; Zhitang Song; Kun Ren; Liangcai Wu; Bo Liu
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Power on reset circuit of 915MHz RFID tags
Author(s): Zhaomin Wang; Daolin Cai; Zhongqian Fu; Houpeng Chen; Zhitang Song
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Optimization of write operation in phase change memory
Author(s): Xiao Hong; Zhitang Song; Houpeng Chen; Yifeng Chen; Cong Fu; Xi Li; Yiyun Zhang
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Analysis of anomalous cells within RESET distribution for phase change memory
Author(s): Linhai Xu; Xiaogang Chen; Zhitang Song; Yifeng Chen; Bo Liu; Houpeng Chen; Zuoya Yang; Guanping Wu; Daolin Cai; Gaoming Feng; Ying Li
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Schottky-barrier diode array fabrication with self-aligned Ni silicidation for low power phase-change memory application
Author(s): Yan Liu; Zhitang Song; Bo Liu; Houpeng Chen; Guanping Wu; Chao Zhang; Lianhong Wang; Lei Wang; Songlin Feng
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Test system of current pulse in phase change memory devices
Author(s): Yuchan Wang; Xiaogang Chen; Shunfen Li; Yifeng Chen; Linhai Xu; Yueqing Wang; Mi Zhou; Gezi Li; Zhitang Song
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A write driver for phase change memory based on programming current/voltage
Author(s): Xi Fan; Houpeng Chen; WeiYi Xu; Qian Wang; Daolin Cai; Rong Jin; Xiao Hong; Xi Li; Yifeng Chen; ZhiTang Song
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Design of a novel pulse current source chip used in phase change memory testing system
Author(s): Qian Wang; Houpeng Chen; Weiyi Xu; Xiao Hong; Daolin Cai; Rong Jin; Zhitang Song
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