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Advances in X-ray Free-Electron Lasers II: Instrumentation
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Volume Number: 8778
Date Published: 20 May 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8778
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Harmonic lasing in X-ray FELs
Author(s): E. A. Schneidmiller; M. V. Yurkov
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Four wave mixing using coherent FEL radiation
Author(s): F. Bencivenga; L. Raimondi; C. Svetina; C. Masciovecchio
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The impact of pulse duration on multiphoton ionization in the soft X-ray regime
Author(s): Mathias Richter; Andrey A. Sorokin; Kai Tiedtke
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Recent development of thin diamond crystals for X-ray FEL beam-sharing
Author(s): Yiping Feng; Roberto Alonso-Mori; Vladimir Blank; Sébastien Boutet; Mathieu Chollet; Tim Brant van Driel; David M. Fritz; James M. Glownia; Jerome B. Hastings; Henrik Lemke; Marc Messerchmidt; Paul A. Montanez; Aymeric Robert; Joseph Robinson; Liubov Samoylova; Yuri Shvyd’ko; Marcin Sikorski; Harald Sinn; Sanghoon Song; Venkat N. Srinivasan; Stanislav Stoupin; Sergey Terentiev; Garth Williams; Diling Zhu
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Development of active gratings for the spectral selection of ultrafast pulses
Author(s): Fabio Frassetto; Stefano Bonora; Giovanna Brusatin; Gioia Della Giustina; Salvatore Stagira; Caterina Vozzi; Erika Zanchetta; Luca Poletto
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Full characterization of a focused wave field with sub 100 nm resolution
Author(s): Robert Hoppe; Vivienne Meier; Jens Patommel; Frank Seiboth; Hae Ja Lee; Bob Nagler; Eric C. Galtier; Brice Arnold; Ulf Zastrau; Jerome Hastings; Daniel Nilsson; Fredrik Uhlén; Ulrich Voigt; Hans M. Hertz; Christian G. Schroer; Andreas Schropp
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Measurement of wavefront and Wigner distribution function for optics alignment and full beam characterization of FELs
Author(s): Tobias Mey; Bernd Schäfer; Klaus Mann; Barbara Keitel; Svea Kreis; Marion Kuhlmann; Elke Plönjes; Kai Tiedtke
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LCLS accelerator operation and measurement of electron beam parameters relevant for the X-ray beam
Author(s): Henrik Loos
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Longitudinal bunch profile diagnostics with coherent radiation at FLASH
Author(s): Eugen Hass; Christopher Gerth; Bernhard Schmidt; Stephan Wesch; Minjie Yan
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Ultrafast laser synchronization at the FERMI@Elettra FEL
Author(s): P. Sigalotti; P. Cinquegrana; A. Demidovich; R. Ivanov; I. Nikolov; G. Kurdi; M. B. Danailov
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Femtosecond-precision synchronization of the pump-probe optical laser for user experiments at FLASH
Author(s): S. Schulz; M. K. Czwalinna; M. Felber; P. Prędki; S. Schefer; H. Schlarb; U. Wegner
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Femtosecond optical/hard X-ray timing diagnostics at an FEL: implementation and performance
Author(s): Henrik T. Lemke; Matt Weaver; Matthieu Chollet; Joseph Robinson; James M. Glownia; Diling Zhu; Mina R. Bionta; Marco Cammarata; Marion Harmand; Ryan N. Coffee; David M. Fritz
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Sample refreshment schemes for high repetition rate FEL experiments
Author(s): Joachim Schulz; Sadia Bari; Jens Buck; Charlotte Uetrecht
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Status of detector development for the European XFEL
Author(s): Jolanta Sztuk-Dambietz; Steffen Hauf; Andreas Koch; Markus Kuster; Monica Turcato
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The AGIPD System for the European XFEL
Author(s): Laura Bianco; J. Becker; R.D. Dinapoli; E. Fretwurst; P. Goettlicher; H. Graafsma; D. Greiffenberg; M. Gronewald; B. Henrich; H. Hirsemann; S. Jack; R. Klanner; A. Klyuev; H. Krueger; A. Marras; A. Mozzanica; S. Rah; B. Schmitt; X. Shi; U. Trunk; J. Schwandt; J. Zhang
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Instrument for single-shot X-Ray emission-spectroscopy experiments
Author(s): Luca Poletto; Fabio Frassetto; Paolo Miotti; Marcello Coreno; Andrea Di Cicco; Salvatore Stagira
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Beam characterization of FLASH from beam profile measurement by intensity transport equation and reconstruction of the Wigner distribution function
Author(s): Bernd Schäfer; Tobias Mey; Klaus Mann; Barbara Keitel; Svea Kreis; Marion Kuhlmann; Elke Plönjes; Kai Tiedtke
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Tunable IR/THz source for pump probe experiments at the European XFEL
Author(s): E. A. Schneidmiller; M. V. Yurkov; M. Krasilnikov; F. Stephan
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Micro-focusing of soft X-ray pulses by grazing-incidence toroidal mirrors
Author(s): Luca Poletto; Fabio Frassetto; Sunilkumar Anumula; Francesca Calegari; Andrea Trabattoni; Mauro Nisoli
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Hartmann wavefront measurements at FLASH
Author(s): Barbara Keitel; Bernhard Flöter; Svea Kreis; Marion Kuhlmann; Klaus Mann; Tobias Mey; Elke Plönjes; Bernd Schäfer; Kai Tiedtke
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Parametric beam instability of the electron bunch in a crystal
Author(s): Aleksandr Leonov; Andrei Benediktovitch; Dmitriy Ksenzov; Ilya Feranchuk; Ullrich Pietsch
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FLASH2 photon diagnostics and beamline concepts
Author(s): M. Kuhlmann; E. Plönjes
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A new compact design of a three-dimensional Ionization Profile Monitor (IPM)
Author(s): Heiko Breede; Hans-Jürgen Grabosch; Martin Sachwitz
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An electron beam detector for the FLASH II beam dump
Author(s): J. Good; G. Kube; N. Leuschner; F. Perlick; M. Sachwitz; M. Schmitz; K. Wittenburg; T. Wohlenberg
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A split- and delay-unit for the European XFEL
Author(s): Sebastian Roling; Stefan Braun; Peter Gawlitza; Liubov Samoylova; Björn Siemer; Harald Sinn; Frank Siewert; Frank Wahlert; Michael Wöstmann; Helmut Zacharias
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