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Optical Sensors 2013
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Volume Number: 8774
Date Published: 17 May 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8774
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Two-dimensional hybrid metallo-dielectric nanostructures directly realized on the tip of optical fibers for sensing applications
Author(s): G. Quero; M. Consales; A. Crescitelli; A. Ricciardi; E. Esposito; A. Cutolo; A. Cusano
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Nanoliter-scale, regenerable ion sensor: sensing with surface functionalized microstructured optical fiber
Author(s): Sabrina Heng; Mai-Chi Nguyen; Roman Kostecki; Tanya M. Monro; Andrew D. Abell
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Remote distributed optical fibre dose measuring of high gamma-irradiation with highly sensitive Al- and P-doped fibres
Author(s): A. V. Faustov; A. Gusarov; M. Wuilpart; A. Fotiadi; L. B. Liokumivich; I. O. Zolotovskiy; A. L. Tomashuk; T. de Schoutheete; P. Mégret
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Influence of the lamination process on the plastic optical fiber sensors embedded in composite materials
Author(s): Piotr Lesiak; Mateusz Szeląg; Stefan Awietjan; Michał Kuczkowski; Sławomir Ertman; Daniel Budaszewski; Andrzej Domański; Tomasz Woliński
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Inscription of first order fiber Bragg gratings in sapphire fibers by 400 nm femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Tino Elsmann; Tobias Habisreuther; Albrecht Graf; Manfred Rothhardt; Hartmut Bartelt
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Spectral-domain measurement of polarimetric sensitivity of a side-hole fiber to temperature and hydrostatic pressure
Author(s): P. Hlubina; J. Olszewski; T. Martynkien; P. Mergo; W. Urbańczyk
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Multianalyte detection using fiber optic particle plasmon resonance sensor based on plasmonic light scattering interrogation
Author(s): Hsing-Ying Lin; Chen-Han Huang; Lai-Kwan Chau
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Raman and surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) biosensing
Author(s): M. Procházka
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Raman-spectroscopy-based biosensing for applications in ophthalmology
Author(s): Giulia Rusciano; Paola Capriglione; Giuseppe Pesce; Gianluigi Zito; Antonio Del Prete; Giovanni Cennamo; Antonio Sasso
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Surface-enhanced Raman imaging of red blood cell membrane with highly uniform active substrates obtained using block copolymers self-assembly
Author(s): Gianluigi Zito; Anna Malafronte; Alden Dochshanov; Giulia Rusciano; Finizia Auriemma; Giuseppe Pesce; Claudio De Rosa; Antonio Sasso
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Optical biosensor system with integrated microfluidic sample preparation and TIRF based detection
Author(s): Eduard Gilli; Sylvia R. Scheicher; Michael Suppan; Heinz Pichler; Markus Rumpler; Valentin Satzinger; Christian Palfinger; Frank Reil; Martin Hajnsek; Stefan Köstler
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Electrochemical surface plasmon resonance biosensor for study of DNA desorption and hybridization
Author(s): Luca Ferrari; Hana Šípová; Ivo Tichý; Karel Chadt; Jiri Homola
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High-Q optical nanobeam cavities for label-free sensing
Author(s): M. Ghazali A. Rahman; Philippe Velha; Richard M. De La Rue; Nigel P. Johnson
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Optical sensors for therapeutic drug monitoring of antidepressants for a better medication adjustment
Author(s): Anne K. Krieg; Stefan Hess; Günter Gauglitz
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Recognition as a challenging label-free optical sensing system
Author(s): Günter Gauglitz
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UV-light-assisted functionalization for sensing of light molecules
Author(s): Riccardo Funari; Bartolomeo Della Ventura; Antonio Ambrosio; Stefano Lettieri; Pasqualino Maddalena; Carlo Altucci; Raffaele Velotta
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Optical sensors based on metal oxide nanowires for UV/IR detection
Author(s): Jose Luis Pau; Carlos García Nuñez; Antonio García Marín; Eduardo Ruiz; Juan Piqueras
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Basic structures of integrated photonic circuits for smart biosensor applications
Author(s): S. Germer; C. Cherkouk; L. Rebohle; M. Helm; W. Skorupa
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Photoinduced absorption measurement on a microchip equipped with organic dye-doped polymer waveguide
Author(s): T. Kawaguchi; K. Nagai; K. Yamashita
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Lab on fiber by using the breath figure technique
Author(s): Marco Pisco; Giuseppe Quero; Agostino Iadicicco; Michele Giordano; Francesco Galeotti; Andrea Cusano
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Migrating the Mach-Zehnder chemical and bio-sensor to the mid-infrared region
Author(s): L. Leidner; M. Ewald; M. Sieger; B. Mizaikoff; G. Gauglitz
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Differential length measurement using low coherence coupled tandem interferometry
Author(s): Martin D. Smith; William N. MacPherson; Robert R. J. Maier
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New optical probe approach using mixing effect in planar photodiode for biomedical applications
Author(s): Tânia Pereira; Pedro Vaz; Tatiana Oliveira; Inês Santos; Adriana Leal; Vânia Almeida; Helena Pereira; Carlos Correia; João Cardoso
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Amorphous silicon balanced photodiode for microfluidic applications
Author(s): Domenico Caputo; Giampiero de Cesare; Augusto Nascetti; Riccardo Scipinotti
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Performances of amorphous silicon photodiodes integrated in chemiluminescence based um-TAS
Author(s): Domenico Caputo; Massimo Nardini; Riccardo Scipinotti; Giampiero de Cesare; Mara Mirasoli; Martina Zangheri; Aldo Roda; Augusto Nascetti
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Mesoporous silica as the enzyme carrier for organophosphate detection and/or detoxification
Author(s): Nina Frančič; Polonca Nedeljko; Aleksandra Lobnik
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A microfluidic platform with a flow-balanced fluidic network for osteoarthritis diagnosis
Author(s): Kangil Kim; Yoo Min Park; Hyun C. Yoon; Sang Sik Yang
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Nanoplasmonic sensor for chemical measurements
Author(s): R. Iovine; L. La Spada; L. Vegni
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Optical biosensor based on cadmium sulfide-silver nanoplate hybrid structure
Author(s): S.X. Lin; M.M. K. Wong; P. K. Pat; C.Y. Wong; S. K. Chiu; E.Y. B. Pun
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Simulation of continuously logical ADC (CL ADC) of photocurrents as a basic cell of image processor and multichannel optical sensor systems
Author(s): Vladimir G. Krasilenko; Aleksandr I. Nikolskyy; Alexander A. Lazarev; Oksana V. Krasilenko; Irina A. Krasilenko
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The arms arrangement influence on the sensitivity of Mach–Zehnder fiber optic interferometer
Author(s): Stanislav Kepak; Jakub Cubik; Jan Doricak; Vladimir Vasinek; Petr Siska; Andrej Liner; Martin Papes
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Rock massif temperature changes measurement with regard to thermal responses generated by a thermal response test device
Author(s): Jan Latal; Jan Vitasek; Petr Koudelka; Petr Siska; Andrej Liner; Martin Papes; Karel Witas; Stanislav Hejduk; Vladimir Vasinek
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Development of absorption fiber optic sensor for distributed measurement of ammonia gas
Author(s): J. Aubrecht; L. Kalvoda
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Usage of Raman DTS for wooden material analysis
Author(s): Vladimir Vasinek; Jan Latal; Petr Koudelka; Martin Papes; Andrej Liner; Vladimira Rasnerova
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Assay for optical determination of biogenic amines using microtiterplates
Author(s): Polona Nedeljko; Matejka Turel; Aleksandra Lobnik
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Analysis of Fano-line shapes from agile resonant waveguide grating sensors using correlation techniques
Author(s): K. Bougot-Robin; W. J. Wen; H. Benisty
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Spectral interferometry-based surface plasmon resonance sensing of liquid analyte refractive index change
Author(s): Dalibor Ciprian; Petr Hlubina; Jiří Luňáček
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Study and design of an optode for pH measurement
Author(s): Mathias Fages; Denis Doizi; Guy Deniau
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Hybrid interfaces for a new class of optical biosensors
Author(s): L. De Stefano; A. Caliò; J. Politi; P. Giardina; I. Redina; I. Rea
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Detection and localization of building insulation faults using optical-fiber DTS system
Author(s): Martin Papes; Andrej Liner; Petr Koudelka; Petr Siska; Jakub Cubik; Stanislav Kepak; Jakub Jaros; Vladimir Vasinek
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Electromagnetic study of magneto-optic surface plasmon resonance effects for biosensing applications
Author(s): Abdul Aleem Jamali; Sebastian Kübler; Nicolas Müglich; Bernd Witzigmann; Arno Ehresmann
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Compact and cost effective instrument for detecting drug precursors in different environments based on fluorescence polarization
Author(s): J. C. Antolín-Urbaneja; I. Eguizabal; N. Briz; A. Dominguez; P. Estensoro; A. Secchi; A. Varriale; S. Di Giovanni; S. D'Auria
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Tubular optical waveguide particle plasmon resonance biosensor for multiplex real-time and label-free detection
Author(s): Chen-Han Huang; Hsing-Ying Lin; Lai-Kwan Chau
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Comparison of optical and electrical investigations of meat ageing
Author(s): Elena Prokopyeva; Pavel Tománek; Lucie Kocová; Tomáš Palai-Dany; Zdeněk Balík; Pavel Škarvada; Lubomír Grmela
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A new hyperspectral imaging based device for quality control in plastic recycling
Author(s): G. Bonifazi; M. D'Agostini; A. Dall'Ava; S. Serranti; F. Turioni
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Quality control in the recycling stream of PVC from window frames by hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Valentina Luciani; Silvia Serranti; Giuseppe Bonifazi; Francesco Di Maio; Peter Rem
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Polymer planar Bragg grating for sensing applications
Author(s): M. Rosenberger; N. Hartlaub; G. Koller; S. Belle; B. Schmauss; R. Hellmann
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Low noise omnidirectional optical receiver for the mobile FSO networks
Author(s): Karel Witas; Stanislav Hejduk; Vladimir Vasinek; Jan Vitasek; Jan Latal
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Monte Carlo simulation of spatial reflectance pattern of translucent material with subsurface structure
Author(s): H. J. Juttula; A. J. Mäkynen
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PCF interferometer based temperature sensor with high sensitivity
Author(s): F. C. Favero; R. Spittel; M. Rothhardt; J. Kobelke; H. Bartelt
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Coupling conditions for quasi-single mode optical fibers with different refractive index profile
Author(s): Petr Siska; Jan Latal; Petr Koudelka; Jan Vitasek; Ivan Kasik; Vladimir Vasinek
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Surface vs. bulk sensitivity of sensors based on Rayleigh anomalies in metallic nanogratings
Author(s): Armando Ricciardi; Silvio Savoia; Alessio Crescitelli; Emanuela Esposito; Vincenzo Galdi; Andrea Cusano
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