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Metamaterials VIII
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Volume Number: 8771
Date Published: 15 May 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8771
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Preparation and characterization of silver nanowires films for infrared radiation shielding
Author(s): Maria Cristina Larciprete; Alessandro Belardini; Grigore Leahu; Roberto Li Voti; Francesco Mura; Alessandro Albertoni; Concita Sibilia
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Funneling of light in combinations of metal-insulator-metal resonators
Author(s): P. Bouchon; Q. Lévesque; F. Pardo; P. Chevalier; C. Koechlin; J.-L. Pelouard; R. Haïdar
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Transformation optics and metamaterials at infrared wavelength: engineering of permittivity and permeability
Author(s): Rasta Ghasemi; Aloyse Degiron; Xavier Leroux; Anatole Lupu; André de Lustrac
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Negative index resonant states: a route toward nonmetal plasmonics and metamaterials
Author(s): V. Mocella; P. Dardano; A. C. De Luca; E. De Tommasi; I. Rendina; S. Romano
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Enhancement of the dynamic Casimir effect within a metal photonic crystal
Author(s): Tsuyoshi Ueta
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Asymmetric transmission of surface plasmon polaritons
Author(s): Vladimir Kuzmiak; Alexei A. Maradudin
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Metal-dielectric photonic devices for spatial filtering and image contrast enhancement
Author(s): Anna Pastuszczak; Piotr Wróbel; Tomasz Stefaniuk; Marcin Stolarek; Mateusz Wlazło; Rafał Kotyński
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Asymmetrical hyperbolic media and their potential applications in photovoltaics and photonics
Author(s): Igor S. Nefedov; Leonid A. Melnikov; Evgeny I. Nefedov
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Resonant terahertz response of TiO2 microspheres
Author(s): F. Dominec; C. Kadlec; H. Neměc; F. Kadlec; R. Yahiaoui; U.-C. Chung; C. Elissalde; M. Maglione; P. Mounaix; P. Kužel
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Coupling mechanisms of resonators in the THz regime
Author(s): N. Gneiding; O. Zhuromskyy; U. Peschel
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Surface plasmon photodetectors
Author(s): Pierre Berini
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Resolution of near-field to near-field imaging with silver nanolayer
Author(s): Tomasz Stefaniuk; Piotr Wróbel; Jolanta Borysiuk; Tomasz Szoplik
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Block-copolymer-based plasmonic metamaterials
Author(s): Antonio Capretti; Finizia Auriemma; Claudio De Rosa; Rocco Di Girolamo; Carlo Forestiere; Giovanni Miano; Giovanni P. Pepe
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Diffraction control of reflected beam by chirped mirror
Author(s): Yu-Chieh Cheng; M. Peckus; S. Kicas; J. Trull; C. Cojocaru; R. Vilaseca; R. Drazdys; K. Staliunas
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Study of the anomalous refraction produced by self assembled gold nanowires
Author(s): A. Belardini; G. Leahu; M. C. Larciprete; M. Centini; C. Sibilia; C. Martella; M. Giordano; D. Chiappe; F. Buatier de Mongeot
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Metamaterial fishnet structure formed from nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): Graham J. Sharp; Murat Yuce; Xiaolon Hu; Mantana Sinworapun; Ali Z Khokhar; Nigel P. Johnson
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Transmission through a two dimensional quantum metamaterial
Author(s): R. D. Wilson; M. J. Everitt; J. H. Samson; S. E. Salelev; A. M. Zagoskin; T. P. Spiller
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Cyclic MAM synthesis of SPION/BaMoO4:Er3+,Yb3+ composite and its optical properties
Author(s): C. S. Lim; V. V. Atuchin
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Preparation and characterization of Sr3V2O8 nanoparticles via cyclic MAS route
Author(s): C. S. Lim; V. V. Atuchin
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Simulations of some nanomaterials having magnetic properties in the paramagnetic region
Author(s): Nicolov F. Mirela
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Electromagnetic parameter retrieval at oblique incidence
Author(s): Saima I. Khan; Richard M. De La Rue; Tim D. Drysdale; Nigel P. Johnson
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The formation and structural parameters of new double molybdates RbLn(MoO4)2 (Ln = Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu)
Author(s): Olga D. Chimitova; Victor V. Atuchin; Bair G. Bazarov; Maxim S. Molokeev; Zhibzema G. Bazarova
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Superconductors in plasmonics and metamaterials: some experimental data
Author(s): M. Gombos; S. Romano; I. Rendina; R. Ciancio; G. Carapella; V. Mocella
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High efficiency ultra-thin silicon photonic crystal based solar cells
Author(s): Giuseppe Di Martino; Principia Dardano; Vito Mocella; Ivo Rendina
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