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Unmanned Systems Technology XV
Editor(s): Robert E. Karlsen; Douglas W. Gage; Charles M. Shoemaker; Grant R. Gerhart
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Volume Number: 8741
Date Published: 13 June 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8741
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Dynamic, cooperative multi-robot patrolling with a team of UAVs
Author(s): Charles E. Pippin; Henrik Christensen; Lora Weiss
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Vegetation versus man-made object detection from imagery for unmanned vehicles in off-road environments
Author(s): Josh Harguess; Jacoby Larson
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Landing spot selection for UAV emergency landing
Author(s): P. T. Eendebak; A. W. M. van Eekeren; R. J. M. den Hollander
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Feature detection and SLAM on embedded processors for micro-robot navigation
Author(s): Paul Robinette; Thomas R. Collins
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Robot mapping in large-scale mixed indoor and outdoor environments
Author(s): John G. Rogers III; Stuart Young; Jason Gregory; Carlos Nieto-Granda; Henrik I. Christensen
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Cooperative mobile agents search using beehive partitioned structure and Tabu Random search algorithm
Author(s): Saba Ramazani; Delvin L. Jackson; Rastko R. Selmic
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Cognitive patterns: giving autonomy some context
Author(s): Danielle Dumond; Webb Stacy; Alexandra Geyer; Jeffrey Rousseau; Mike Therrien
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Real-time adaptive off-road vehicle navigation and terrain classification
Author(s): Urs A. Muller; Lawrence D. Jackel; Yann LeCun; Beat Flepp
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Multi-robot exploration strategies for tactical tasks in urban environments
Author(s): Carlos Nieto-Granda; John G. Rogers III; H. I. Christensen
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Semantic data association for planar features in outdoor 6D-SLAM using lidar
Author(s): C. Ulas; H. Temeltas
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Robust leader tracking from an unmanned ground vehicle
Author(s): Camille S. Monnier; Stan German; Andrey Ostapchenko
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Multimodal interaction for human-robot teams
Author(s): Dustin Burke; Nathan Schurr; Jeanine Ayers; Jeff Rousseau; John Fertitta; Alan Carlin; Danielle Dumond
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An intuitive graphical user interface for small UAS
Author(s): Nicholas Stroumtsos; Gary Gilbreath; Scott Przybylski
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Evaluating the presentation and usability of 2D and 3D maps generated by unmanned ground vehicles
Author(s): Jason Gregory; David Baran; A. William Evans III
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Evolution of a radio communication relay system
Author(s): Hoa G. Nguyen; Narek Pezeshkian; Abraham Hart; Aaron Burmeister; Kevin Holz; Joseph Neff; Leif Roth
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Multilateral haptics-based immersive teleoperation for improvised explosive device disposal
Author(s): David Erickson; Hervé Lacheray; John Daly
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Position-adaptive MAV in emitter localization mission using RSSI and path loss exponent metrics
Author(s): Miguel Gates; Rastko Selmic
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Learning consensus in adversarial environments
Author(s): Kyriakos G. Vamvoudakis; Luis R. García Carrillo; João P. Hespanha
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Stable structures of coalitions in competitive and altruistic military teams
Author(s): M. Aurangzeb; D. Mikulski; G. Hudas; F. L. Lewis; Edward Gu
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Adaptive neural network consensus based control of robot formations
Author(s): H. M. Guzey; Jagannathan Sarangapani
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Maintaining robust connectivity in heterogeneous robotic networks
Author(s): P. Cruz; R. Fierro; W. Lu; S. Ferrari
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Common world model for unmanned systems
Author(s): Robert Michael S. Dean
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Using expectations to monitor robotic progress and recover from problems
Author(s): Unmesh Kurup; Christian Lebiere; Anthony Stentz; Martial Hebert
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Terrain identification for RHex-type robots
Author(s): Camilo Ordonez; Jacob Shill; Aaron Johnson; Jonathan Clark; Emmanuel Collins
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An architecture for online semantic labeling on UGVs
Author(s): Arne Suppé; Luis Navarro-Serment; Daniel Munoz; Drew Bagnell; Martial Hebert
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Performance of a scanning laser line striper in outdoor lighting
Author(s): Christoph Mertz
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Visual and tactile interfaces for bi-directional human robot communication
Author(s): Daniel Barber; Stephanie Lackey; Lauren Reinerman-Jones; Irwin Hudson
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Dynamic whole-body robotic manipulation
Author(s): Yeuhi Abe; Benjamin Stephens; Michael P. Murphy; Alfred A. Rizzi
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Free-standing leaping experiments with a power-autonomous elastic-spined quadruped
Author(s): Jason L. Pusey; Jeffrey M. Duperret; G. Clark Haynes; Ryan Knopf; Daniel E. Koditschek
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Collaborative experiments of small autonomous systems at the SOURCE ATO capstone experiment
Author(s): Jason Gregory; David Baran; John Rogers III; Jonathan Fink; Jeffrey Delmerico
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Achieving integrated convoys: cargo unmanned ground vehicle development and experimentation
Author(s): Noah Zych; David Silver; David Stager; Colin Green; Thomas Pilarski; Jacob Fischer; Noah Kuntz; Dean Anderson; Albert Costa; Joseph Gannon; Joseph Lisee; Peter Rander; Michael K. Sergi-Curfman; Christopher Shaw; Daniel Tascione; Nicolas Vandapel; John Beck
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UGV: security analysis of subsystem control network
Author(s): Sam Abbott-McCune; Philip Kobezak; Joseph Tront; Randy Marchany; Al Wicks
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A preliminary cyber-physical security assessment of the Robot Operating System (ROS)
Author(s): Jarrod McClean; Christopher Stull; Charles Farrar; David Mascareñas
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Development of a non-contextual model for determining the autonomy level of intelligent unmanned systems
Author(s): Phillip J. Durst; Wendell Gray; Michael Trentini
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Simple but novel test method for quantitatively comparing robot mapping algorithms using SLAM and dead reckoning
Author(s): Neil S. Davey; Haris Godil
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An open-source scheduler for small satellites
Author(s): Donovan Torgerson; Jeremy Straub; Atif Mohammad; Christoffer Korvald; Dayln Limesand
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Human and tree classification based on a model using 3D ladar in a GPS-denied environment
Author(s): Kuk Cho; Seung-Ho Baeg; Sangdeok Park
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Universal framework for unmanned system penetration testing
Author(s): Philip Kobezak; Sam Abbot-McCune; Joseph Tront; Randy Marchany; Alfred Wicks
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