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Sensors and Systems for Space Applications VI
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Volume Number: 8739
Date Published: 29 May 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8739
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
SUCHI: The Space Ultra-Compact Hyperspectral Imager for small satellites
Author(s): S. T. Crites; P. G. Lucey; R. Wright; J. Chan; H. Garbeil; K. A. Horton; Amber Imai; M. Wood; L. Yoneshige
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Lunar magnetic field measurements with a cubesat
Author(s): Ian Garrick-Bethell; Robert P. Lin; Hugo Sanchez; Belgacem A. Jaroux; Manfred Bester; Patrick Brown; Daniel Cosgrove; Michele K. Dougherty; Jasper S. Halekas; Doug Hemingway; Paulo C. Lozano; Francois Martel; Caleb W. Whitlock
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Large diffractive/refractive apertures for space and airborne telescopes
Author(s): Howard A. MacEwen; James B. Breckinridge
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An onboard computing system design for a remote sensing cubesat
Author(s): Jeremy Straub
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Mission design and operations of a constellation of small satellites for remote sensing
Author(s): Trevor C. Sorensen; Eric J. Pilger; Mark S. Wood; Miguel A. Nunes; Lance K. Yoneshige
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Design of ground motion compensation servo system
Author(s): Chan Tan; Lei Ding; Jinguang Chai
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Rapid orbital characterization of local area space objects utilizing image-differencing techniques
Author(s): Paul D. McCall; Madeleine L. Naudeau; Marlon E. Sorge; Thomas Farrell; Malek Adjouadi
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Above the cloud computing: applying cloud computing principles to create an orbital services model
Author(s): Jeremy Straub; Atif Mohammad; Josh Berk; Anders Kose Nervold
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PICARD payload thermal control system and general impact of the space environment on astronomical observations
Author(s): M. Meftah; A. Irbah; A. Hauchecorne; J.-F. Hochedez
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Optical analysis of a membrane photon sieve space telescope
Author(s): Olha Asmolova; Geoff Andersen; Michael E. Dearborn; Matthew G. McHarg; Trey Quiller; Thomas Murphey
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Monitoring and predicting rate of VIIRS sensitivity degradation from telescope contamination by tungsten oxide
Author(s): Slawomir Blonski; Changyong Cao
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Thermoelectric radiation sensors for the space mission BepiColombo to Mercury
Author(s): Frank Hänschke; Andreas Ihring; Ernst Kessler; Jörg Knollenberg; Ingo Walter; Ulrich Dillner; Hans-Georg Meyer
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Next-generation photonic true time delay devices as enabled by a new electro-optic architecture
Author(s): Scott R. Davis; Seth T. Johnson; Scott D. Rommel; Michael H. Anderson
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New electro-optic laser scanners for small-sat to ground laser communication links
Author(s): Scott R. Davis; Seth T. Johnson; Scott D. Rommel; Michael H. Anderson; Jimmy Chen; Tien-Hsin Chao
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Demonstration of space optical transmitter development for multiple high-frequency bands
Author(s): Hung Nguyen; Rainee Simons; Edwin Wintucky; Jon Freeman
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Laser ranging with the MéO telescope to improve orbital accuracy of space debris
Author(s): L. Hennegrave; M. Pyanet; H. Haag; G. Blanchet; B. Esmiller; S. Vial; E. Samain; J. Paris; D. Albanese
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Large phase angle observations of GEO satellites
Author(s): Rita L. Cognion
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Conformal prediction for anomaly detection and collision alert in space surveillance
Author(s): Huimin Chen; Genshe Chen; Erik Blasch; Khanh Pham
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Cloud-based space situational awareness: initial design and evaluation
Author(s): Bingwei Liu; Yu Chen; Dan Shen; Genshe Chen; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch
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An efficient QoS-aware routing algorithm for LEO polar constellations
Author(s): Xin Tian; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch; Zhi Tian; Dan Shen; Genshe Chen
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QoS-aware dynamic spectrum access for cognitive radio networks
Author(s): Xin Tian; Zhi Tian; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch; Genshe Chen
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On effectiveness of routing algorithms for satellite communication networks
Author(s): Wei Yu; Sixiao Wei; Guobin Xu; Genshe Chen; Khanh Pham; Erik P. Blasch; Chao Lu
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On detection and visualization techniques for cyber security situation awareness
Author(s): Wei Yu; Shixiao Wei; Dan Shen; Misty Blowers; Erik P. Blasch; Khanh D. Pham; Genshe Chen; Hanlin Zhang; Chao Lu
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RSD-WSN: remote source-level debugger for rapid application development in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Mohammad M. Mozumdar; Weiyuan Bian; Jose Perez; Luciano Lavagno
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Multiple sensor estimation using a high-degree cubature information filter
Author(s): Bin Jia; Ming Xin; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch; Genshe Chen
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The Doppler Wind and Temperature Sounder (DWTS): enabling next-generation weather and space weather forecasts
Author(s): Martin J. McHugh; Larry L. Gordley; B. Thomas Marshall; David C. Fritts; Wayne F. J. Evans; Chad S. Fish
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A highly sensitive multi-element HgCdTe e-APD detector for IPDA lidar applications
Author(s): Jeff Beck; James McCurdy; Mark Skokan; Chris Kamilar; Richard Scritchfield; Terry Welch; Pradip Mitra; Xiaoli Sun; James Abshire; Kirk Reiff
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Engineered plasma interactions for geomagnetic propulsion of ultra small satellites
Author(s): Jeremy A. Palmer; Jeremiah J. Boerner; Thomas P. Hughes; Guy R. Bennett
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Long-integration star tracker image processing for combined attitude-attitude rate estimation
Author(s): Brad Sease; Ryan Koglin; Brien Flewelling
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Automatic vehicle license plate recognition with color component texture detection and template matching
Author(s): Jianjun Gao; Erik Blasch; Khanh Pham; Genshe Chen; Dan Shen; Zhonghai Wang
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A fuzzy-logic based approach to color segmentation
Author(s): Guoxin Zhao; Yunyi Li; Genshe Chen; Qinghao Meng; Wei Li
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A holistic image segmentation framework for cloud detection and extraction
Author(s): Dan Shen; Haotian Xu; Erik Blasch; Gregory Horvath; Khanh Pham; Yufeng Zheng; Haibin Ling; Genshe Chen
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Infrared target tracking using multiple instance learning with adaptive motion prediction and spatially template weighting
Author(s): Xinchu Shi; Weiming Hu; Yun Cheng; Genshe Chen; Jingjing Ji; Haibin Ling
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