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Three-Dimensional Imaging, Visualization, and Display 2013
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Volume Number: 8738
Date Published: 29 May 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8738
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Flickerless 3D shutter glasses for full-resolution stereoscopic display
Author(s): Dae-Sik Kim; Ho-Sup Lee; S. Chestak
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Liquid crystal lens for axially distributed three-dimensional sensing
Author(s): Yi-Pai Huang; Chih-Wei Chen; Myungjin Cho; Bahram Javidi
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Global View and Depth (GVD) format for FTV/3DTV
Author(s): Masayuki Tanimoto; Kazuyoshi Suzuki
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Elemental images for integral-imaging display
Author(s): Manuel Martínez-Corral; Adrián Dorado; Héctor Navarro; Anabel Llavador; Genaro Saavedra; Bahram Javidi
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Usage of moving nanoparticles for improved holographic recording
Author(s): Amihai Meiri; Eran Gur; Javier Garcia; Vicente Micó ; Bahram Javidi; Zeev Zalevsky
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Alternative approach to develop digital hologram interaction system by bounding volumes for identifying object collision
Author(s): Sungjin Cho; Sungchul Mun; Min-Chul Park; Byeong-Kwon Ju; Jung-Young Son
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Generation of flat viewing zone in DFVZ autostereoscopic multiview 3D display by weighting factor
Author(s): Sung-Kyu Kim; Seon-Kyu Yoon; Ky-Hyuk Yoon
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Effect of viewing distance on 3D fatigue caused by viewing mobile 3D content
Author(s): Sungchul Mun; Dong-Su Lee; Min-Chul Park; Sumio Yano
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Expanding the degree of freedom of observation on depth-direction by the triple-separated slanted parallax barrier in autostereoscopic 3D display
Author(s): Kwang-Hoon Lee; Yeong-Seon Choe; Dong-Kil Lee; Yang-Gyu Kim; Youngsik Park; Min-Chul Park
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Light intensity simulation in real space by viewing locations for autostereoscopic display design
Author(s): Jungguen Jo; Kwang-Hoon Lee; Dong-Su Lee; Min-Chul Park; Jung-Young Son; Byeong-Kwon Ju
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Study on basic problems in real-time 3D holographic display
Author(s): Jia Jia; Juan Liu; Yongtian Wang; Yijie Pan; Xin Li
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A holographic display based on spatial multiplexing
Author(s): Jung-Young Son; Oleksii Chernyshov; Min-chul Park; Wook-Ho Son; Beom-Ryeol Lee; Jin-Woong Kim
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Computer-generated hologram for 3D scene from multi-view images
Author(s): Eun-Young Chang; Yun-Suk Kang; KyungAe Moon; Yo-Sung Ho; Jinwoong Kim
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Spherically-arranged piecewise planar hologram for capturing a diffracted object wave field in 360 degree
Author(s): Seungtaik Oh; Hoyong Seo; Chi-Young Hwang; Beom-Ryeol Lee; Wookho Son
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A 3D visual conformity of holographic content on the stereo hologram display
Author(s): Beom-Ryeol Lee; Chi-Young Hwang; Wookho Son; Joonku Hahn; Jung-Young Son
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Observation of femtosecond light pulse propagation by using digital light-in-flight recording by holography
Author(s): Takashi Kakue; Peng Xia; Tatsuki Tahara; Yasuhiro Awatsuji; Kenzo Nishio; Shogo Ura; Toshihiro Kubota; Osamu Matoba
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Synthesis and 3D display of multi-wavelengths digital holograms through adaptive transformation
Author(s): P. Memmolo; M. Paturzo; A. Finizio; Pietro Ferraro; B. Javidi
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Compressive sensing for improved depth discrimination in 3D holographic reconstruction
Author(s): Yair Rivenson; Adrian Stern; Bahram Javidi
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Advantage of diverging radial type for mobile stereo camera
Author(s): Dong-Su Lee; Sungchul Mun; Min-Chul Park; Jung-Young Son
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Concealed object segmentation and three-dimensional localization with passive millimeter-wave imaging
Author(s): Seokwon Yeom
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Three-dimensional polarimetric imaging based on integral-imaging techniques
Author(s): Xiao Xiao; Bahram Javidi
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Real-time motion artifacts compensation of ToF sensors data on GPU
Author(s): Damien Lefloch; Thomas Hoegg; Andreas Kolb
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Analysis of three-dimensional image using Tutte polynomial for polyhedral graphs
Author(s): Alejandro Gómez M.
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Recognition of 3D facial expression from posed data
Author(s): Manar D. Samad; Khan M. Iftekharuddin
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A new system parameters analysis method to improve image quality in digital microscopic hologram reconstruction
Author(s): Jiansu Li; Zhao Wang; Jianmin Gao; Kun Chen; Yun Liu
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Coherent scattering stereoscopic microscopy for mask inspection of extreme ultra-violet lithography
Author(s): Ki-Hyuk Kim; Jung-Guen Jo; Min-Chul Park; Byeong-Kwon Ju; Sungjin Cho; Jung-Young Son
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Automated analysis of 3D morphology of human red blood cells via off-axis digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Inkyu Moon
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CSpace high-resolution volumetric 3D display
Author(s): Hakki H. Refai; George Melnik; Mark Willner
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