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Micro- and Nanotechnology Sensors, Systems, and Applications V
Editor(s): Thomas George; M. Saif Islam; Achyut K. Dutta
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Volume Number: 8725
Date Published: 13 June 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8725
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Nano-electro-mechanical-systems (NEMS) and energy-efficient electronics and the emergence of two-dimensional layered materials beyond graphene
Author(s): Anupama B. Kaul
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Fabrication of large-area twisted bilayer graphene for high-speed ultra-sensitive tunable photodetectors
Author(s): Jiming Bao; Sirui Xing; Yanan Wang; Wei Wu; Francisco Robles-Hernandez; Shin-shem Pei
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Graphene-Si heterogeneous nanotechnology
Author(s): Deji Akinwande; Li Tao
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Photodetection with heterojunctions of graphene and silicon
Author(s): Fangze Liu; Xiaohong An; Swastik Kar
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Band gap and correlated phenomena in bilayer and trilayer graphene
Author(s): Yongjin Lee; Kevin Myhro; David Tran; Nathaniel Gilgren; Jairo Velasco Jr.; Wenzhong Bao; Michael Deo; Chun Ning Lau
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New generation transistor technologies enabled by 2D crystals
Author(s): D. Jena
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Surface confined assemblies and polymers for sensing and molecular logic
Author(s): Graham de Ruiter; Marc Altman; Leila Motiei; Michal Lahav; Milko E. van der Boom
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Active frequency selective surfaces
Author(s): Walter R. Buchwald; Joshua Hendrickson; Justin W. Cleary; Junpeng Guo
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Adaptive multifunctional composites
Author(s): Ya Wang; Daniel J. Inman
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Charge redistribution in adaptable quantum-dot and quantum-well nanomaterials for infrared sensing
Author(s): V. Mitin; Jae Kyu Choi; G. Thomain; K. Sablon; S. Oktyabrsky; N. Vagidov; A. Sergeev
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Functional supramolecular nanomaterials: robust yet adaptive
Author(s): Boris Rybtchinski
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Emission and detection of terahertz radiation using two dimensional plasmons in semiconductor nano-heterostructures for nondestructive evaluations
Author(s): Taiichi Otsuji; Takayuki Watanabe; Stephane Albon Boubanga Tombet; Akira Satou; Victor Ryzhii; Vyacheslav Popov; Wojciech Knap
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Graphene-based integrated electronic, photonic and spintronic circuit
Author(s): P. Potasz; A. D. Güçlü; I. Ozfidan; M. Korkusinski; P. Hawrylak
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Harsh environment sensor development for advanced energy systems
Author(s): Robert R. Romanosky; Susan M. Maley
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Chemical sensor systems for environmental and emission control
Author(s): Anita Lloyd Spetz; Zhafira Darmastuti; Christian Bur; Joni Huotari; Robert Bjorklund; Niclas Lindqvist; Jyrki Lappalainen; Heli Jantunen; Andreas Schütze; Mike Andersson
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Miniaturized resonant sensors for harsh environments
Author(s): Silja Schmidtchen; Denny Richter; Jan Sauerwald; Holger Fritze
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III-nitride nanostructures for optical gas detection and pH sensing
Author(s): Sumit Paul; Konrad Maier; Aparna Das; Florian Furtmayr; Andreas Helwig; Jörg Teubert; Eva Monroy; Gerhard Müller; Martin Eickhoff
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Metal oxide nanowire gas sensors for indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring
Author(s): Anton Köck; Elise Brunet; Oliver Freudenberg; Christoph Gamauf; Jochen Kraft; Giorgio C. Mutinati; Thomas Maier; Alexander Nemecek; Franz Schrank; Martin Schrems; Martin Siegele; Jörg Siegert; Stephan Steinhauer; Jordi Teva
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Nano-electro-mechanical systems fabricated using tip-based nanofabrication
Author(s): Huan Hu; Parsian K. Mohseni; Mark A. Shannon; Xiuling Li; William P. King
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How adaptive optics may have won the Cold War
Author(s): Robert K. Tyson
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Adaptive optics for fiber-fed interferometers
Author(s): Michael Hart; Thomas Stalcup; Olivier Durney; Nicholas Emerson; Keith Powell; Michael Ward; Greg Feller; Rick Kendrick; James Mason; Matthew Bold; Larry Dewell; Tracy Kubo
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High-actuator-count MEMS deformable mirrors
Author(s): Michael A. Helmbrecht; Min He; Carl J. Kempf
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Large-aperture active optical carbon fiber reinforced polymer mirror
Author(s): Matthew E. L. Jungwirth; Christopher C. Wilcox; David V. Wick; Michael S. Baker; Clinton G. Hobart; Jared J. Milinazzo; Joseph Robichaud; Robert C. Romeo; Robert N. Martin; Jerome Ballesta; Emeric Lavergne; Eustace L. Dereniak
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Towards low-cost high-efficiency GaAs photovoltaics and photoelectrodes grown via vapor transport from a solid source
Author(s): Jason W. Boucher; Andrew J. Ritenour; Shannon W. Boettcher
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Direct-bandgap nanopillar photovoltaics based on patterned catalyst-free epitaxy
Author(s): Giacomo Mariani; Diana L. Huffaker
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Microscale technologies for imaging endogenous gene expression in individual cells within 3D tissues
Author(s): Ting Ye; Zhen Luo; Yunzhe Ma; Harvinder Singh Gill; N. Nitin
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Present status and prospects of R&D of radiation-resistant semiconductor devices at JAEA
Author(s): H. Itoh
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Radiation effects in solar cells
Author(s): Mitsuru Imaizumi; Takeshi Ohshima
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Radiation tolerance of silicon and diamond detectors exposed to MeV ion beams: characterization using IBIC technique
Author(s): M. Jakšić; V. Grilj; N. Skukan; M. Pomorski; W. Kada; T. Kamiya
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Radiation-tolerant microprocessors in Japanese scientific space vehicles: how to maximize the benefits of commercial SOI technologies
Author(s): Daisuke Kobayashi; Kazuyuki Hirose; Hirobumi Saito
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Error-rate prediction for programmable circuits: methodology, tools and studied cases
Author(s): Raoul Velazco
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Ion beam induced charge analysis of radiation damage in silicon photodiodes
Author(s): Željko Pastuović; Milko Jakšić; Ettore Vittone
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Reduction and identification for hybrid dynamical models of terrestrial locomotion
Author(s): Samuel A. Burden; S. Shankar Sastry
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Stochastic receding horizon control: application to an octopedal robot
Author(s): Shridhar K. Shah; Herbert G. Tanner
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Bio-inspired multi-mode optic flow sensors for micro air vehicles
Author(s): Seokjun Park; Jaehyuk Choi; Jihyun Cho; Euisik Yoon
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Structure from motion in computationally constrained systems
Author(s): Joseph Conroy; J. Sean Humbert
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Mixed-signal odometry for mobile robotics
Author(s): Michael J. Kuhlman; Tsung-Hsueh Lee; Pamela A. Abshire
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Bio-integrated electronics and sensor systems
Author(s): Woon-Hong Yeo; R. Chad Webb; Woosik Lee; Sungyoung Jung; John A. Rogers
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Carbon nanotube macroelectronics: toward system-on-plastic
Author(s): Chuan Wang; Kuniharu Takei; Toshitakei Takahashi; Ali Javey
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Mechanically flexible optically transparent silicon fabric with high thermal budget devices from bulk silicon (100)
Author(s): Muhammad M. Hussain; Jhonathan P. Rojas; Galo A. Torres Sevilla
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Aligned arrays of single walled carbon nanotubes for transparent electronics
Author(s): Frank Du; John A. Rogers
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Graphene-carbon nanotube hybrid transparent conductive films
Author(s): Iskandar N. Kholmanov; TaeYoung Kim; Sergio H. Domingues; Jin-Young Kim; Cheng Tan; Carl W. Magnuson; Huifeng Li; Richard Piner; Rodney S. Ruoff
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Luminescence enhancement in LaPO4:Ce/CdTe nanocomposite scintillators
Author(s): Jigang Wang; Ryan Hall; Lun Ma; Wei Chen; Renfei Feng; Ramaswami Sammynaiken; Yongsheng Wang; Dawei He
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Non-intrusive telemetry applications in the oilsands: from visible light and x-ray video to acoustic imaging and spectroscopy
Author(s): John M. Shaw
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Chemical sensing and imaging in microfluidic pore network structures relevant to natural carbon cycling and industrial carbon sequestration
Author(s): Jay W. Grate; Changyong Zhang; Michael Wilkins; Marvin G. Warner; Norm C. Anheier; Jonathan Suter; Ryan Kelly; Mart Oostrom
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Micro and nano devices in passive millimetre wave imaging systems
Author(s): R. Appleby
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Towards airborne nanoparticle mass spectrometry with nanomechanical string resonators
Author(s): Silvan Schmid; Maksymilian Kurek; Anja Boisen
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Antenna coupled detectors for 2D staring focal plane arrays
Author(s): Michael A. Gritz; Borys Kolasa; Brian Lail; Robert Burkholder; Leonard Chen
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Diffraction limit investigation with sub-wavelength pixels
Author(s): A. Bergeron; M. Terroux; L. Marchese; D. Dufour; L. Le Noc; C. Chevalier
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Raman and photothermal spectroscopies for explosive detection
Author(s): Eric Finot; Thibault Brulé; Padmnabh Rai; Aurélien Griffart; Alexandre Bouhélier; Thomas Thundat
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Data analysis of multi-laser standoff spectral identification of chemical and biological compounds
Author(s): R. Farahi; V. Zaharov; L. Tetard; T. Thundat; A. Passian
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Ion irradiation effects on electric properties of hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin films
Author(s): Shin-ichiro Sato; Takeshi Ohshima
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Effects of x-ray and gamma-ray irradiation on the optical properties of quantum dots immobilized in porous silicon
Author(s): Girija Gaur; Dmitry Koktysh; Daniel M. Fleetwood; Robert A. Reed; Robert A. Weller; Sharon M. Weiss
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Nonlinear-optical up and down frequency-converting backward-wave metasensors and metamirrors
Author(s): Alexander K. Popov; Igor S. Nefedov; Sergey A. Myslivets; Mikhail I. Shalaev; Vitaly V. Slabko
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Effects of radiation-induced defects on the charge collection efficiency of a silicon carbide particle detector
Author(s): Naoya Iwamoto; Shinobu Onoda; Takahiro Makino; Takeshi Ohshima; Kazutoshi Kojima; Shinji Nozaki
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Subwavelength resonant nanostructured films for sensing
Author(s): K. J. Alvine; B. E. Bernacki; J. D. Suter; W. D. Bennett; D. J. Edwards; A. Mendoza
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Development of a versatile lab-on-a-chip enzyme assay platform for pathogen detection in CBRNE scenarios
Author(s): Richard Klemm; Sebastian Schattschneider; Tobias Jahn; Nadine Hlawatsch; Sandra Julich; Holger Becker; Claudia Gärtner
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Radiation detection with CdTe quantum dots in sol-gel glass and polymer nanocomposites
Author(s): Kavin Manickaraj; Brent K. Wagner; Zhitao Kang
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Solution-based photodetectors for monolithically integrated low-cost short-wave infrared focal plane arrays
Author(s): Emre Heves; Huseyin Kayahan; Yasar Gurbuz
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