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Ocean Sensing and Monitoring V
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Volume Number: 8724
Date Published: 10 June 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8724
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
State-of-the-art tools for next-generation underwater optical imaging systems
Author(s): Linda Mullen; Shawn O'Connor; Brandon Cochenour; Fraser Dalgleish
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Polarimetric imaging of underwater targets
Author(s): Alex Gilerson; Carlos Carrizo; Alberto Tonizzo; Amir Ibrahim; Ahmed El-Habashi; Robert Foster; Samir Ahmed
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Experimental validation of an undersea free space laser network simulator in turbid coastal conditions
Author(s): David Rashkin; Fraser Dalgleish; Ionut Cardei; Bing Ouyang; Anni Vuorenkoski; Mihaela Cardei
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Measurements of turbulent dissipation during the Bahamas Optical Turbulence Experiment
Author(s): Silvia Matt; Weilin Hou; Sarah Woods; Ewa Jarosz; Wesley Goode; Alan Weidemann
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Characterization of optical communication in a leader-follower unmanned underwater vehicle formation
Author(s): Firat Eren; Shachak Pe'eri; May-Win Thein
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Using computer vision to analyze the images obtained from ocean mapping
Author(s): Irene Fernandez Florez
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Multiuser sonar watermarking and detection in an underwater acoustic channel
Author(s): Bijan G. Mobasseri; Robert S. Lynch; David Andiario
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Effect of surface roughness on lidar overlap function
Author(s): James H. Churnside
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CZMIL (coastal zone mapping and imaging lidar): from first flights to first mission through system validation
Author(s): Viktor I. Feygels; Joong Yong Park; Jennifer Wozencraft; Jennifer Aitken; Christopher Macon; Abhinav Mathur; Andy Payment; Vinod Ramnath
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Sea floor classification with satellite data and airborne lidar bathymetry
Author(s): H. Michael Tulldahl; Petra Philipson; Hans Kautsky; Sofia A. Wikström
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Circulation on the continental shelf within the Mississippi Bight
Author(s): Stephan D. Howden; Amy Kern
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In situ laser sensing of mixed layer turbulence
Author(s): Fraser Dalgleish; Weilin Hou; Anni Vuorenkoski; Gero Nootz; Bing Ouyang
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Assimilation of bio-optical properties into coupled physical, bio-optical coastal model
Author(s): Igor Shulman; Sergey Frolov; Stephanie Anderson; Brad Penta; Rick Gould; Peter Sakalaukus; Sherwin Ladner
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On the eigenvalue analysis using HH-VV dual-polarization SAR data and its applications to monitoring of coastal oceans
Author(s): Mitsunobu Sugimoto; Kazuo Ouchi; Chan-Su Yang
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Estimating oil layer thickness: a vibrational spectroscopic approach
Author(s): Lance E. Besaw; Gregory F. S. Hewitt; John W. Haas; Neal E. Van Wyck; Ryan A. Langlois; David W. Sweeten
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Colombian ocean waves and coasts modeled by special functions
Author(s): Simón Duque Tisnés
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Evaluating VIIRS ocean color products for west coast and Hawaiian waters
Author(s): Curtiss O. Davis; Nicholas Tufillaro; Jasmine Nahorniak; Burton Jones; Robert Arnone
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Analyzing radiometric requirements for diurnal observations of coastal/oceanic waters from geostationary orbits
Author(s): Nima Pahlevan; Zhongping Lee; Chuanmin Hu; John R. Schott
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Evaluation of VIIRS ocean color data using measurements from the AERONET-OC sites
Author(s): Samir Ahmed; Alex Gilerson; Soe Hlaing; Ioannis Ioannou; Menghua Wang; Alan Weidemann; Robert A. Arnone
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Bathymetry estimations using vicariously calibrated HICO data
Author(s): David Lewis; Richard W. Gould Jr.; Alan Weidemann; Sherwin Ladner; Zhongping Lee
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Improved monitoring of bio-optical processes in coastal and inland waters using high spatial resolution channels on SNPP-VIIRS sensor
Author(s): Ryan A. Vandermeulen; Robert Arnone; Sherwin Ladner; Paul Martinolich
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Neural network approach for the derivation of chlorophyll concentration from ocean color
Author(s): Ioannis Ioannou; Robert Foster; Alex Gilerson; Barry Gross; Fred Moshary; Sam Ahmed
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Monitoring bio-optical processes using NPP-VIIRS and MODIS-Aqua ocean color products
Author(s): Robert Arnone; Sherwin Ladner; Giulietta Fargion; Paul Martinolich; Ryan Vandermeulen; Jennifer Bowers; Adam Lawson
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Improvements of satellite SST retrievals at full swath
Author(s): Walton McBride; Robert Arnone; Jean-François Cayula
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VIIRS-derived SST at the Naval Oceanographic Office: from evaluation to operation
Author(s): Jean-François P. Cayula; Douglas A. May; Bruce D. McKenzie; Keith D. Willis
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OSI-SAF operational NPP/VIIRS sea surface temperature chain
Author(s): Pierre Le Borgne; Gérard Legendre; Anne Marsouin; Sonia Péré; Hervé Roquet
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Evaluation and selection of SST regression algorithms for S-NPP VIIRS
Author(s): B. Petrenko; A. Ignatov; Y. Kihai
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Reduction of stripe noise in ACSPO clear-sky radiances and SST
Author(s): Marouan Bouali; Alexander Ignatov
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Evaluating calibration of MODIS thermal emissive bands using infrared atmospheric sounding interferometer measurements
Author(s): Yonghong Li; Aisheng Wu; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Terra and Aqua MODIS on-orbit spectral characterization for reflective solar bands
Author(s): Taeyoung (Jason) Choi; Xiaoxiong (Jack) Xiong; Zhipeng Wang; Daniel Link
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Simultaneous measurement of temperature and pressure sensor for oceanography using Bragg gratings
Author(s): I. V. Anudeep Kumar Reddy; P. Saidi Reddy; G. R. C. Reddy; R. L. N. Sai Prasad; A. V. Narasimha Dhan; K. Sandeepkumar; Sanjeev Afzulpurkar
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Spectral stability of the Libya 4 site using EO-1 Hyperion
Author(s): Taeyoung (Jason) Choi; Xiaoxiong (Jack) Xiong; Amit Angal; Gyanesh Chander
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Design of integrated ship monitoring system using SAR, RADAR, and AIS
Author(s): Chan-Su Yang; Tae-Ho Kim; Danbee Hong; Hyung-Wook Ahn
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Long-term band-to-band calibration stability of MODIS thermal emissive bands
Author(s): B. N. Wenny; X. Xiong; S. Madhavan; A. Wu; Y. Li
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Sea surface signature of tropical cyclones using microwave remote sensing
Author(s): Bumjun Kil; Derek Burrage; Joel Wesson; Stephan Howden
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