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Sensing Technologies for Global Health, Military Medicine, and Environmental Monitoring III
Editor(s): Šárka O. Southern
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Volume Number: 8723
Date Published: 6 June 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8723
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The oral-systemic connection: role of salivary diagnostics
Author(s): Daniel Malamud
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Computing Tutte polynomials of contact networks in classrooms
Author(s): Doracelly Hincapié; Juan Ospina
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The proteome of human saliva
Author(s): Timothy J. Griffin
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Salivary proteome as an in vivo model to study breast cancer progression
Author(s): Charles F. Streckfus
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Emerging technologies for oral diagnostics: lessons from chronic graft-versus-host disease
Author(s): Jacqueline W. Mays; Kiran S. Ambatipudi; Carol W. Bassim; James E. Melvin
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Traumatic brain injury in modern war
Author(s): Geoffrey S. F. Ling; Jason Hawley; Jamie Grimes; Christian Macedonia; James Hancock; Michael Jaffee; Todd Dombroski; James M. Ecklund
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Cleveland Clinic intelligent mouthguard: a new technology to accurately measure head impact in athletes and soldiers
Author(s): Adam Bartsch; Sergey Samorezov
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Systems biomarkers as acute diagnostics and chronic monitoring tools for traumatic brain injury
Author(s): Kevin K. W. Wang; Ahmed Moghieb; Zhihui Yang; Zhiqun Zhang
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A review of glutamate's role in traumatic brain injury mechanisms
Author(s): Cameron H. Good
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Circulating exosomes as new biomarkers for brain disease and injury
Author(s): Michael W. Graner; Laura M. Epple; Nathaniel L. Dusto; Alex M. Lencioni; Meheret Nega; Matthew Herring; Ben Winston; Helen Madsen; Lynne T. Bemis; Thomas J. Anchordoquy
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High-altitude physiology: lessons from Tibet
Author(s): Peter D. Wagner; Tatum S. Simonson; Guan Wei; Harrieth Wagner; Tanna Wuren; Ma Yan; Ga Qin; Rili Ge
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Exercise science: research to sustain and enhance performance
Author(s): Jonathan E. Wingo
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Energy-aware activity classification using wearable sensor networks
Author(s): Bo Dong; Alexander Montoye; Rebecca Moore; Karin Pfeiffer; Subir Biswas
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Continuous, real-time bioimaging of chemical bioavailability and toxicology using autonomously bioluminescent human cell lines
Author(s): Tingting Xu; Dan M. Close; James D. Webb; Sarah L. Price; Steven A. Ripp; Gary S. Sayler
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Peptide-mediated cellular delivery of semiconductor quantum dots
Author(s): Kelly Boeneman Gemmill; Markus Muttenthaler; James Delehanty; Jeff Deschamps; Kimihiro Susumu; Michael Stewart; Philip Dawson; Alan Huston; Igor Medintz
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SdAb heterodimer formation using leucine zippers
Author(s): Ellen R. Goldman; George P. Anderson; P. Audrey Brozozog-Lee; Dan Zabetakis
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Liquid intake monitoring through breathing signal using machine learning
Author(s): Bo Dong; Subir Biswas
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Determination of soil ionic concentration using impedance spectroscopy
Author(s): Gunjan Pandey; Ratnesh Kumar; Robert J. Weber
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Discrimination of airborne material particles from light scattering (TAOS) patterns
Author(s): Giovanni F. Crosta; Yong-Le Pan; Gorden Videen; Kevin B. Aptowicz; Richard K. Chang
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Assessing satellite AOD based and WRF/CMAQ output PM2.5 estimators
Author(s): Lina Cordero; Yonghua Wu; Barry M. Gross; Fred Moshary
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Optical remote sensing a potential tool for forecasting malaria in Orissa, India
Author(s): Mohammad Nizamuddin; Kawsar Akhand; Leonid Roytman; Felix Kogan; Mitch Goldberg
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Application of the diffusion-convection equation to modeling the infection by histoplasma-capsulatum
Author(s): Sergio A. Jaime
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Processing of medical images using Maple
Author(s): V. Toro Betancur
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The toxic effects of flame retardants: a gene expression study in elucidating their carcinogenicity
Author(s): Mary Vagula; Ali Al-Dhumani; Sajaad Al-Dhumani; Alexandra Mastro
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Study of effects of radio-wave frequency radiation emitted from cellular telephones on embryonic development of danio rerio
Author(s): Mary Vagula; Ryan Harkless
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Refining environmental satellite data using a statistical approach
Author(s): Md. Z. Rahman; Leonid Roytman; Abdel Hamid Kadik
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Generalized mathematical-computational-electronic model of MPTP- induced Parkinsonism
Author(s): Daniela Jaramillo Raquejo
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Bioinspired polarization navigation sensor for autonomous munitions systems
Author(s): G. C. Giakos; T. Quang; T. Farrahi; A. Deshpande; C. Narayan; S. Shrestha; Y. Li; M. Agarwal
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Polymer nanostructure materials for space defense applications
Author(s): G. C. Giakos; T. Farrahi; C. Narayan; S. Shrestha; T. Quang; D. Bandopadhayay; A. Karim; Y. Li; A. Deshpande; D. Pingili
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Integrative paradigms bridging defense and bioscience
Author(s): S. Shrestha; G. C. Giakos; A. Deshpande; T. Quang; Chaya Narayan; Tannaz Farrahi; Y. Li; J. Petermann; A. Blinzler; S. Marotta
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