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Smart Biomedical and Physiological Sensor Technology X
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Volume Number: 8719
Date Published: 6 June 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8719
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Developing a cell-based sensor for the detection of Autoinducer-2
Author(s): Matthew D. Servinsky; Katherine Germane; Elliot S. Gerlach; Chen-Yu Tsao; Christopher M. Byrd; Christian J. Sund; William E. Bentley
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Biodiscovery of aluminum binding peptides
Author(s): Bryn L. Adams; Deborah A. Sarkes; Amethist S. Finch; Margaret M. Hurley; Dimitra Stratis-Cullum
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Prediction of protein-peptide interactions: application of the XPairIt API to anthrax lethal factor and substrates
Author(s): Margaret M. Hurley; Michael S. Sellers
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From microfluidic modules to an integrated Lab-on-a-chip system for the detection of Francisella tularensis
Author(s): Nadine Hlawatsch; Marco Krumbholz; Anna Prüfer; Christian Moche; Holger Becker; Claudia Gärtner
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Effect of surface structuring onto the efficiency of the in- and out-coupling of light from a chip in Lab-on-a-chip approaches with optical detection
Author(s): Ines Frese; Rainer Gransee
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Purification of Bacillus thuringiensis DNA with polymer-based, microfluidic lab-on-a-chip systems
Author(s): Sandra Julich; Nadine Hlawatsch; Rok Kopinc; Ales Lapanje; Herbert Tomaso
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Microchannel impedance for quasi Newtonian fluids with spatial modulated viscosity
Author(s): Tatiana Tabares Medina
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Cylindrical matrix device with a circular release area with inhomogeneous diffusivity
Author(s): Carlos Alfredo Cuartas Velez
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Lignin and silicate based hydrogels for biosensor applications
Author(s): S. L. Burrs; S. Jairam; D. C. Vanegas; Z. Tong; E. S. McLamore
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Biocompatible hydrogel membranes for the protection of RNA aptamer-based electrochemical sensors
Author(s): Lauren R. Schoukroun-Barnes; Samiullah Wagan; Juan Liu; Jennie B. Leach; Ryan J. White
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Utilizing metalized fabrics for liquid and rip detection and localization
Author(s): Stephen A. Holland; Cody A. Mahan; Michael J. Kuhn; Nathan C. Rowe
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Non-invasive mechanical properties estimation of embedded objects using tactile imaging sensor
Author(s): Firdous Saleheen; Vira Oleksyuk; Amrita Sahu; Chang-Hee Won
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Ambulatory EEG NeuroMonitor platform for engagement studies of children with development delays
Author(s): Ruhi Mahajan; Sergi Consul-Pacareu; Mohammed Abusaud; Md N. Sahadat; Bashir I. Morshed
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Remote sensing of heart rate using millimeter-wave interferometry and probabilistic interpolation
Author(s): Ilya V. Mikhelson; Sasan Bakhtiari; Thomas W. Elmer II; Shaolin Liao; Alan V. Sahakian
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Non-invasive microsensors for studying cell/tissue physiology
Author(s): D. C. Vanegas; M. Taguchi; P. Chaturvedi; S. Burrs; E. S. McLamore
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A multiplexing fiber optic microsensor system for monitoring oxygen concentration in plants
Author(s): P. Chaturvedi; B. A. Hauser; L H. Allen; K J. Boote; E. Karplus; E. S. McLamore
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Towards a modular, robust, and portable sensing platform for biological and point of care diagnostics
Author(s): Amethist S. Finch; Justin R. Bickford; Marvin A. Conn; Matthew B. Coppock; Deborah A. Sarkes; Dimitra N. Stratis-Cullum
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Tunable graphene-based SPR sensors
Author(s): Ergun Simsek
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Development and characterization of two-photon fluorescent mini-emulsion nanoparticles for targeted cancer drug delivery
Author(s): Suproteem K. Sarkar; Lian Li; Marina V. Backer; Joseph M. Backer; Jayant Kumar
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Bifunctional gold nanoparticles for targeted dual imaging of angiotensin converting enzyme
Author(s): William E. Ghann; Young-Seung Kim; Su Xu; Xin Lu; Mark F. Smith; Rao Gullapalli; Thorsten Fleiter; Martin W. Brechbiel; Marie-Christine Daniel
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Acousto-optical imagers for chemical and biological detection: growth and characterization of Hg2Cl2-xBrx crystals
Author(s): N. B. Singh; Milton Gottlieb; Dennis Suhre; Tahira Raja; Bradley Arnold; Mohan Singh; David Machuga
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Hyperspectral imaging system to discern malignant and benign canine mammary tumors
Author(s): Amrita Sahu; Cushla McGoverin; Nancy Pleshko; Karin Sorenmo; Chang-Hee Won
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Near-infrared photoacoustic diagnostics in biomedicine: analysis of thermal safety and light-tissue interactions
Author(s): Taylor Gould; Quanzeng Wang; Do-Hyun Kim; Joshua Pfefer
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Characterization and application of 3D-printed phantoms for biophotonic imaging
Author(s): Jianting Wang; James Coburn; Chia-Pin Liang; Nicholas Woolsey; Du Le; Jessica Ramella-Roman; Yu Chen; Joshua Pfefer
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Evaluation of endogenous species involved in brain tumors using multiphoton photoacoustic spectroscopy
Author(s): Sudhir Dahal; Brian M. Cullum
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