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Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems and Applications X
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Volume Number: 8713
Date Published: 14 June 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8713
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Gadget: a new model for tactical manned reconnaissance
Author(s): Bekir Arapsun; Adem Bora
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A wireless sensor network design and implementation for vehicle detection, classification, and tracking
Author(s): A. Aljaafreh; A. Al Assaf
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Advanced metal mirror processing for tactical ISR systems
Author(s): John P. Schaefer
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Cost-effective multispectral three-mirrors anastigmat sensor for high-performance surveillance applications using electroformed free-form mirrors
Author(s): M. Rossi; R. Banham; D. Blandino; G. Borghi; I. Ferrario; R. Formaro; W. Glage; N. Missaglia; S. Moretti; I. Neil; A. Ritucci; A. Sposito; V. Syvokin; G. Valsecchi; P. Zago; F. E. Zocchi
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Gimbal system configurations and line-of-sight control techniques for small UAV applications
Author(s): Rick Miller; Greg Mooty; J. M. Hilkert
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A lightweight and wide-swath UAV camera for high-resolution surveillance missions
Author(s): T. Van Achteren; B. Delauré; J. Everaerts; N. Lewyckyj; B. Michiels
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LaserCom in UAS missions: benefits and operational aspects
Author(s): Wolfgang Griethe; Frank Heine; Lester L. Begg; Detao Du
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An autonomous surveillance system for blind sources localization and separation
Author(s): Sean Wu; Raghavendra Kulkarni; Srikanth Duraiswamy
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A long-wave infrared hyperspectral sensor for Shadow class UAVs
Author(s): P. G. Lucey; Jason T. Akagi; John L. Hinrichs; S. T. Crites; R. Wright
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Novel compact airborne platform for remote sensing applications using the Hyper-Cam infrared hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Caroline S. Turcotte; Eldon Puckrin; Françoys Aube; Vincent Farley; Simon Savary; Martin Chamberland
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Low-light NV-CMOS image sensors for day/night imaging
Author(s): T. Vogelsong; J. Tower; T. Senko; P. Levine; J. Janesick; J. Zhu; D. Zhang; G. van der Wal; M. Piacentino
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The capability of time- and frequency-domain algorithms for bistatic SAR processing
Author(s): Viet T. Vu; Thomas K. Sjögren; Mats I. Pettersson
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Another possibility to focus moving targets by normalized relative speed in UWB SAR
Author(s): Viet T. Vu; Thomas K. Sjögren; Mats I. Pettersson
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Validating a UAV artificial intelligence control system using an autonomous test case generator
Author(s): Jeremy Straub; Justin Huber
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Real-time focal-plane wavefront sensing for compact imaging phased-array telescopes: numerical and experimental demonstration
Author(s): B. Denolle; F. Cassaing; J. Montri; J. Lisowski; J. P. Amans
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Computational imaging for aberrated optics (CIAO): experimental results
Author(s): Robert E. Saperstein; Eliseo Ranalli; Patrick Mock; Anis Husain
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ATCOM: accelerated image processing for terrestrial long-range imaging through atmospheric effects
Author(s): Petersen F. Curt; Aaron Paolini
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A comparison of the mean square error performance of speckle and MFBD image reconstruction techniques under anisoplanatic long-horizontal-path imaging
Author(s): Glen E. Archer; Jeremy P. Bos; Michael C. Roggemann
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A comparative analysis of dynamic range compression techniques in IR images for maritime applications
Author(s): Alessandro Rossi; Nicola Acito; Marco Diani; Cristian Luison; Monica Olivieri; Gianni Barani
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An estimation algorithm of the multispectral image geometric transformation parameters based on multiple reference area tracking
Author(s): Boris Alpatov; Valery Strotov
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OREOS: a new EO-IR modeling and simulation tool for U.S. Coast Guard search and rescue applications
Author(s): Sarah E. Lane; C. Spencer Nichols; Alan M. Thomas; J. Michael Cathcart
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Situational awareness investigation using tracking and enhancement of imagery with highly dynamic lighting conditions
Author(s): Andrey V. Kanaev; Christopher W. Miller; Collin J. Seanor; Jeremy Murray-Krezan
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Parallax visualization plug-in toolset for pursuer WAMI data
Author(s): Christopher A. Mayhew; Craig M. Mayhew; Mark B. Forgues
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Meta-image navigation augmenters for unmanned aircraft systems (MINA for UAS)
Author(s): Koray Ҫelik; Arun K. Somani; Bernard Schnaufer; Patrick Y. Hwang; Gary A. McGraw; Jeremy Nadke
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Density estimation in aerial images of large crowds for automatic people counting
Author(s): Christian Herrmann; Juergen Metzler
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Electronic image stabilization algorithms based on flight characteristics of the small UAV
Author(s): Sijie Liu; Hongying Zhao; Lu Wang; Ying Mai
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A method of intentional movement estimation of oblique small-UAV videos stabilized based on homography model
Author(s): Shiyi Guo; Ying Mai; Hongying Zhao; Pengqi Gao
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Cognitive video quality analysis
Author(s): Darrell L. Young; Charles Li
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Real-time video image quality estimation supports enhanced tracker performance
Author(s): John M. Irvine; Richard J. Wood
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Motion adaptive signal integration-high dynamic range (MASI-HDR) video processing for dynamic platforms
Author(s): Michael R. Piacentino; David C. Berends; David C. Zhang; Eduardo Gudis
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3D target tracking using a pan and tilt stereovision system
Author(s): Moulay A. Akhloufi; Ayann Regent; Rivonala Ssosse
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Reliable ISR algorithms for a very-low-power approximate computer
Author(s): Ross S. Eaton; Jonah C. McBride; Joseph Bates
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Real-time low-power neuromorphic hardware for autonomous object recognition
Author(s): Deepak Khosla; Yang Chen; David J. Huber; Darrel J. Van Buer; Kyungnam Kim; Shinko Y. Cheng
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An integrated multitarget tracking system for interacting target scenarios
Author(s): Hongwei Mao; Glen P. Abousleman; Jennie Si
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Object detection and tracking under planar constraints
Author(s): Qiang He; Chee-Hung Henry Chu; Aldo Camargo
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Efficient parallel implementation of real-time airborne target tracking system on heterogeneous multicore SoC
Author(s): Xiang Gao; Hongwei Mao; Eric Munson; Glen P. Abousleman; Jennie Si
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Solution space exploration of volumetric surveillance using a general taxonomy
Author(s): Naeem Ahmad; Muhammad Imran; Khursheed Khursheed; Najeem Lawal; Mattias O'Nils
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