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Biometric and Surveillance Technology for Human and Activity Identification X
Editor(s): Ioannis Kakadiaris; Walter J. Scheirer; Laurence G. Hassebrook
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Volume Number: 8712
Date Published: 4 June 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8712
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A novel hand-type detection technique with fingerprint sensor
Author(s): Narishige Abe; Takashi Shinzaki
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Security analysis for fingerprint fuzzy vaults
Author(s): Jesse Hartloff; Maxwell Bileschi; Sergey Tulyakov; Jimmy Dobler; Atri Rudra; Venu Govindaraju
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Performance characterization of structured light-based fingerprint scanner
Author(s): Laurence G. Hassebrook; Minghao Wang; Raymond C. Daley
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Privacy information management for video surveillance
Author(s): Ying Luo; Sen-ching S. Cheung
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Eyebrow segmentation using active shape models
Author(s): Karen Hollingsworth; Samuel Clark; Joseph Thompson; Patrick J. Flynn; Kevin W. Bowyer
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Encoding and selecting features for boosted multispectral face recognition: matching SWIR versus color
Author(s): Sirisha Boothapati; Natalia A. Schmid
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Using crypts as iris minutiae
Author(s): Feng Shen; Patrick J. Flynn
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Automatic detection of non-cosmetic soft contact lenses in ocular images
Author(s): Gizem Erdogan; Arun Ross
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Securing iris recognition systems against masquerade attacks
Author(s): Javier Galbally; Marta Gomez-Barrero; Arun Ross; Julian Fierrez; Javier Ortega-Garcia
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Gaze estimation for off-angle iris recognition based on the biometric eye model
Author(s): Mahmut Karakaya; Del Barstow; Hector Santos-Villalobos; Joseph Thompson; David Bolme; Christopher Boehnen
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The relationship between 2D static features and 2D dynamic features used in gait recognition
Author(s): Hamad M. Alawar; Hassan Ugail; Mumtaz Kamala; David Connah
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Investigating gait recognition in the short-wave infrared (SWIR) spectrum: dataset and challenges
Author(s): Brian DeCann; Arun Ross; Jeremy Dawson
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Palm vein for efficient person recognition based on 2D Gabor filter
Author(s): Jixing Wang; Yuqing He; Jiadan Zhu; Xinru Gao; Yongsheng Cui
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Effects of mascara on iris recognition
Author(s): James S. Doyle; Patrick J. Flynn; Kevin W. Bowyer
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A red-eye detector for iris segmentation using shape context
Author(s): Changpeng Ti; Xinyu Huang; Alade Tokuta; Ruigang Yang
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Ear recognition: a complete system
Author(s): Ayman Abaza; Mary Ann F. Harrison
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An efficient visualization method for analyzing biometric data
Author(s): Mark Rahmes; Mike McGonagle; J. Harlan Yates; Ronda Henning; Jay Hackett
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Secure voice-based authentication for mobile devices: vaulted voice verification
Author(s): R. C. Johnson; Walter J. Scheirer; Terrance E. Boult
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How reliable are your visual attributes?
Author(s): W. J. Scheirer; N. Kumar; V. N. Iyer; P. N. Belhumeur; T. E. Boult
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Local gradient Gabor pattern (LGGP) with applications in face recognition, cross-spectral matching, and soft biometrics
Author(s): Cunjian Chen; Arun Ross
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Color constancy in 3D-2D face recognition
Author(s): Manuel Meyer; Christian Riess; Elli Angelopoulou; Georgios Evangelopoulos; Ioannis A. Kakadiaris
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The impact of specular highlights on 3D-2D face recognition
Author(s): Vincent Christlein; Christian Riess; Elli Angelopoulou; Georgios Evangelopoulos; Ioannis Kakadiaris
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ASIE: application-specific image enhancement for face recognition
Author(s): E. Bilgazyev; U. Kurkure; S. K. Shah; I. A. Kakadiaris
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