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Sensors, and Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3I) Technologies for Homeland Security and Homeland Defense XII
Editor(s): Edward M. Carapezza
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Volume Number: 8711
Date Published: 13 June 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8711
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Real-time algorithms for human versus animal classification using a pyroelectric sensor
Author(s): Jakir Hossen; Eddie Jacobs; Srikant Chari
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Applying matching pursuit decomposition time-frequency processing to UGS footstep classification
Author(s): Brett W. Larsen; Hugh Chung; Alfonso Dominguez; Jacob Sciacca; Narayan Kovvali; Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola; David R. Allee
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Optimization of phase mask-based iris imaging system through the optical characteristics
Author(s): Yu-qing He; Jia-qi Li; Jing Pan; Ying-jiao Li
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Angular dependence of source-target-detector in active mode standoff infrared detection
Author(s): Leonardo C. Pacheco-Londoño; John R. Castro-Suarez; Joaquín A. Aparicio-Bolaños; Samuel P. Hernández-Rivera
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A multi-band spectral subtraction-based algorithm for real-time noise cancellation applied to gunshot acoustics
Author(s): António L. L. Ramos; Sverre Holm; Sigmund Gudvangen; Ragnvald Otterlei
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The multipath propagation effect in gunshot acoustics and its impact on the design of sniper positioning systems
Author(s): António L. L. Ramos; Sverre Holm; Sigmund Gudvangen; Ragnvald Otterlei
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Recognition and localization of relevant human behavior in videos
Author(s): Henri Bouma; Gertjan Burghouts; Leo de Penning; Patrick Hanckmann; Johan-Martijn ten Hove; Sanne Korzec; Maarten Kruithof; Sander Landsmeer; Coen van Leeuwen; Sebastiaan van den Broek; Arvid Halma; Richard den Hollander; Klamer Schutte
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Small battery operated unattended radar sensor for security systems
Author(s): Thomas J. Plummer; Stephen Brady; Robert Raines
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Swot analysis of using aerostats for surveillance in counter terrorism
Author(s): Hüseyin Çetin
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OptaSense distributed acoustic and seismic sensing using COTS fiber optic cables for infrastructure protection and counter terrorism
Author(s): Gregory L. Duckworth; Emery M. Ku
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Assessment of risks of EMI for personal medical electronic devices (PMEDs) from emissions of millimeter-wave security screening systems
Author(s): Donald Witters; Howard Bassen; Joshua Guag; Bisrat Addissie; Nickolas LaSorte; Hazem Rafai
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Dynamic data-driven sensor network adaptation for border control
Author(s): Doina Bein; Bharat B. Madan; Shashi Phoha; Sarah Rajtmajer; Anna Rish
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PLASMA-field barrier sentry (PFBS)
Author(s): Ernesto A. Gonzaga; Harold James Cossette
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Adaptive sequential methods for detecting network intrusions
Author(s): Xinjia Chen; Ernest Walker
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Automated night/day standoff detection, tracking, and identification of personnel for installation protection
Author(s): Brian E. Lemoff; Robert B. Martin; Mikhail Sluch; Kristopher M. Kafka; William McCormick; Robert Ice
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Robust and compact infrared video motion stabilization for long-range surveillance
Author(s): Kenji Tashiro; William D. Reynolds Jr.
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Robotic disaster recovery efforts with ad-hoc deployable cloud computing
Author(s): Jeremy Straub; Ronald Marsh; Atif F. Mohammad
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Estimation of target size using two passive infrared sensors
Author(s): Thyagaraju Damarla; James M. Sabatier
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Searching social networks for subgraph patterns
Author(s): Kirk Ogaard; Sue Kase; Heather Roy; Rakesh Nagi; Kedar Sambhoos; Moises Sudit
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Power line field sensing to support autonomous navigation of small unmanned aerial vehicles
Author(s): John Matthews; Leonid Bukshpun; Ranjit Pradhan
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Cost and effectiveness analysis on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) use at border security
Author(s): Bahadır Yilmaz
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Directional antenna array (DAA) for communications, control, and data link protection
Author(s): Pavlo A. Molchanov; Vincent M. Contarino
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Modeling emergent border-crossing behaviors during pandemics
Author(s): Eunice E. Santos; Eugene Santos Jr.; John Korah; Jeremy E. Thompson; Qi Gu; Keum Joo Kim; Deqing Li; Jacob Russell; Suresh Subramanian; Yuxi Zhang; Yan Zhao
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StunRay technology: nonlethal weapons for law enforcement, homeland security, and anti-piracy
Author(s): Carlton W. Carroll
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Development of an intercom: an undergraduate case study
Author(s): J. Alejandro Betancur; Gilberto Osorio; Francisco Cardona
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ZnO nanowire growth and characterization for UV detection and imaging applications
Author(s): Abdiel Rivera; M. Anas Mazady; John Zeller; Mehdi Anwar; Tariq Manzur; Ashok Sood
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Near-marine boundary layer atmospheric and turbulence measurement and modeling
Author(s): Tariq Manzur; John Zeller; Eric Magee
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Electron dynamics for uncooled MWIR SiC detector for digital imaging
Author(s): John Zeller; Geunsik Lim; Tariq Manzur; Aravinda Kar
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