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Detection and Sensing of Mines, Explosive Objects, and Obscured Targets XVIII
Editor(s): J. Thomas Broach; Jason C. Isaacs
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Volume Number: 8709
Date Published: 13 June 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8709
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Toward a real-time positioning system for a portable EMI sensor
Author(s): Juan Pablo Fernández; Benjamin Barrowes; Kevin O'Neill; Irma Shamatava; Fridon Shubitidze
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The Pedemis Instrument: operation and APG field results
Author(s): Benjamin E. Barrowes; Tomasz M. Grzegorczyk; Fridon Shibitidze; Pablo Fernández; Kevin O'Neill
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Automatic classification of unexploded ordnance applied to Spencer Range live site for 5x5 TEMTADS sensor
Author(s): John B. Sigman; Benjamin E. Barrowes; Kevin O'Neill; Fridon Shubitidze
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Spencer Range live-site portable EMI sensors target classification
Author(s): I. Shamatava; J. P. Fernández; B. E. Barrowes; K. O'Neill; F. Shubitidze
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A new EMI system for detection and classification of challenging targets
Author(s): F. Shubitidze; J. P. Fernández; B. E. Barrowes; K. O'Neill
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Target-classification approach applied to active UXO sites
Author(s): F. Shubitidze; J. P. Fernández; Irma Shamatava; B. E. Barrowes; K. O'Neill
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Transmitter power efficiency of broadband CW electromagnetic induction sensors
Author(s): Waymond R. Scott Jr.
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Buried explosive hazard characterization using advanced magnetic and electromagnetic induction sensors
Author(s): Jonathan S. Miller; Gregory Schultz; Vishal Shah
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In-field quality control of advanced electromagnetic induction data for munitions remediation projects
Author(s): Jonathan S. Miller; Barry Zelt; David Lutes
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Optimized coils for electromagnetic induction systems
Author(s): Mark A. Reed; Waymond R. Scott Jr.
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Location and continuous orientation estimation of buried targets using tensor extraction
Author(s): Kyle Krueger; Waymond R. Scott Jr.; James H. McClellan
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Operational field evaluation of the PAC-MAG man-portable magnetometer array
Author(s): Joe Keranen; Zeke Topolosky; Gregory Schultz; Jonathan Miller
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Constant phase uniform current loop for detection of metallic objects using longitudinal magnetic field projection
Author(s): Daniel C. Heinz; Adam W. Melber; Michael L. Brennan
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Computational analysis of detectability metrics from an EMI sensor for target detection and discrimination
Author(s): Isaac Chappell II; Robert Kraig; Howard Last
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Unsupervised domain transfer of latent Dirichlet allocation derived representations from synthetic aperture sonar imagery
Author(s): Jason C. Isaacs
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Multi-image texton selection for sonar image seabed co-segmentation
Author(s): J. Tory Cobb; Alina Zare
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Electromagnetic packable technology (EMPACT) for detection and characterization of ordnance in post-conflict areas
Author(s): Gregory Schultz; Jonathan Miller; Joe Keranen
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Deployment of dual-sensor ALIS for humanitarian demining in Cambodia
Author(s): M. Sato; K. Takahashi
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Stand-off detection of explosives vapors by resonance-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Ida Johansson; Ema Ceco; Anneli Ehlerding; Henric Östmark
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Infrared photothermal imaging of trace explosives on relevant substrates
Author(s): Christopher A. Kendziora; Robert Furstenberg; Michael Papantonakis; Viet Nguyen; James Borchert; Jeff Byers; R. Andrew McGill
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Low-power stimulated emission nuclear quadrupole resonance detection system utilizing Rabi transitions
Author(s): John Apostolos; William Mouyos; Judy Feng; Walter Chase
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Fast and sensitive recognition of various explosive compounds using Raman spectroscopy and principal component analysis
Author(s): Joonki Hwang; Aaron Park; Jin Hyuk Chung; Namhyun Choi; Jun-Qyu Park; Soo Gyeong Cho; Sung-June Baek; Jaebum Choo
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Standoff detection of explosive molecules using nanosecond gated Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Jin Hyuk Chung; Soo Gyeong Cho
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Construction of a ultrananocrystalline diamond-based cold cathode arrays for a flat-panel x-ray source
Author(s): E. J. Grant; C. M. Posada; R. Divan; A. V. Sumant; D. Rosenmann; L. Stan; A. Avachat; C. H. Castano; H. K. Lee
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A vehicle threat detection system using correlation analysis and synthesized x-ray images
Author(s): Yufeng Zheng; Adel Elmaghraby
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Quasi-static high-resolution magnetic-field detection based on dielectric optical resonators
Author(s): Tindaro Ioppolo; Edoardo Rubino
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Detection of tunnel excavation using fiber optic reflectometry: experimental validation
Author(s): Raphael Linker; Assaf Klar
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The development of an 'on-belt tomosynthesis' system for cost-effective (3D) baggage screening
Author(s): S. Kolokytha; Robert Speller; Stuart Robson
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Modeling of currents induced in linear conducting objects located at a dielectric interface
Author(s): Scott E. Irvine; Pradiv Sooriyadevan
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Polarimetric antenna for ground penetrating radar based on the resistive-vee dipole
Author(s): James W. Sustman; Waymond R. Scott Jr.
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Millimeter-wave detection of landmines
Author(s): Hilmi Öztürk; Hakki Nazli; Korkut Yeğin; Emrullah Biçak; Mehmet Sezgin; Mahmut Dağ; Bahattin Turetken
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A parametric analysis of time and frequency domain GPR scattering signatures from buried landmine-like targets
Author(s): F. Giovanneschi; M. A. Gonzalez-Huici; U. Uschkerat
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Optical detection of buried explosive hazards: a longitudinal comparison of three types of imagery
Author(s): James J. Staszewski; Charles H. Hibbitts; Luke Davis; James Bursley
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Comparison of broadband and hyperspectral thermal infrared imaging of buried threat objects
Author(s): John E. McFee; Steve B. Achal; Alejandra U. Diaz; Anthony A. Faust
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A broadband field portable reflectometer to characterize soils and chemical samples
Author(s): Eldon Puckrin; Louis Moreau; Hugo Bourque; Real Ouellet; Florent Prel; Claude Roy; Christian Vallieres; Guillaume Theriault
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Thermal inertia mapping of below ground objects and voids
Author(s): Nancy K. Del Grande; Brian M. Ascough; Richard L. Rumpf
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Buried target detection in FLIR images using Shearlet features
Author(s): Brian Tuomanen; Kevin Stone; Timothy Madison; Mihail Popescu; James Keller
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Using evolutionary computation to optimize an SVM used in detecting buried objects in FLIR imagery
Author(s): Alex Paino; Mihail Popescu; James M. Keller; Kevin Stone
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Automatic detection system for buried explosive hazards in FL-LWIR based on soft feature extraction using a bank of Gabor energy filters
Author(s): Stanton R. Price; Derek T. Anderson; Robert H. Luke; Kevin Stone; James M. Keller
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Moving beyond flat earth: dense 3D scene reconstruction from a single FL-LWIR camera
Author(s): K. Stone; J. M. Keller; D. T. Anderson
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A novel framework for processing forward looking infrared imagery with application to buried threat detection
Author(s): Jordan M. Malof; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.; Leslie M. Collins; Peter A. Torrione
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Sparse model inversion and processing of spatial frequency-domain electromagnetic induction sensor array data for improved landmine discrimination
Author(s): Stacy L. Tantum; Kenneth A. Colwell; Waymond R. Scott Jr.; Peter A. Torrione; Leslie M. Collins; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.
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Landmine classification using possibilistic K-nearest neighbors with wideband electromagnetic induction data
Author(s): J. Dula; A. Zare; Dominic Ho; P. Gader
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Sweep detection and alignment in handheld GPR detection devices
Author(s): Peter J. Dobbins; Joseph N. Wilson; Jeremy Bolton
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Detection of shallow buried objects using an autoregressive model on the ground penetrating radar signal
Author(s): Daniel P. Nabelek; K. C. Ho
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Evaluation of landmine detection performance applying two different algorithms to GPR field data
Author(s): Roi Mendez-Rial; U. Uschkerat; F. I. Rial; Maria A. Gonzalez-Huici
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A run packing technique for multiple sensor fusion
Author(s): Taylor Glenn; Brandon Smock; Joseph Wilson; Paul Gader
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Multiple instance hidden Markov models for GPR-based landmine detection
Author(s): Achut Manandhar; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.; Leslie M. Collins; Peter A. Torrione
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Multiple instance learning for hidden Markov models: application to landmine detection
Author(s): Jeremy Bolton; Seniha Esen Yuksel; Paul Gader
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Robust entropy-guided image segmentation for ground detection in GPR
Author(s): J. Roberts; Y. Shkolnikov; J. Varsanik; T. Chevalier
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GPR preprocessing optimization with signal-to-clutter metrics
Author(s): Jonathan S. Varsanik; John W. Roberts; Timothy W. Chevalier; Adam D. Mulliken
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Application of image categorization methods for buried threat detection in GPR data
Author(s): Rayn T. Sakaguchi; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.; Leslie M. Collins; Peter A. Torrione
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Embedding the multiple instance problem: applications to landmine detection with ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Jeremy Bolton; Paul Gader; Hichem Frigui
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