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Window and Dome Technologies and Materials XIII
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Volume Number: 8708
Date Published: 10 June 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8708
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Scale up of large ALON windows
Author(s): Lee M. Goldman; Sreeram Balasubramanian; Uday Kashalikar; Robyn Foti; Suri Sastri
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Transparent ceramics for sensor applications
Author(s): Mark V. Parish; Marina R. Pascucci; Normand Corbin; Brenda Puputti
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Large-size spinel windows and domes
Author(s): Juan L. Sepulveda; Raouf O. Loutfy; Sharly Ibrahim; Simon Bilodeau
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Manufacturing process scale-up of optical grade transparent spinel ceramic at ArmorLine Corporation
Author(s): Joseph Spilman; John Voyles; Joseph Nick; Lawrence Shaffer
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Assessment of low-expansion tungstates for thermal-shock-resistant infrared windows
Author(s): Daniel C. Harris; Lee Cambrea
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Transparent ceramics for spacecraft windows
Author(s): Jonathan A. Salem
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Multi-functional windows
Author(s): Nagendra Nag; Lee M. Goldman; Sreeram Balasubramanian; Suri Sastri
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Synthesis and characterization of large optical grade sapphire windows produced from a horizontal growth process
Author(s): Jonathan B. Levine; Timothy Burks; John Ciraldo; Matthew Montgomery; Andrey Novoselov; Sergey Podlozhenov
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New gelling systems to fabricate complex-shaped transparent ceramics
Author(s): Yan Yang; Yiquan Wu
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Advancements in MWIR window materials and structures
Author(s): M. E. Thomas; W. J. Tropf
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Transparent zinc sulfide processed from nanocrystalline powders
Author(s): De Gao; Todd S. Stefanik
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Infrared-transmitting glass-ceramics: a review
Author(s): John S. McCloy; Brian J. Riley; David A. Pierce; Bradley R. Johnson; Amy Qiao
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Challenges of developing hemispherical ZnS domes coated with a durable anti-reflection coating
Author(s): S. Joseph; D. Yadlovker; E. Kassous; A. Levi; O. Marcovich; A. Shinman; H. Zipin
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Recent advancements in anti-reflective surface structures (ARSS) for near- to mid-infrared optics
Author(s): Catalin M. Florea; Lynda E. Busse; Shyam S. Bayya; Brandon Shaw; Ish D. Aggarwal; Jas S. Sanghera
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Performance measurements of infrared windows with surface structures providing broadband wide-angle antireflective properties
Author(s): Byron Zollars; Steve Savoy; Qizhen Xue; Jeremy John; Kyle Hoover; Gabriel Elpers; Roger Wood
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ZnS/diamond composite coatings for infrared transmission applications formed by the aerosol deposition method
Author(s): Scooter D. Johnson; Fritz J. Kub; Charles R. Eddy Jr.
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Design of uniform window heating structures for electro-optical systems
Author(s): Matthew W. Pieratt; Sean Carney; Melissa Stout; Douglas L. Hibbard; Gregory Miller
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Spinel domes with integrated electromagnetic interference protection
Author(s): Todd Heil; Greg Slavik; Alex Smith; Jeffrey Kutsch; Lynda Renomeron; Igor Vesnovsky; Al LaRoche; Larry Fehrenbacher; Mark Somers; Joseph McLellan; Brian Mayers
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Electromagnetic sensing for deterministic finishing gridded domes
Author(s): Stephen L. Galbraith
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Multimodal characterization of transparent dome blanks
Author(s): J. Scott Steckenrider; Jojit Torcedo; Jeffrey Kutsch
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Ultrasonic processing of hard materials for conformal optics
Author(s): Edward Fess; Rob Bechtold; Mike Bechtold; Frank Wolfs
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Deterministic manufacturing of large sapphire windows
Author(s): Teddy Lambropoulus; Ed Fess; Scott DeFisher
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Freeform and conformal optical manufacturing
Author(s): Scott DeFisher; Edward Fess; Frank Wolfs
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Interferometric tomography metrology of conformal optics
Author(s): Mikhail Gutin; Olga Gutin; Xu-Ming Wang; Dennis Ehlinger
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Advances in freeform optics fabrication for conformal window and dome applications
Author(s): Jessica DeGroote Nelson; Alan Gould; Nathan Smith; Kate Medicus; Michael Mandina
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Recent advances in high-performance window fabrication
Author(s): James B. Taylor; Richard Boland; Edward Gowac; Paul Stupik; Marc Tricard
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Patterning and hardening of gold black infrared absorber by shadow mask deposition with ethyl cyanoacrylate
Author(s): Deep Panjwani; Nima Nader-Esfahani; Doug Maukonen; Imen Rezadad; Javaneh Boroumand; Evan Smith; Janardan Nath; R. E. Peale
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