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Nanosensors, Biosensors, and Info-Tech Sensors and Systems 2013
Editor(s): Vijay K. Varadan
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Volume Number: 8691
Date Published: 30 April 2013

Table of Contents
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Development of sensing techniques for weaponry health monitoring
Author(s): Eugene Edwards; Paul B. Ruffin; Ebonee A. Walker; Christina L. Brantley
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Moving technologies from the test tube to commercial products
Author(s): Robert G. Bryant
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Wireless health monitoring helmet for football players to diagnose concussion and track fatigue
Author(s): Sechang Oh; Prashanth Shyam Kumar; Hyeokjun Kwon; Pratyush Rai; Mouli Ramasamy; Vijay K. Varadan
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Smart real-time cardiac diagnostic sensor systems for football players and soldiers under intense physical training
Author(s): Prashanth S. Kumar; Sechang Oh; Hyeokjun Kwon; Pratyush Rai; Vijay K. Varadan
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Micromotion-induced dynamic effects from a neuron probe and brain tissue interface
Author(s): Michael Polanco; Hargsoon Yoon; Sebastian Bawab
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Motion artifact removal algorithm by ICA for e-bra: a women ECG measurement system
Author(s): Hyeokjun Kwon; Sechang Oh; Vijay K. Varadan
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Flexible paper transistor made with ZnO-cellulose hybrid nano-composite for electronic applications
Author(s): Hyun-u Ko; Gwang-Hoon Kim; Sang-Yeol Yang; Jaehwan Kim; Joo-Hyung Kim
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Fault detection in word-level nanoICs using vector Boolean derivatives
Author(s): Samuel C. Lee; Fadhil Aula
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Logic design of word-level 3D, 2-dot QCA nanoICs
Author(s): Samuel C. Lee; Loyd Hook IV; Fadhil T. Aula
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Overcoming obstacles to creating complex MEMS platforms: parallels with the semiconductor and computer design industries
Author(s): Lesley Shannon
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Fabrication of nano-island structures and application to solar cells
Author(s): Ilwoo Seok; Jordan Falls; Shivan Haran
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Bio-inspired design: nonlinear digital pixels for multiple-tier processes
Author(s): Orit Skorka; Alireza Mahmoodi; Jing Li; Dileepan Joseph
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Polyimide neural probe for chronic sensing of neural activity and micro-positioning
Author(s): Courtney S. Smith; Darryl W. Scott; Min H. Kim; Larry D. Sanford; Kyo D. Song; Hargsoon Yoon
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Development of magneto-impedance microsensors for the detection of deep-lying defects using eddy current testing
Author(s): Tao Peng; Johan Moulin; Yann Le Bihan; Francisco Alves
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Conformal printing of sensors on 3D and flexible surfaces using aerosol jet deposition
Author(s): Tyler Blumenthal; Vincent Fratello; Giovanni Nino; Keith Ritala
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Particle based conductive silver ink customized for ink jet printing on cellulose electro-active paper
Author(s): Mohammad Abu Hasan Khondoker; Seong Cheol Mun; Jaehwan Kim
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Development of thermoelectric inks for the fabrication of printable thermoelectric generators used in mobile wearable health monitoring systems
Author(s): Jungmin Lee; Hyun Jung Kim; Linfeng Chen; Sang H. Choi; Gyanesh N. Mathur; Vijay K. Varadan
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Synthesis and properties of cellulose functionalized -4, 4’-(propane-2, 2’-diyl) diphenol-SiO2/TiO2 hybrid nanocomposites materials for high performance applications
Author(s): Sivalingam Ramesh; Gwang-Hoon Kim; Heung-Soo Kim; Jaehwan Kim; Joo-Hyung Kim
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3D RF integration at VTT
Author(s): Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä
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Electromagnetic characteristics of Polyaniline/SWCNT composites
Author(s): Brahmanandam Javvaji; D. Roy Mahapatra; S. Raha
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Strain measurements on scattered, highly oriented CNTs
Author(s): Sebastian Geier; Thorsten Mahrholz; Johannes Riemenschneider; Peter Wierach; Michael Sinapius
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Synthesis and electrochemical properties of spinel lithium manganese oxides for lithium ion batteries
Author(s): Gaojun Wang; Linfeng Chen; Gyanesh N. Mathur; Vijay K. Varadan
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Electrical and electromechanical behaviors of ZnO-cellulose hybrid nanocomposites
Author(s): Seongcheol Mun; Lindong Zhai; Byung-Woo Kang; Jaehwan Kim
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Study of the electrochemical properties of magnetite, maghemite and hematite nanoparticles for their applications in lithium ion batteries
Author(s): Linfeng Chen; Gaojun Wang; Jining Xie; Pratyush Rai; Jungmin Lee; Gyanesh N. Mathur; Vijay K. Varadan
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Visualization of interior structures with nanoscale resolution using ultrasonic-atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Dong Ryul Kwak; Sun Hee Kim; Ik Keun Park; Judith A. Todd; Chiaki Miyasaka
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Hybrid nanocomposites made with cellulose and ZnO nanoparticles and its biosensing application
Author(s): Sang-Dong Jang; Mohammad Maniruzzaman; Gyu-Young Yun; Jaehwan Kim
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Fabrication of CZTS-based thin film solar cells using all-solution processing and pulsed light crystallization
Author(s): Carson Munn; Shivan Haran; Ilwoo Seok
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Nanoscale imaging of mesh size distribution in gel engineering materials with visual scanning microscopic light scattering
Author(s): Yosuke Watanabe; M. Hasnat Kabir; Jin Gong; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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Characterization of shape memory gels using scanning microscopic light scattering
Author(s): M. Hasnat Kabir; Yosuke Watanabe; Jin Gong; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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Modelling of the structure-property relationships in the α-quartz structures
Author(s): Yongtao Yao; Kim Alderson; Andrew Alderson; Jinsong Leng
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A novel nano-scaled force sensor based on silicon photonic crystal
Author(s): Tianlong Li; Longqiu Li; Wenping Song; Guangyu Zhang; Yao Li
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Analysis of nano-indentation test for polycrystalline materials by modified strain gradient theory
Author(s): Bong-Bu Jung; Hyun-Chul Park
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Hardware efficient seizure prediction algorithm
Author(s): Sergi Consul; Bashir I. Morshed; Robert Kozma
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The model of random signals generated by optical particle counter and the instrument improvement
Author(s): Zhengang Yan; Baomin Bian; Keding Yan; Chunyong Wang; Zhenhua Li
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Front Matter: Volume 8691
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