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Image Processing: Machine Vision Applications VI
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Volume Number: 8661
Date Published: 12 March 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8661
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A polynomial phase-shift algorithm for high precision three-dimensional profilometry
Author(s): Fuqin Deng; Chang Liu; Wuifung Sze; Jiangwen Deng; Kenneth S. M. Fung; Edmund Y. Lam
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High-temperature dual-band thermal imaging by means of high-speed CMOS camera system
Author(s): W. Hauer; G. Zauner
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A state observer for using a slow camera as a sensor for fast control applications
Author(s): Reinhard Gahleitner; Martin Schagerl
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Multiple-level patch-based object tracking using MLBP-based integral histogram
Author(s): Jirui Yuan; Karen Egiazarian
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Periodicity estimation of nearly regular textures based on discrepancy norm
Author(s): Gernot Stübl; Peter Haslinger; Volkmar Wieser; Josef Scharinger; Bernhard Moser
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Gradient feature matching for in-plane rotation invariant face sketch recognition
Author(s): Ann Theja Alex; Vijayan K. Asari; Alex Mathew
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An iris segmentation algorithm based on edge orientation for off-angle iris recognition
Author(s): Mahmut Karakaya; Del Barstow; Hector Santos-Villalobos; Christopher Boehnen
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Dense sampling of shape interiors for improved representation
Author(s): Vittal Premachandran; Ramakrishna Kakarala
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Efficient defect detection with sign information of Walsh Hadamard transform
Author(s): Qiang Zhang; Peter van Beek; Chang Yuan; Xinyu Xu; Hae-jong Seo; Baoxin Li
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Improving the performance of interest point detectors with contrast stretching functions
Author(s): Prabakar K. Gunashekhar; Bahadir K. Gunturk
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Object detection using feature-based template matching
Author(s): Simone Bianco; Marco Buzzelli; Raimondo Schettini
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Touch sensing analysis using multi-modal acquisition system
Author(s): Jeffrey S. King; Dragan Pikula; Zachi Baharav
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Structural deformation measurement via efficient tensor polynomial calibrated electro-active glass targets
Author(s): Christoph Gugg; Matthew Harker; Paul O'Leary
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Machine vision system for the control of tunnel boring machines
Author(s): Michael Habacher; Paul O'Leary; Matthew Harker; Johannes Golser
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Eliminating illumination effects by discrete cosine transform (DCT) coefficients' attenuation and accentuation
Author(s): Shan Du; Mohamed Shehata; Wael Badawy; Choudhury A. Rahman
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Non-rigid ultrasound image registration using generalized relaxation labeling process
Author(s): Jong-Ha Lee; Yeong Kyeong Seong; MoonHo Park; Kyoung-Gu Woo; Jeonghun Ku; Hee-Jun Park
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Mammogram CAD, hybrid registration and iconic analysis
Author(s): A. Boucher; F. Cloppet; N. Vincent
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Neutron imaging for geothermal energy systems
Author(s): Philip Bingham; Yarom Polsky; Lawrence Anovitz
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Wave front distortion based fluid flow imaging
Author(s): Emishaw Iffa; Wolfgang Heidrich
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Autonomous ship classification using synthetic and real color images
Author(s): Deniz Kumlu; B. Keith Jenkins
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Fast and flexible 3D object recognition solutions for machine vision applications
Author(s): Ira Effenberger; Jens Kühnle; Alexander Verl
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Low complexity smile detection technique for mobile devices
Author(s): Valeria Tomaselli; Mirko Guarnera; Claudio Domenico Marchisio; Simone Moro
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Density-induced oversampling for highly imbalanced datasets
Author(s): Daniel Fecker; Volker Märgner; Tim Fingscheidt
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Coherent image layout using an adaptive visual vocabulary
Author(s): Scott E. Dillard; Michael J. Henry; Shawn Bohn; Luke J. Gosink
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Shape recognition for capacitive touch display
Author(s): I. Guarneri; A. Capra; G. M. Farinella; S. Battiato
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An elliptic phase-shift algorithm for high speed three-dimensional profilometry
Author(s): Fuqin Deng; Zhao Li; Jia Chen; Jiangwen Deng; Kenneth S. M. Fung; Edmund Y. Lam
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An incompressible fluid flow model with mutual information for MR image registration
Author(s): Leo Tsai; Herng-Hua Chang
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Improved skin detection method by iteratively eliminating pseudo-skin colors through combined skin filter
Author(s): Oh-Yeol Kwon; Kyung-Ah Kim; Sung-Il Chien
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A modified hierarchical graph cut based video segmentation approach for high frame rate video
Author(s): Xuezhang Hu; Sumit Chakravarty; Qi She; Boyu Wang
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Power and execution performance tradeoffs of GPGPU computing: a case study employing stereo matching
Author(s): Sarala Arunagiri; Jaime Jaloma; Ricardo Portillo; Arturo Argueta
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An efficient algorithm for food quality control based on multispectral signatures
Author(s): Juan C. Valdiviezo-N.; Gonzalo Urcid; Carina Toxqui; Alfonso Padilla; Cesar Santiago
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Bottle inspector based on machine vision
Author(s): C. Toxqui-Quitl; J. Cardenas-Franco; A. Padilla-Vivanco; J. Valdiviezo-Navarro
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Defect inspection technology for a gloss-coated surface using patterned illumination
Author(s): Tsuyoshi Nagato; Takashi Fuse; Tetsuo Koezuka
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A semi-automatic annotation tool for cooking video
Author(s): Simone Bianco; Gianluigi Ciocca; Paolo Napoletano; Raimondo Schettini; Roberto Margherita; Gianluca Marini; Giorgio Gianforme; Giuseppe Pantaleo
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Intensity and color descriptors for texture classification
Author(s): Claudio Cusano; Paolo Napoletano; Raimondo Schettini
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