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Visualization and Data Analysis 2013
Editor(s): Pak Chung Wong; David L. Kao; Ming C. Hao; Chaomei Chen
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Volume Number: 8654
Date Published: 18 January 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8654
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
An interactive visual testbed system for dimension reduction and clustering of large-scale high-dimensional data
Author(s): Jaegul Choo; Hanseung Lee; Zhicheng Liu; John Stasko; Haesun Park
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Multi-focus and multi-level techniques for visualization and analysis of networks with thematic data
Author(s): Michele Cossalter; Ole J. Mengshoel; Ted Selker
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Visual analytics of cyber physical data streams using spatio-temporal radial pixel visualization
Author(s): M. Hao; M. Marwah; S. Mittelstaedt; H. Janetzko; D. Keim; U. Dayal; C. Bash; C. Felix; C. Patel; M. Hsu; Y. Chen; M. Hund
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Exploring large scale time-series data using nested timelines
Author(s): Zaixian Xie; Matthew O. Ward; Elke A. Rundensteiner
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Visibility-difference entropy for automatic transfer function generation
Author(s): Philipp Schlegel; Renato Pajarola
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Coherent view-dependent streamline selection for importance-driven flow visualization
Author(s): Jun Ma; Chaoli Wang; Ching-Kuang Shene
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Single-pass GPU-raycasting for structured adaptive mesh refinement data
Author(s): Ralf Kaehler; Tom Abel
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Multi-user smartphone-based interaction with large high-resolution displays
Author(s): Lynn Nguyen; Jürgen Schulze
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Stereo frame decomposition for error-constrained remote visualization
Author(s): Steven Martin; Han-Wei Shen
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Why high performance visual data analytics is both relevant and difficult
Author(s): E. Wes Bethel; Prabhat Prabhat; Suren Byna; Oliver Rübel; K. John Wu; Michael Wehner
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Three-dimensional volume analysis of vasculature in engineered tissues
Author(s): Mohammed YousefHussien; Kelley Garvin; Diane Dalecki; Eli Saber; María Helguera
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3D surface reconstruction and visualization of the Drosophila wing imaginal disc at cellular resolution
Author(s): Linge Bai; Thomas Widmann; Frank Jülicher; Christian Dahmann; David Breen
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Visual exploration and analysis of human-robot interaction rules
Author(s): Hui Zhang; Michael J. Boyles
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Emotion scents: a method of representing user emotions on GUI widgets
Author(s): Daniel Cernea; Christopher Weber; Achim Ebert; Andreas Kerren
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Visual analysis of situationally aware building evacuations
Author(s): Jack Guest; Todd Eaglin; Kalpathi Subramanian; William Ribarsky
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Improving projection-based data analysis by feature space transformations
Author(s): Matthias Schaefer; Leishi Zhang; Tobias Schreck; Andrada Tatu; John A. Lee; Michel Verleysen; Daniel A. Keim
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Does interactive animation control improve exploratory data analysis of animated trend visualization?
Author(s): Felwa A. Abukhodair; Bernhard E. Riecke; Halil I. Erhan; Chris D. Shaw
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iMap: a stable layout for navigating large image collections with embedded search
Author(s): Chaoli Wang; John P. Reese; Huan Zhang; Jun Tao; Robert J. Nemiroff
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uVis Studio: an integrated development environment for visualization
Author(s): Kostas Pantazos; Mohammad A. Kuhail; Soren Lauesen; Shangjin Xu
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Interactive visual comparison of multimedia data through type-specific views
Author(s): Russ Burtner; Shawn Bohn; Debbie Payne
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Evaluating multivariate visualizations on time-varying data
Author(s): Mark A. Livingston; Jonathan W. Decker; Zhuming Ai
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Multi-focus and multi-window techniques for interactive network exploration
Author(s): Priya Krishnan Sundarararajan; Ole J. Mengshoel; Ted Selker
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Effective color combinations in isosurface visualization
Author(s): Sussan Einakian; Timothy S. Newman
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Web tools for rapid experimental visualization prototyping
Author(s): Jonathan W. Decker; Mark A. Livingston
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Time-based user-movement pattern analysis from location-based social network data
Author(s): Huey Ling Chuan; Isaraporn Kulkumjon; Surbhi Dangi
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Visualizing vascular structures in virtual environments
Author(s): Thomas Wischgoll
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A combined multidimensional scaling and hierarchical clustering view for the exploratory analysis of multidimensional data
Author(s): Paul Craig; Néna Roa-Seïler
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Visualization of decision processes using a cognitive architecture
Author(s): Mark A. Livingston; Arthi Murugesan; Derek Brock; Wende K. Frost; Dennis Perzanowski
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Vortex core timelines and ribbon summarizations: flow summarization over time and simulation ensembles
Author(s): Alexis Y. L. Chan; Joohwi Lee; Russell M. Taylor II
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X3DBio2: A visual analysis tool for biomolecular structure comparison
Author(s): Hong Yi; Sidharth Thakur; Latsavongsakda Sethaphong; Yaroslava G. Yingling
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Improvement of web-based data acquisition and management system for GOSAT validation lidar data analysis
Author(s): Hiroshi Okumura; Shoichiro Takubo; Takeru Kawasaki; Indra Nugraha Abdullah; Osamu Uchino; Isamu Morino; Tatsuya Yokota; Tomohiro Nagai; Tetsu Sakai; Takashi Maki; Kohei Arai
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Optimizing threshold for extreme scale analysis
Author(s): Robert Maynard; Kenneth Moreland; Utkarsh Atyachit; Berk Geveci; Kwan-Liu Ma
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Perceptualization of geometry using intelligent haptic and visual sensing
Author(s): Jianguang Weng; Hui Zhang
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Review of chart recognition in document images
Author(s): Yan Liu; Xiaoqing Lu; Yeyang Qin; Zhi Tang; Jianbo Xu
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