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Image Quality and System Performance X
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Volume Number: 8653
Date Published: 18 January 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8653
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A no-reference quality assessment algorithm for JPEG2000-compressed images based on local sharpness
Author(s): Phong V. Vu; Damon M. Chandler
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Measurement and protocol for evaluating video and still stabilization systems
Author(s): Etienne Cormier; Frédéric Cao; Frédéric Guichard; Clément Viard
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Hyperspectral image quality for unmixing and subpixel detection applications
Author(s): John P. Kerekes; Daniel S. Goldberg
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Acceptable bit-rates for human face identification from CCTV imagery
Author(s): Anastasia Tsifouti; Sophie Triantaphillidou; Efthimia Bilissi; Mohamed-Chaker Larabi
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Visual acuity and task-based video quality in public safety applications
Author(s): Joel Dumke
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Evaluation of biological effect on luminance of stereoscopic displays
Author(s): Kyosuke Takahashi; Toshiya Nakaguchi; R. Okamoto; I. Shimoyama; Y. Miyake
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Three factors that influence the overall quality of the stereoscopic 3D content: image quality, comfort, and realism
Author(s): Raluca Vlad; Patricia Ladret; Anne Guérin
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Performance evaluation of HD camcorders: measuring texture distortions using Gabor filters and spatio-velocity CSF
Author(s): Kongfeng Zhu; Dietmar Saupe
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Evaluation of differences in quality of experience features for test stimuli of good-only and bad-only overall audiovisual quality
Author(s): Dominik Strohmeier; Kristina Kunze; Klemens Göbel; Judith Liebetrau
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Contrast sensitivity and discrimination of complex scenes
Author(s): S. Triantaphillidou; J. Jarvis; G. Gupta
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Grouping strategies to improve the correlation between subjective and objective image quality data
Author(s): Silvia Corchs; Francesca Gasparini; Raimondo Schettini
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Adapting the ISO 20462 softcopy ruler method for online image quality studies
Author(s): Peter D. Burns; Jonathan B. Phillips; Don Williams
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A line-based HDR sensor simulator for motion artifact prediction
Author(s): Donald Baxter
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On the spectral quality of scanner illumination with LEDs
Author(s): Chengwu Cui
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Refined measurement of digital image texture loss
Author(s): Peter D. Burns
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F-MAD: a feature-based extension of the most apparent distortion algorithm for image quality assessment
Author(s): Punit Singh; Damon M. Chandler
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An algorithm for no-reference image quality assessment based on log-derivative statistics of natural scenes
Author(s): Yi Zhang; Damon M. Chandler
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On the analysis of wavelet-based approaches for print grain artifacts
Author(s): Ahmed H. Eid; Brian E. Cooper; Edward E. Rippetoe
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A general approach for assessment of print quality
Author(s): Xiaochen Jing; Steve Astling; Renee Jessome; Eric Maggard; Terry Nelson; Mark Shaw; Jan P. Allebach
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Verification of proposed ISO methods to measure resolution capabilities of printing systems
Author(s): Milena Cisarova; Marius Pedersen; Peter Nussbaum; Frans Gaykema
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Assessment of presence of isolated periodic and aperiodic bands in laser electrophotographic printer output
Author(s): Jia Zhang; Stephen Astling; Renee Jessome; Eric Maggard ; Terry Nelson; Mark Shaw; Jan P. Allebach
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Printing artificial sweat using ink jet printers for the test set generation in forensics: an image quality assessment of the reproducibility of the printing results
Author(s): Mario Hildebrandt; Jennifer Sturm; Jana Dittmann
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Figure of merit for macrouniformity based on image quality ruler evaluation and machine learning framework
Author(s): Weibao Wang; Gary Overall; Travis Riggs; Rebecca Silveston-Keith; Julie Whitney; George Chiu; Jan P. Allebach
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Wavelet-based figure of merit for macro-uniformity
Author(s): Xing Liu; Gary Overall; Travis Riggs; Rebecca Silveston-Keith; Julie Whitney; George Chiu; Jan Allebach
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Generation of PDF with vector symbols from scanned document
Author(s): Ilya V. Kurilin; Ilia V. Safonov; Michael N. Rychagov; Hokeun Lee; Sang Ho Kim; Donchul Choi
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Qualification process of CR system and quantification of digital image quality
Author(s): P. Garnier; L. Hun; J. Klein; C. Lemerle
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Minimum image quality assessment based on saliency maps: a human visual approach
Author(s): João Barreira; Maximino Bessa; Luís Magalhães
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Challenges of an automated spectral responsivity characterization system
Author(s): Greg McKee
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