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Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XVIII
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Volume Number: 8651
Date Published: 26 March 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8651
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
World, environment, Umwelt, and innerworld: a biological perspective on visual awareness
Author(s): Jan J. Koenderink
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Does evolution favor true perceptions?
Author(s): Donald D. Hoffman; Manish Singh; Justin Mark
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Mapping luminance onto lightness in vision and art
Author(s): Alan Gilchrist
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Human lightness perception is guided by simple assumptions about reflectance and lighting
Author(s): Richard F. Murray
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Spatial imaging in color and HDR: Prometheus unchained
Author(s): John J. McCann
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Visual stimuli: past and present
Author(s): Gerald Westheimer
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Emergent technologies: 25 years
Author(s): Hawley K. Rising III
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Perceptual approaches to finding features in data
Author(s): Bernice E. Rogowitz
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Is image quality a function of contrast perception?
Author(s): Andrew M. Haun; Eli Peli
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Visible contrast energy metrics for detection and discrimination
Author(s): Albert J. Ahumada; Andrew B. Watson
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Initial spatio-temporal domain expansion of the Modelfest database
Author(s): Thom Carney; Sahar Mozaffari; Sean Sun; Ryan Johnson; Sharonya Shrivastava; Priscilla Shen; Emma Ly
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A database of local masking thresholds in natural images
Author(s): Md Mushfiqul Alam; Kedarnath P. Vilankar; Damon M. Chandler
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Interplay between JPEG-2000 image coding and quality estimation
Author(s): Guilherme O. Pinto; Sheila S. Hemami
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From image quality to atmosphere experience: how evolutions in technology impact experience assessment
Author(s): Ingrid Heynderickx; Huib de Ridder
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Preference limits of the visual dynamic range for ultra high quality and aesthetic conveyance
Author(s): Scott Daly; Timo Kunkel; Xing Sun; Suzanne Farrell; Poppy Crum
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Quantifying image quality in graphics: perspective on subjective and objective metrics and their performance
Author(s): Rafał K. Mantiuk
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Visualizing lighting with images: converging between the predictive value of renderings and photographs
Author(s): Ulrich Engelke; Mariska G. M. Stokkermans; Michael J. Murdoch
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A survey on 3D quality of experience and 3D quality assessment
Author(s): Anush K. Moorthy; Alan C. Bovik
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Visual quality beyond artifact visibility
Author(s): Judith A. Redi
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Subjective matters: from image quality to image psychology
Author(s): Elena A. Fedorovskaya; Huib De Ridder
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The rough side of texture: texture analysis through the lens of HVEI
Author(s): Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas
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Optimizing visual performance by adapting images to observers
Author(s): Michael A. Webster; Igor Juricevic
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Efficient image representations and features
Author(s): Michael Dorr; Eleonora Vig; Erhardt Barth
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Highly overcomplete sparse coding
Author(s): Bruno A. Olshausen
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Blind image quality assessment without training on human opinion scores
Author(s): Anish Mittal; Rajiv Soundararajan; Gautam S. Muralidhar; Alan C. Bovik; Joydeep Ghosh
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Saliency identified by absence of background structure
Author(s): Fred W. M. Stentiford
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Investigation of eye-catching colors using eye tracking
Author(s): Mokryun Baik; Hyeon-Jeong Suk; Jeongmin Lee; Kyungah Choi
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Can relative skill be determined from a photographic portfolio?
Author(s): Abhishek Agrawal; Vittal Premachandran; Rajesh Somavarapu; Ramakrishna Kakarala
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Binocular eye movements in health and disease
Author(s): Christopher W. Tyler
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Reflexive and voluntary control of smooth eye movements
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Mulligan; Scott B. Stevenson; Lawrence K. Cormack
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Simple gaze-contingent cues guide eye movements in a realistic driving simulator
Author(s): Laura Pomarjanschi; Michael Dorr; Peter J. Bex; Erhardt Barth
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Designing an obstacle display for helicopter operations in degraded visual environment
Author(s): Patrizia M. Knabl; Niklas Peinecke
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Visual storytelling in 2D and stereoscopic 3D video: effect of blur on visual attention
Author(s): Quan Huynh-Thu; Cyril Vienne; Laurent Blondé
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Using natural versus artificial stimuli to perform calibration for 3D gaze tracking
Author(s): Christophe Maggia; Nathalie Guyader; Anne Guérin-Dugué
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Study of center-bias in the viewing of stereoscopic image and a framework for extending 2D visual attention models to 3D
Author(s): Junle Wang; Matthieu Perreira Da Silva; Patrick Le Callet; Vincent Ricordel
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How visual attention is modified by disparities and textures changes?
Author(s): Dar'ya Khaustova; Jérome Fournier; Emmanuel Wyckens; Olivier Le Meur
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Copy-paste in depth
Author(s): Maarten W. A. Wijntjes
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Drawing accuracy measured using polygons
Author(s): Linda Carson; Matthew Millard; Nadine Quehl; James Danckert
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Fractals in art and nature: why do we like them?
Author(s): Branka Spehar; Richard P Taylor
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Picture perception and visual field
Author(s): Andrea J. van Doorn; Huib de Ridder; Jan Koenderink
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Measurements of achromatic and chromatic contrast sensitivity functions for an extended range of adaptation luminance
Author(s): Kil Joong Kim; Rafal Mantiuk; Kyoung Ho Lee
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Viewer preferences for adaptive playout
Author(s): Sachin Deshpande
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The effect of familiarity on perceived interestingness of images
Author(s): Sharon Lynn Chu; Elena Fedorovskaya; Francis Quek; Jeffrey Snyder
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Quantifying patterns of dynamics in eye movement to measure goodness in organization of design elements in interior architecture
Author(s): Hasti Mirkia; Arash Sangari; Mark Nelson; Amir H. Assadi
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Development of a human vision simulation camera and its application: implementation of specific color perception
Author(s): Hiroshi Okumura; Shoichiro Takubo; Shoichi Ozaki; Takeru Kawasaki; Indra Nugraha Abdullah; Kohei Arai; Osamu Fukuda
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IMF-based chaotic characterization of AP and ML visually-driven postural responses
Author(s): Hanif Azhar; Guillaume Giraudet; Jocelyn Faubert
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Application of imaging technology for archaeology researches: framework design for connectivity analysis in pieces of Jomon pottery
Author(s): Kimiyoshi Miyata; Ryota Yajima; Kenichi Kobayashi
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Top-down visual search in Wimmelbild
Author(s): Julia Bergbauer; Sibel Tari
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Visual discrimination and adaptation using non-linear unsupervised learning
Author(s): Sandra Jiménez; Valero Laparra; Jesus Malo
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Chromatic induction and contrast masking: similar models, different goals?
Author(s): Sandra Jiménez; Xavier Otazu; Valero Laparra; Jesús Malo
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Aesthetics and entropy II: a critical examination
Author(s): M. R. V. Sahyun
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