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Complex Light and Optical Forces VII
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Volume Number: 8637
Date Published: 11 April 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8637
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Light in a twist: optical angular momentum
Author(s): Miles J. Padgett
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Intensity correlation between fractional incoherent vortices
Author(s): A. J. Jesus-Silva; J. M. Hickmann; E. J. S. Fonseca
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Imaging optical singularities: Understanding the duality of C-points and optical vortices
Author(s): Enrique J. Galvez; Brett L. Rojec; Kevin R. McCullough
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Directions in optical angular momentum
Author(s): Matt M. Coles; David L. Andrews
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Self-trapping and back-action effects in hollow photonic crystal cavity optical traps
Author(s): Nicolas Descharmes; Ulagalandha Perumal Dharanipathy; Zhaolu Diao; Mario Tonin; Romuald Houdré
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Calculation of the force acting on a micro-sized particle with optical vortex array laser beam tweezers
Author(s): Chun-Fu Kuo; Shu-Chun Chu
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Complete azimuthal decomposition of optical fields
Author(s): A. Dudley; I. Litvin; F. S Roux; A. Forbes
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Spatial principal states and vortex modes in optical fiber for communications
Author(s): Daniel A. Nolan; Giovanni Milione; Robert R. Alfano
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Optical manipulation, beam-shaping and scanner-free bright-field and dark-field imaging via multimode optical fibre
Author(s): Tomáš Čižmár; Kishan Dholakia
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The role of propagation invariant light modes in single and multi-photon imaging
Author(s): T. Vettenburg; H. I. C. Dalgarno; T. Čižmár; K. Dholakia
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Efficient formation of extended line intensity patterns using matched-filtering generalized phase contrast
Author(s): Andrew Bañas; Darwin Palima; Thomas Aabo; Jesper Glückstad
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MEMS axicons for nondiffracting line shaping of ultrashort pulses
Author(s): A. Treffer; S. K. Das; M. Bock; J. Brunne; U. Wallrabe; R. Grunwald
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A method to calculate arbitrary linear polarized laser beam evolutions in GRIN lenses
Author(s): Ko-Fan Tsai; Shu-Chun Chu
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Orbital angular momentum of photons, atoms, and electrons
Author(s): Sonja Franke-Arnold
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Down-converted bi-photons in a Bessel-Gaussian basis
Author(s): Filippus S. Roux; Melanie McLaren; Miles J. Padgett; Andrew Forbes; Thomas Konrad
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New horizons for supercontinuum light sources: from UV to mid-IR
Author(s): Carsten L. Thomsen; Frederik D. Nielsen; Jeppe Johansen; Christian Pedersen; Peter M. Moselund; Uffe Møller; Simon T. Sørensen; Casper Larsen; Ole Bang
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Topological ergodic dynamics of optical singularities in laser-induced speckle fields following "optical damage" of photorefractive LiNbO3: Fe crystal
Author(s): Marat Soskin; Vasyl Vasil'ev
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LC nanocomposites: induced optical singularities, managed nano/micro structure, and electrical conductivity
Author(s): V. V. Ponevchinsky; A. I. Goncharuk; V. G. Denisenko; N. I. Lebovka; L. N. Lisetski; M. I. Nesterenko; V. D. Panikarskaya; M. S. Soskin
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Higher order mode propagation in ultrathin optical fibers for atom traps
Author(s): Fredrik K. Fatemi; Sylvain Ravets; Jonathan E. Hoffman; Guy Beadie; Steven L. Rolston; Luis A. Orozco
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Fabrication and optical trapping of handling structures for re-configurable microsphere magnifiers
Author(s): Andrew Bañas; Gaszton Vizsnyiczai; András Búzás; Darwin Palima; Lóránd Kelemen; Pál Ormos; Jesper Glückstad
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Optical micro-assembling of non-spherical particles
Author(s): Sarah Isabelle Ksouri; Andreas Aumann; Reza Ghadiri; Andreas Ostendorf
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Optimising forces and torques for optical micromanipulation
Author(s): Stephen H. Simpson; David B. Phillips; Simon Hanna
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Adapting an optical nanoantenna for high E-field probing applications to a waveguided optical waveguide (WOW)
Author(s): Lars Rindorf; Jesper Glückstad
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Azimuthal polarization for Raman enhancement in capillary waveguides
Author(s): Jessica C. Mullen; Michael P. Buric; Steven D. Woodruff
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Optimized systems for energy efficient optical tweezing
Author(s): R. Kampmann; R. Kleindienst; A. Grewe; Elisabeth Bürger; A. Oeder; S. Sinzinger
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Single laser beam based passive optical sorter
Author(s): O. Brzobohatý; V. Karasek; M. Šiler; L. Chvatal; T. Cizmar; P. Zemanek
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Analytical techniques for the study of focused beams
Author(s): Miguel A. Alonso
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Mode analysis using the correlation filter method
Author(s): Daniel Flamm; Christian Schulze; Darryl Naidoo; Andrew Forbes; Michael Duparré
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Implementing optical tweezers at high pressure in a diamond anvil cell
Author(s): Richard W. Bowman; Filippo Saglimbeni; Graham M. Gibson; Roberto Di Leonardo; Miles J. Padgett
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Modal decomposition for measuring the orbital angular momentum density of light
Author(s): Christian Schulze; Daniel Flamm; Angela Dudley; Andrew Forbes; Michael Duparré
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Polarization singularities and fiber modal decomposition
Author(s): Vijay Kumar; Nirmal K. Viswanathan
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Efficient sorting of Bessel beams
Author(s): T. Mhlanga; A. Dudley; A. McDonald; F. S. Roux; M. Lavery; M. Padgett; A. Forbes
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