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Photonic and Phononic Properties of Engineered Nanostructures III
Editor(s): Ali Adibi; Shawn-Yu Lin; Axel Scherer
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Volume Number: 8632
Date Published: 4 April 2013

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Wetting in color: from photonic fingerprinting of liquids to optical control of liquid percolation
Author(s): Ian B. Burgess; Bryan A. Nerger; Kevin P. Raymond; Alexis Goulet-Hanssens; Thomas A. Singleton; Mackenzie H. Kinney; Anna V. Shneidman; Natalie Koay; Christopher J. Barrett; Marko Lončar; Joanna Aizenberg
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Funneling single photons into ridge-waveguide photonic integrated circuits
Author(s): S. Fattah poor; L. Midolo; L. H. Li; E. H. Linfield; J. F. P. Schouwenberg; T. Xia; F. W. M. van Otten; T. B. Hoang; A. Fiore
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Enhanced localized surface plasmonic resonances in dielectric photonic band gap structures: Fabry-Perot nanocavities and photonic crystal slot waveguides
Author(s): Dihan Hasan; Alan X. Wang
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Efficient single-photon frequency conversion using a Sagnac interferometer
Author(s): Matthew Bradford; Jung-Tsung Shen
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High-speed high-sensitivity carbon nanotube-based composite bolometers
Author(s): Trevor J. Simmons; Gustavo Vera-Reveles; Gabriel González; Hugo Navarro-Contreras; Francisco J. González
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Large area selective emitters/absorbers based on 2D tantalum photonic crystals for high-temperature energy applications
Author(s): V. Rinnerbauer; Y. X. Yeng; J. J. Senkevich; J. D. Joannopoulos; M. Soljačić; I. Celanovic
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Real-time tailoring of the spectral shape of infrared transmission filters using anti-resonant anomalies
Author(s): Thomas Estruch; Julien Jaeck; Benjamin Portier; Sophie Derelle; Fabrice Pardo; Grégory Vincent; Jean-Luc Pelouard; Jérôme Primot; Riad Haidar
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Plasmonic photonic-crystal slab as an ultrasensitive and robust optical biosensor
Author(s): Alexander V. Baryshev; Alexander M. Merzlikin; Mitsuteru Inoue
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Sunflower photonic quasicrystals
Author(s): Y. F. Liao; Y. Yang; H. T. Dai; S. G. Wang; X. W. Sun
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Eight-fold photonic quasi-crystal fabricated by prism assisted holographic lithography
Author(s): Kai Shen; Guomin Jiang; Michael R Wang
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Free-standing monolithic LiNbO^3 photonic crystal slabs
Author(s): Jun Deng; Sudheer Kumar Vanga; Sajid Hussian; Hongwei Gao; Soon Thor Lim; Ching Eng Png; Xiang Ning; Andrew A. Bettiol; Aaron J. Danner
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Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of novel nanostructured transparent conducting oxide structures
Author(s): Akram A. Khosroabadi; R. A. Norwood
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Optomechanical and optoacoustic phenomena in microstructured silica fibres
Author(s): A. Butsch; M. S. Kang; T. G. Euser; Philip St. J. Russell
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Modeling loss and backscattering in a photonic-bandgap fiber using strong perturbation
Author(s): Kiarash Zamani Aghaie; Michel J. F. Digonnet; Shanhui Fan
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Guided-mode based Faraday rotation spectroscopy within a photonic bandgap fiber
Author(s): Florian V. Englich; Michal Grabka; David G. Lancaster; Tanya M. Monro
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Spontaneous emission control of single quantum dots by electrostatic tuning of a double-slab photonic crystal cavity
Author(s): Leonardo Midolo; Francesco Pagliano; Thang B. Hoang; Tian Xia; Frank W. M. van Otten; Lianhe Li; Edmund H. Linfield; Matthias Lermer; Sven Höfling; Andrea Fiore
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Phoxonic crystals: tailoring the light-sound interaction at the nanoscale
Author(s): Alejandro Martínez
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Conformal transformation of photonic crystal structures
Author(s): Marco Zocca; Matthijs Langelaar; Fred van Keulen
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Mapping the absolute electromagnetic field strength of individual field components inside a photonic crystal
Author(s): T. Denis; B. Reijnders; J. H. H. Lee; W. L Vos; K.-J. Boller; P. J. M. van der Slot
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Photonic quasi-crystals in Fourier and Fourier-Bessel space
Author(s): S. R. Newman; R. C. Gauthier
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High-performance broadband plasmonic absorber in visible fabricated by nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): Peng Zhu; L. Jay Guo
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Deep subwavelength optical nanoantenna with enhanced characteristics for near and far field applications
Author(s): Mohamed A. Nasr; Mohamed A. Swillam
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New plasmonic materials in visible spectrum through electrical charging
Author(s): Jiangrong Cao; Rajesh Balachandran; Manish Keswani; Krishna Muralidharan; Slimane Laref; Richard Ziolkowski; Keith Runge; Pierre Deymier; Srini Raghavan; Mamoru Miyawaki
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Extraordinary plasmon-QD interaction for enhanced infrared absorption
Author(s): R. V. Shenoi; James Bur; Danhong Huang; S. Y. Lin
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Plasmonic nanoparticle based nanobiosensors and nanophotodetectors
Author(s): Neval A. Cinel; Serkan Bütün; Ekmel Özbay
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Theoretical and experimental investigation of hybrid broadband terahertz metamaterial absorber
Author(s): Mohammad Parvinnezhad Hokmabadi; David S. Wilbert; Patrick Kung; Seongsin M. Kim
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Metamaterial-based imaging for potential security applications
Author(s): David Shrekenhamer; Claire M. Watts; John Montoya; Sanjay Krishna; Willie J. Padilla
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Numerical analysis and the effective parameter retrieval of helical metamaterials
Author(s): Hsiang-Hung Huang; Yu-Chueh Hung
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Design and fabrication of active spectral filter with metal-insulator-metal structure for visible light communication
Author(s): Kensuke Murai; Yasushi Oshikane; Takaya Higashi; Fumihiko Yamamoto; Motohiro Nakano; Haruyuki Inoue
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Effect of V-shape on the light transmission of subwavelength slits in metallic thin films
Author(s): O. B. Silva; F. A. Ferri; V. A. G. Rivera; S. P. A. Osório; E. Marega Jr.
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Resonant near-infrared emission of Er>3+ ions in plasmonic arrays of subwavelength square holes
Author(s): V. A. G. Rivera; Y. Ledemi; M. El-Amraoui; Y. Messaddeq; E. Marega Jr.
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Anderson localized optical fibers
Author(s): Salman Karbasi; Karl W. Koch; Arash Mafi
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On-chip superfocusing of surface plasmon using metal-coat tapered optical fiber pairs with nano-gap structures
Author(s): Kazuhiro Yamamoto; Shiyoshi Yokoyama; Akira Otomo
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Front Matter: Volume 8632
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