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Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems XI
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Volume Number: 8615
Date Published: 20 March 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8615
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Integrated liquid jet waveguide for fluorescence spectroscopy on chip
Author(s): Gianluca Persichetti; Genni Testa; Romeo Bernini
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Lab-in-fiber platform for plasmonic photothermal study
Author(s): Derrick Yong; Elizabeth Lee; Wei Long Ng; Xia Yu; Chi Chiu Chan
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Multi-hybrid instrumentations with smartphones and smartpads for innovative in-field and POC diagnostics
Author(s): Dietrich Hofmann; Paul-Gerald Dittrich; Claudia Gärtner; Richard Klemm
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Tailoring microfluidic systems for organ-like cell culture applications using multiphysics simulations
Author(s): Britta Hagmeyer; Julia Schütte; Jan Böttger; Rolf Gebhardt; Martin Stelzle
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Human organ-on-a-chip BioMEMS devices for testing new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies
Author(s): James F. Leary; Jaehong Key; Pierre-Alexandre Vidi; Christy L. Cooper; Ayeeshik Kole; Lisa M. Reece; Sophie A. Lelièvre
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Stationary microfluidics: molecular diagnostic assays by moving magnetic beads through non-moving liquids
Author(s): Holger Becker; Cornelia Carstens; Dirk Kuhlmeier; Natalia Sandetskaya; Nicole Schröter; Christian Zilch; Claudia Gärtner
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Optimized release matrices for use in a BioMEMS device to study metastasis
Author(s): Ashley Clark; James Williams; Michael Padgen; Patricia Keely; John Condeelis; James Castracane
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Inkjet printed structures for smart lab-on-chip systems
Author(s): E. Beckert; R. Eberhardt; Oliver Pabst; Falk Kemper; Zhe Shu; Andreas Tünnermann; Jolke Perelaer; Ulrich Schubert; Holger Becker
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Selecting and designing with the right thermoplastic polymer for your microfluidic chip: a close look into cyclo-olefin polymer
Author(s): Mark Nevitt
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Fabrication of micro/nano-fluidic channels by single-beam direct femtosecond laser writing
Author(s): Fadia Dewanda; Md. Shamim Ahsan; Man Seop Lee
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System for portable nucleic acid testing in low resource settings
Author(s): Hsiang-Wei Lu; Kristina Roskos; Anna I. Hickerson; Thomas Carey; Angelika Niemz
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IFSA: a microfluidic chip-platform for frit-based immunoassay protocols
Author(s): Nadine Hlawatsch; Michael Bangert; Peter Miethe; Holger Becker; Claudia Gärtner
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Rapid screening test for gestational diabetes: public health need, market requirement, initial product design, and experimental results
Author(s): Bernhard H Weigl; Greg Zwisler; Roger Peck; Elizabeth Abu-Haydar
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Rapid white blood cell detection for peritonitis diagnosis
Author(s): Tsung-Feng Wu; Zhe Mei; Yu-Jui Chiu; Sung Hwan Cho; Yu-Hwa Lo
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Organic photovoltaic cells based on photoactive bacteriorhodopsin proteins
Author(s): Khaled M. Al-Aribe; George K. Knopf; Amarjeet S. Bassi
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Instrument-free exothermic heating with phase change temperature control for paper microfluidic devices
Author(s): Jered Singleton; Chris Zentner; Josh Buser; Paul Yager; Paul LaBarre; Bernhard H. Weigl
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Laser guidance in a microfluidic biochip
Author(s): Wan Qin; Lucas Schmidt; Xiaoqi Yang; Lina Wei; Ting Huang; Julie X. Yuan; Zhen Ma; Xiang Peng; Xiaocong Yuan; Bruce Z. Gao
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Continuous cell lysis in microfluidics through acoustic and optoelectronic tweezers
Author(s): Christian Witte; Clemens Kremer; Jonathan M. Cooper; Steven L. Neale
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Optimization of microfluidic trap-based microsphere arrays
Author(s): Xiaoxiao Xu; Pinaki Sarder; Zhenyu Li; Arye Nehorai
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Multivariate analysis of apoptotic markers versus cell cycle phase in living human cancer cells by microfluidic cytometry
Author(s): Jin Akagi; Joanna Skommer; Anna Matuszek; Kazuo Takeda; Yuu Fujimura; Khashayar Khoshmanesh; Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh; Arnan Mitchell; Rachel Errington; Paul J. Smith; Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz; Donald Wlodkowic
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Programming paper networks for point of care diagnostics
Author(s): Shivani Dharmaraja; Lisa Lafleur; Samantha Byrnes; Peter Kauffman; Josh Buser; Bhushan Toley; Elain Fu; Paul Yager; Barry Lutz
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Personal exposure assessment to particulate metals using a paper-based analytical device
Author(s): David Cate; John Volckens; Charles Henry
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Piezoresistive pens for dip-pen nanolithography
Author(s): A. K. Henning; J. Fragala; R. Shile; P. Simao
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Rapid biochemical functionalization of technical surfaces by means of a photobleaching-based maskless projection lithography process
Author(s): Ansgar Waldbaur; Björn Waterkotte; Juerg Leuthold; Katja Schmitz; Bastian E. Rapp
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Development of a micro in-situ oil detection device
Author(s): Yuxuan Zhou; Wanjun Wang
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An all-at-once factorial method to optimize dip-pen deposition of liquid protein inks
Author(s): A. K. Henning; S. Rozhok; J. Fragala; R. Shile; K. Ouyang
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Characterizing fluidic seals for on-board reagent delivery
Author(s): Tejas Inamdar; Brian W. Anthony
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Low dead volume integrated separation columns and Fabry-Pérot sensors for micro-gas chromatography
Author(s): Karthik Reddy; Jing Liu; Maung Kyaw Khaing Oo; Xudong Fan
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A portable instrument for continuous glucose monitoring by the integration of microfluidic chip and micro-glucose sensor
Author(s): Dachao Li; Yongjie Ji; Wenshuai Liang; Xiaoli Zhang; Haixia Yu; Kexin Xu
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Optofluidic spectrometer and scanner
Author(s): Sergio Calixto; Martha Rosete-Aguilar; Ricardo Flores Hernandez; M. E. Sanchez-Morales
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Dynamic analysis of angiogenesis in transgenic zebrafish embryos using a 3D multilayer chip-based technology
Author(s): Jin Akagi; Feng Zhu; Chris J. Hall; Khashayar Khoshmanesh; Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh; Arnan Mitchell; Kathryn E. Crosier; Philip S. Crosier; Donald Wlodkowic
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Fluorescence sensors for parallel measurements in multichannel microfluidic devices covering the full channel cross sections
Author(s): G. Meineke; D. Flitsch; A. Lenenbach; R. Noll
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Microfluidic microsphere-trap arrays for simultaneous detection of multiple targets
Author(s): Xiaoxiao Xu; Zhenyu Li; Nalinikanth Kotagiri; Pinaki Sarder; Samuel Achilefu; Arye Nehorai
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