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Frontiers in Ultrafast Optics: Biomedical, Scientific, and Industrial Applications XIII
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Volume Number: 8611
Date Published: 4 April 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8611
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High-throughput optical injection of mammalian cells using a non-diffracting beam in a microfluidic platform
Author(s): Helen A. Rendall; Robert F. Marchington; Bavishna B. Praveen; Gerald Bergmann; Yoshihiko Arita; Alexander Heisterkamp; Frank J. Gunn-Moore; Kishan Dholakia
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Femtosecond optical transfection as a tool for genetic manipulation of human embryonic stem cells
Author(s): M. L. Torres-Mapa; J. Gardner; H. Bradburn; J. King; K. Dholakia; F. Gunn-Moore
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Pump-probe investigation of fs-LIOB in water by simultaneous spatial and temporal focusing
Author(s): Robert Kammel; Roland Ackermann; Andreas Tünnermann; Stefan Nolte
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Harmonic nanoparticles for nonlinar bio-imaging and detection
Author(s): Luigi Bonacina; Thibaud Magouroux; Andrii Rogov; Davide Staedler; Cécile Joulaud; Sebastian Schwung; Solène Passemard; Ronan Le dantec; Yannick Mugnier; Daniel Rytz; Sandrine Gerber-Lemaire; Jean-Pierre Wolf
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Label free optimal dynamic discrimination of biological macromolecules
Author(s): S. Afonina; A. Rondi; D. Kiselev; L. Bonacina; J. P. Wolf
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Femtosecond pumped lasing from the fluorescent protein DsRed in a one dimensional random cavity
Author(s): Thomas M. Drane; Horacio Bach; Moshe Shapiro; Valery Milner
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100-fs-level diode-pumped Yb-doped laser amplifiers
Author(s): M. Delaigue; J. Pouysegur; S. Ricaud; C. Hönninger; E. Mottay
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A new small-package super-continuum light source for optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Sven Meissner; Peter Cimalla; Björn Fischer; Christopher Taudt; Tobias Baselt; Peter Hartmann; Edmund Koch
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Defense of fake fingerprint attacks using a swept source laser optical coherence tomography setup
Author(s): Sven Meissner; Ralph Breithaupt; Edmund Koch
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3D ultrafast laser scanner
Author(s): A. Mahjoubfar; K. Goda; C. Wang; A. Fard; J. Adam; D. R. Gossett; A. Ayazi; E. Sollier; O. Malik; E. Chen; Y. Liu; R. Brown; N. Sarkhosh; D. Di Carlo; B. Jalali
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Simultaneous measurement of two ultrashort pulses at different wavelengths using double blind polarization-gate frequency-resolved optical gating
Author(s): Tsz Chun Wong; Rick Trebino
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New, simplified algorithm for cross-correlation frequency resolved optical gating
Author(s): Daniel J. Kane
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The coherent artifact in modern pulse measurement
Author(s): Michelle Rhodes; Günter Steinmeyer; Justin Ratner; Rick Trebino
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Temporal self-reconstruction of few-cycle nondiffracting wavepackets
Author(s): S. König; M. Bock; S. K. Das; A. Treffer; R. Grunwald
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The influence of distributed rare earth dopant on the performance of waveguide lasers fabricated by the femtosecond laser direct-write technique
Author(s): Yuwen Duan; Aaron McKay; Peter Dekker; M.J. Steel; Michael Withford
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The underlying structure of ultrashort pulse laser-induced nanogratings
Author(s): F. Zimmermann; S. Richter; A. Plech; S. Döring; M. Heinrich; M. Steinert; U. Peschel; E.-B. Kley; A. Tünnermann; S. Nolte
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Adaptive control of pulse front tilt, the quill effect, and directional ultrafast laser writing
Author(s): P. S. Salter; R. D. Simmonds; M. J. Booth
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Femtosecond laser ablation properties of transparent materials: impact of the laser process parameters on the machining throughput
Author(s): V. V. Matylitsky; F. Hendricks; J. Aus der Au
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On the wavelength dependence of femtosecond laser interactions inside band gap solids
Author(s): S. Leyder; D. Grojo; Ph. Delaporte; M. Lebugle; W. Marine; N. Sanner; M. Sentis; O. Utéza
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Time-resolved spectroscopy characterization of femtosecond fiber laser induced plasma
Author(s): Huan Huang; Lih-Mei Yang; Jian Liu
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Study on the influence of repetition rate and pulse duration on ablation efficiency using a new generation of high power ytterbium doped fiber ultrafast laser
Author(s): John Lopez; Rémi Torres; Yoann Zaouter; Patrick Georges; Marc Hanna; Eric Mottay; Rainer Kling
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Micro-structuring of thin titanium films with ultrashort laser pulses
Author(s): Regina Moser; Tobias Gschwilm; Adrian Zacherle; Gerhard Heise; Heinz P. Huber; Gerd Marowsky
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Transient temperature modeling and shock wave observation in confined laser ablation of thin molybdenum films
Author(s): Matthias Domke; Jürgen Sotrop; Stephan Rapp; Max Börger; Dominik Felsl; Heinz P. Huber
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Ultrastable bonding of glass with femtosecond laser bursts
Author(s): Sören Richter; Felix Zimmermann; Sven Döring; Andreas Tünnermann; Stefan Nolte
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Influence of ambient pressure on the hole formation process in ultrashort pulse laser deep drilling
Author(s): Sven Döring; Sören Richter; Tobias Ullsperger; Andreas Tünnermann; Stefan Nolte
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Laser time-of-flight measurement based on multi-channel time delay estimation
Author(s): Chao Li; Qian Chen; Guohua Gu; Tian Man
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Characterization of femtosecond laser filament-fringes in titanium
Author(s): Md. Shamim Ahsan; Fadia Dewanda; Farid Ahmed; Martin B. G. Jun; Man Seop Lee
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Liquid jet generated by thermocavitation bubbles within a droplet
Author(s): J. P. Padilla-Martinez; Darren Banks; J. C. Ramirez-San-Juan; G. Aguilar; R. Ramos-Garcia
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Laser-induced structural modifications in glass using a femtosecond laser and a CO2 laser
Author(s): Takayuki Tamaki; Shinya Nakazumi; Keigo Nakamura; Shunsuke Ono
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Defect detection in laser powder deposition components by laser thermography and laser ultrasonic inspections
Author(s): SP Santospirito; Rafał Łopatka; Donatella Cerniglia; Kamil Słyk; Bin Luo; Dorothée Panggabean; John Rudlin
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