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Free-Space Laser Communication and Atmospheric Propagation XXV
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Volume Number: 8610
Date Published: 29 March 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8610
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Status of the lunar laser communication demonstration
Author(s): Don M. Boroson; Bryan S. Robinson
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Simultaneous laser ranging and communication from an Earth-based satellite laser ranging station to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in lunar orbit
Author(s): Xiaoli Sun; David R. Skillman; Evan D. Hoffman; Dandan Mao; Jan F. McGarry; Gregory A. Neumann; Leva McIntire; Ronald S. Zellar; Frederic M. Davidson; Wai H. Fong; Michael A. Krainak; Maria T. Zuber; David E. Smith
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Three years coherent space to ground links: performance results and outlook for the optical ground station equipped with adaptive optics
Author(s): M. Gregory; D. Troendle; G. Muehlnikel; F. Heine; R. Meyer; M. Lutzer; R. Czichy
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13 bits per incident photon optical communications demonstration
Author(s): William H. Farr; John M. Choi; Bruce Moision
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Mountain-top-to-valley optical link demonstration as part of a miniature terminal development
Author(s): Martin Mosberger; Thomas Dreischer; Michael Bacher
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Wide field-of-view single-mode-fiber coupled laser communication terminal
Author(s): Yoshinori Arimoto; Hiroyuki Yoshida; Katsuto Kisara
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RIN-suppressed ultralow noise interferometric fiber optic gyroscopes (IFOGs) for improving inertial stabilization of space telescopes
Author(s): Farhad Hakimi; John D. Moores
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Using a low-noise interferometric fiber optic gyro in a pointing, acquisition, and tracking system
Author(s): John Kaufmann; Farhad Hakimi; Don Boroson
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Nonlinearity mitigation of a 40-Watt 1.55-micron uplink transmitter for lunar laser communications
Author(s): R. T. Schulein; R. E. Lafon; M. B. Taylor; P. A. MacKoul; J. J. Carney; M. L. Stevens; B. S. Robinson; S. Constantine; M. M. Willis; D. W. Peckham; B. Zhu; J. M. Fini; David O. Caplan
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Highly efficient and athermal 1550nm-fiber-MOPA-based high power down link laser transmitter for deep space communication
Author(s): Doruk Engin; Frank Kimpel; John Burton; He Cao; Bruce McIntosh; Mark Storm; Shantanu Gupta
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Orthogonal on-off keying (O[sup]3[/sup]K) for free-space laser communications
Author(s): Saleh Faruque; Shams Faruque; Tasbirun Nahian Upal; William Semke
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The measurement and generation of orbital angular momentum using an optical geometric transformation
Author(s): Martin P. J. Lavery; Andrew Fraine; David Roberston; Alexander Sergienko; Johannes Courtial; Alan E. Wilner; Miles J. Padgett
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A dual format communication modem development for the Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) program
Author(s): M. A. Krainak; E. Luzhanskiy; S. X. Li; S. A. Merritt; A. W. Yu; R. Butler; J. Badgley; L. Thomas; H. Stello; A. Cheng; Q. Nguyen; S. MacPherson
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The architecture of the laser communications relay demonstration ground stations: an overview
Author(s): John D. Moores; Keith E. Wilson
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Comparing adaptive optics approaches for NASA LCRD Ground Station #2
Author(s): Jason B. Stewart; Daniel V. Murphy; John D. Moores; Andrew S. Fletcher; Keith M. Bonneau
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Conceptual design of the adaptive optics system for the laser communication relay demonstration ground station at Table Mountain
Author(s): Lewis C. Roberts Jr.; Norman A. Page; Rick S. Burruss; Tuan N. Truong; Sharon Dew; Mitchell Troy
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The Lunar Laser OCTL Terminal (LLOT)
Author(s): Abhijit Biswas; Joseph M. Kovalik
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The Lunar Laser OCTL Terminal (LLOT) optical systems
Author(s): W. Thomas Roberts; Malcolm W. Wright
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A post-processing receiver for the lunar laser communications demonstration project
Author(s): Meera Srinivasan; Kevin Birnbaum; Michael Cheng; Kevin Quirk
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Optical filter assembly for interplanetary optical communications
Author(s): Yijiang Chen; Hamid Hemmati
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Effects of atmospheric transmission of high power diode pumped alkali lasers
Author(s): Christopher A. Rice; Glen P. Perram
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Measurements of partially spatially coherent laser beam intensity fluctuations propagating through a hot-air turbulence emulator and comparison with both terrestrial and maritime environments
Author(s): C. Nelson; S. Avramov-Zamurovic; O. Korotkova; R. Malek-Madani; R. Sova; Frederic Davidson
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Lidar sensing of the turbulence based on the backscattering enhancement effect
Author(s): Alexander S. Gurvich; Victor A. Kulikov
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Determining seeing conditions of a horizontal turbulent optical path with video image analysis
Author(s): Christopher C. Wilcox; Freddie Santiago; Sergio R. Restaino; Kyle P. Judd; Ty Martinez; Jonathan R. Andrews
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Efficiency comparison of spatial and spectral diversity techniques for fading mitigation in free-space optical communications over tactical-range distances
Author(s): Jean Minet; Mikhail A. Vorontsov; G. Wu; Daniel Dolfi
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Digital adaptive optics and imaging through deep turbulence
Author(s): Mathieu Aubailly; Mikhail A. Vorontsov
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Fading losses on the LCRD free-space optical link due to channel turbulence
Author(s): Bruce Moision; Sabino Piazzolla; Jon Hamkins
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