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Laser Applications in Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Manufacturing (LAMOM) XVIII
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Volume Number: 8607
Date Published: 4 April 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8607
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Formation of quantum dots from precursors in polymeric films by ps-laser
Author(s): G. Račiukaitis; P. Gečys; F. Antolini; L. Stroea; A. K. Bansal; I. D. W. Samuel; S. Allard; U. Scherf; L. Ortolani
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Growth of periodic ZnO nano-crystals on buffer layer patterned by interference laser irradiation
Author(s): D. Nakamura; T. Shimogaki; K. Okazaki; M. Higashihata; Y. Nakata; T. Okada
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Sintering of solution-based aluminum nano-particles by laser ignition
Author(s): Jie Zhang
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Time and space resolved investigations of confined fs ablation of Ta2O5/Pt thin film systems
Author(s): S. Rapp; J. Rosenberger; M. Domke; G. Heise; M. Schmidt; H. P. Huber
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Factors controlling the incubation in the application of ps laser pulses on copper and iron surfaces
Author(s): B. Neuenschwander; B. Jaeggi; M. Schmid; A. Dommann; A. Neels; T. Bandi; G. Hennig
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High throughput laser micro machining on a rotating cylinder with ultra short pulses at highest precision
Author(s): B. Jaeggi; B. Neuenschwander; Thomas Meier; M. Zimmermann; G. Hennig
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Double-pulse irradiation of ultrafast laser for high-efficiency glass microwelding
Author(s): Koji Sugioka; Sizhu Wu; Katsumi Midorikawa
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Selective localised modifications of silicon crystal by ultrafast laser induced micro-explosion
Author(s): Ludovic Rapp; Bianca Haberl; Jodie E. Bradby; Eugene G. Gamaly; Jim S. Williams; Saulius Juodkasis; Andrei V. Rode
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Micro-hole drilling with femtosecond fiber laser
Author(s): Huan Huang; Lih-Mei Yang; Jian Liu
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Quantum cascade laser-based sensing to investigate fast laser ablation process
Author(s): Francesco P. Mezzapesa; Vincenzo Spagnolo; Antonio Ancona; Gaetano Scamarcio
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Two-photon excited fluorescence in the LYB:Eu monoclinic crystal: new scheme for single-beam dual-voxel direct laser writing in crystals
Author(s): Y. Petit; A. Royon; N. Marquestaut; M. Dussauze; A. Fargues; P. Veber; V. Jubera; T. Cardinal; L. Canioni
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Laser processing of 2D and 3D metamaterial structures
Author(s): Nicholas A. Charipar; Kristin M. Charipar; Heungsoo Kim; Matthew A. Kirleis; Ray C. Y. Auyeung; Andrew T. Smith; Scott A. Mathews; Alberto Piqué
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Optical tweezers in microassembly
Author(s): A. Ostendorf; R. Ghadiri; S. I. Ksouri
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Hologram design for holographic laser machining inside transparent materials
Author(s): Masaaki Sakakura; Naoaki Fukua; Yasuhiko Shimotsuma; Kazuyuki Hirao; Kiyotaka Miura
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Investigation of cw and ultrashort pulse laser irradiation of powder surfaces: a comparative study
Author(s): Robby Ebert; Frank Ullmann; Joerg Schille; Udo Loeschner; Horst Exner
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Film-free laser microprinting of transparent solutions
Author(s): P. Serra; A. Patrascioiu; J. M. Fernández-Pradas; J. L. Morenza
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Applications of laser printing for organic electronics
Author(s): Ph. Delaporte; A. Ainsebaa; A.-P. Alloncle; M. Benetti; C. Boutopoulos; D. Cannata; F. Di Pietrantonio; V. Dinca; M. Dinescu; J. Dutroncy; R. Eason; M. Feinaugle; J.-M. Fernández-Pradas; A. Grisel; K. Kaur; U. Lehmann; T. Lippert; C. Loussert; M. Makrygianni; I. Manfredonia; T. Mattle; J.-L. Morenza; M. Nagel; F. Nüesch; A. Palla-Papavlu; L. Rapp; N. Rizvi; G. Rodio; S. Sanaur; P. Serra; J. Shaw-Stewart; C. L. Sones; E. Verona; I. Zergioti
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Maskless selective laser patterning of PEDOT:PSS on barrier/foil for organic electronics applications
Author(s): Dimitris Karnakis; Tim Stephens; Gregoire Chabrol
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High resolution laser patterning of ITO on PET substrate
Author(s): Tao Zhang; Di Liu; Hee K. Park; Dong X. Yu; David J. Hwang
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Laser cutting of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) by 1kW cw fiber laser irradiation
Author(s): Hiroyuki Niino; Yoshizo Kawaguchi; Tadatake Sato; Aiko Narazaki; Ryozo Kurosaki; Mayu Muramatsu; Yoshihisa Harada; Koji Wakabayashi; Takahiro Nagashima; Zyunpei Kase; Masafumi Matsushita; Koichi Furukawa; Michiteru Nishino
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Novel micro-dots design to resolve Hotspot appeared on ultra-slim LEDs backlight
Author(s): Wei-Ping Chan; Modie Tsai; Yu-Ren Chiou; Chih-Sheng Jao
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Rapid laser scanning based surface texturing for energy applications and laser-assisted doping
Author(s): Matthew Quigley; Di Liu; Hee K. Park; Dong X. Yu; David J. Hwang
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Anti-reflective polymer-nanocomposite coatings fabricated by RIR-MAPLE
Author(s): S. Singaravalu; D. C. Mayo; H. K. Park; K. E. Schriver; R. F. Haglund Jr.
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Scribing of thin film solar cells by picosecond and nanosecond pulsed lasers and performance improvement by gas injection
Author(s): David J. Hwang; Di Liu; Hee K. Park; Dong X. Yu
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Investigation of a reliable all-laser scribing process in thin film Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 manufacturing
Author(s): Reiner Witte; Bruno Frei; Stefan Schneeberger; Stephan Bücheler; Shiro Nishiwaki; Andreas Burn; Martin Muralt; Valerio Romano; Lukas Krainer
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Fresnel attenuator of laser radiation power
Author(s): Jan Owsik; Yury Avdeev; Anatoly A. Liberman; Alexander A. Kovalev; Alexey S. Mikryukov; Sergey A. Moskalyuk; Janusz Noga; Anna Rembielińska; Joanna Walczuk
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Measuring the complex refractive index of metals in the solid and liquid state and its influence on the laser machining
Author(s): Marc Schmid; Sarah Zehnder; Patrick Schwaller; Beat Neuenschwander; Joseph Zürcher; Urs Hunziker
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Laser processing system development of large area and high precision
Author(s): Hyeongchan Park; Kwanghyun Ryu; Taesang Hwang
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Sub-ns and ps laser performance and results
Author(s): J. Kilmer; M. Terraciano; Y. Yin
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Femtosecond laser based in-fiber long period grating fabrication for improved solution sensing
Author(s): Farid Ahmed; Md. Shamim Ahsan; Man Seop Lee; Martin B.G. Jun
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Micromachining of Ti-3Al-2.5V tubes by nanosecond Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Yaomin Lin; Mool C. Gupta
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