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High-Power Diode Laser Technology and Applications XI
Editor(s): Mark S. Zediker
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Volume Number: 8605
Date Published: 13 March 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8605
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Advances in power-delivery and loss-handling capabilities of small connectors for fibre optic launching of high-power diode lasers
Author(s): Stuart Campbell; Ola Blomster; Magnus Pålsson; Armin Segref; Bernd Köhler; Jens Biesenbach
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Characterization of laser diodes under short-pulsed conditions with high pulse energies
Author(s): Tobias Koenning; Evan Hale; David Irwin; Kim Alegria; Steve Patterson
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Brightness-enhanced high-efficiency single emitters for fiber laser pumping
Author(s): Dan Yanson; Noam Rappaport; Moshe Shamay; Shalom Cohen; Yuri Berk; Genadi Klumel; Yaroslav Don; Ophir Peleg; Moshe Levy
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High brightness fiber coupled pump modules optimized for optical efficiency and power
Author(s): Kirk Price; Marty Hemenway; Ling Bao; John Bai; Kylan Hoener; Kevin Shea; David Dawson; Manoj Kanskar
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Monolithic fast-axis collimation of diode laser stacks
Author(s): Roy McBride; Natalia Trela; Matthew O. Currie; Jozef J. Wendland; Howard J. Baker
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Optimization of fiber coupling in ultra-high power pump modules at l = 980 nm
Author(s): B. Sverdlov; H.-U. Pfeiffer; E. Zibik; S. Mohrdiek; Tomas Pliska; M. Agresti; N. Lichtenstein
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Micro-lens arrays for laser beam homogenization and transformation
Author(s): V. Sinhoff; S. Hambuecker; K. Kleine; O. Ruebenach; C. Wessling
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Power scaling to high-brightness kW systems using semiconductor bars in water-cooled stacks
Author(s): David Schleuning; Keith Guinn; Calvin Luong; Yu Zhang; Krishna Kuchibhotla; Serguei Kim; Geunmin Ryu; Mike Griffin; Athanasios Chryssis; Bruno Acklin
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Multi-kW high-brightness fiber coupled diode laser
Author(s): Bernd Köhler; Armin Segref; Paul Wolf; Andreas Unger; Heiko Kissel; Jens Biesenbach
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Laser bars and single emitters in the 9xx emission range optimized for high output powers at reduced far field angles
Author(s): A. Pietrzak; R. Hülsewede; M. Zorn; O. Hirsekorn; J. Sebastian; J. Meusel; P. Hennig
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Higher brightness laser diodes with smaller slow axis divergence
Author(s): Wenyang Sun; Rajiv Pathak; Geoff Campbell; Henry Eppich; J. H. Jacob; Aland Chin; Jack Fryer
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Liquid metal heat sink for high-power laser diodes
Author(s): John Vetrovec; Amardeep S. Litt; Drew A. Copeland; Jeremy Junghans; Roger Durkee
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Optimized performance of 808 nm diode laser bars for efficient high-power operation
Author(s): J. G. Bai; L. Bao; W. Dong; X. Guan; Sandrio Elim; S. Zhang; J. Patterson; M. Grimshaw; M. DeVito; M. Kanskar; R. Martinsen; J. Haden
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High power, high beam quality laser source with narrow, stable spectra based on truncated-tapered semiconductor amplifier
Author(s): X. Wang; G. Erbert; H. Wenzel; P. Crump; B. Eppich; S. Knigge; P. Ressel; A. Ginolas; A. Maaßdorf; G. Tränkle
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High-power and high-efficiency distributed feedback (DFB) lasers operating in the 1.4-1.6 mm range for eye-safe applications
Author(s): Toby Garrod; François Brunet; Christian Galstad; Michael Klaus; Don Olson; Chris Zenner; Yan Xiao; Luke Mawst; Dan Botez
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High brightness laser systems incorporating advanced laser bars
Author(s): Stephan Strohmaier; Thilo Vethake; Mark Gottdiener; Jens Wunderlin; Viorel Negoita; Yufeng Li; Tobias Barnowski; Tim Gong; Haiyan An; Georg Treusch
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High-power fiber-coupled 100W visible spectrum diode lasers for display applications
Author(s): Andreas Unger; Matthias Küster; Bernd Köhler; Jens Biesenbach
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The impact of external optical feedback on the degradation behavior of high-power diode lasers
Author(s): Martin Hempel; Mingjun Chi; Paul M. Petersen; Ute Zeimer; Markus Weyers; Jens W. Tomm
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Catastrophic optical bulk damage (COBD) processes in aged and proton-irradiated high power InGaAs-AlGaAs strained quantum well lasers
Author(s): Yongkun Sin; Stephen LaLumondiere; Brendan Foran; William Lotshaw; Steven C. Moss
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Reliability of high power/brightness diode lasers emitting from 790 to 980 nm
Author(s): L. Bao; J. Bai; K. Price; M. Devito; M. Grimshaw; W. Dong; X. Guan; S. Zhang; H. Zhou; K. Bruce; D. Dawson; M. Kanskar; R. Martinsen; J. Haden
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High power 405nm diode laser fiber-coupled single-mode system with high long-term stability
Author(s): C. P. Gonschior; K.-F. Klein; D. Heyse; S. Baumann; T. Sun; K. T. V. Grattan
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Laser-bar stack using ELF heat-sinks mounted kinematically for double-sided cooling
Author(s): A. K. Chin; J. G. Manni; R. H. Chin; J. Levy; M. Dogan; J. H. Jacob; R. Pathak; C. Wessling; K. D. Lang; H. Eppich; J. Fryer; T. Haverkamp
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Compact high brightness diode laser emitting 500W from a 100μm fiber
Author(s): Stefan Heinemann; Haro Fritsche; Bastian Kruschke; Torsten Schmidt; Wolfgang Gries
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Suppression of mode switching noise in wavelength stabilized laser diodes by external Bragg gratings
Author(s): K. Häusler; R. Staske; G. Erbert; G. Tränkle
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Low-loss smile-insensitive external frequency-stabilization of high power diode lasers enabled by vertical designs with extremely low divergence angle and high efficiency
Author(s): Paul Crump; Steffen Knigge; Andre Maaßdorf; Frank Bugge; Stefan Hengesbach; Ulrich Witte; Hans-Dieter Hoffmann; Bernd Köhler; Ralf Hubrich; Heiko Kissel; Jens Biesenbach; Götz Erbert; Guenther Traenkle
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Advances in high power and high brightness laser bars with enhanced reliability
Author(s): Haiyan An; Ching-Long (John) Jiang; Yihan Xiong; Aloysius Inyang; Qiang Zhang; Alexander Lewin; Stephan Strohmaier; Georg Treusch
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Reliable QCW diode laser arrays for operation with high duty cycles
Author(s): Heiko Kissel; Wilhelm Faßbender; Jens Lotz; Kim Alegria; Tobias Koenning; Dean Stapleton; Steve Patterson; Jens Biesenbach
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Next generation 9xx/10xx nm high power laser diode bars for multi-kilowatt industrial applications
Author(s): Paul Commin; René Todt; Martin Krejci; Rainer Bättig; Reinhard Brunner; Norbert Lichtenstein
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Laser-assisted sheet metal working in series production
Author(s): Christian Brecher; Michael Emonts; Markus Eckert
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20.8W TM polarized GaAsP laser diodes of 808nm wavelength
Author(s): Peixu Li; Kai Jiang; Xin Zhang; Qingmin Tang; Wei Xia; Shuqiang Li; Zhongxiang Ren; Xiangang Xu
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Latest developments in high brightness diode lasers and their applications
Author(s): Waldemar Sokolowski; Alexander Hangst; Matthias Buehler; Alexander Killi; Tracey Ryba; Stefan Benz; Bernd Armbruster; Peter Olschowsky
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Speckle characteristics of laser diodes for SWIR and NIR active imaging
Author(s): Lew Goldberg; Jeff Leach; Stephen Chinn; Vernon King
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