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Solid State Lasers XXII: Technology and Devices
Editor(s): W. Andrew Clarkson; Ramesh Shori
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Volume Number: 8599
Date Published: 11 April 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8599
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fluoride waveguide lasers grown by liquid phase epitaxy
Author(s): Florent Starecki; Western Bolaños; Gurvan Brasse; Abdelmjid Benayad; Jean-Louis Doualan; Alain Braud; Richard Moncorgé; Patrice Camy
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2-µm waveguide lasers in monoclinic double tungstates
Author(s): Joan J. Carvajal; Carla J. Berrospe; Xavier Mateos; Magdalena Aguilò; Francesc Díaz
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Low-threshold, mirrorless emission at 981 nm in an Yb,Gd,Lu:KYW inverted rib waveguide laser
Author(s): Amol Choudhary; Western Bolaños; Pradeesh Kannan; Joan J. Carvajal; Magdalena Aguilò; Francesc Diaz; David P. Shepherd
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Versatile fs laser-written glass chip lasers
Author(s): D. G. Lancaster; S. Gross; A. Fuerbach; H. Ebendorff Heidepriem; T. M. Monro; M. J. Withford
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Er-doped planar waveguides for power amplifier applications
Author(s): J. I. Mackenzie; G. S. Murugan; A. W. Yu; J. B. Abshire
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Rare-earth-ion-doped ultra-narrow-linewidth lasers on a silicon chip and applications to intra-laser-cavity optical sensing
Author(s): E. H. Bernhardi; R. M. de Ridder; K. Wörhoff; M. Pollnau
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High-energy, kHz-rate, picosecond, 2-µm laser pump source for mid-IR nonlinear optical devices
Author(s): Alex Dergachev
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A broadly tunable continuous-wave Fe:ZnSe laser
Author(s): Jonathan W. Evans; Patrick A. Berry; Kenneth L. Schepler
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Gain-switched single-pass Cr:ZnSe amplifier
Author(s): Sean A. McDaniel; Patrick A. Berry; Kenneth L. Schepler
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Fe:ZnSe laser oscillation under cryogenic and room temperature
Author(s): Helena Jelínková; Maxim E. Doroshenko; Michal Jelínek; David Vyhlídal; Jan Šulc; Michal Němec; Václav Kubeček; Yuriy A. Zagoruiko; Nazar O. Kovalenko; Andrey S. Gerasimenko; Vyacheslav M. Puzikov; V. K. Komar
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Efficient Er:YAG lasers at 1645.55 nm, resonantly pumped with narrow bandwidth diode laser modules at 1532 nm, for methane detection
Author(s): H. Fritsche; O. Lux; C. Schuett; S. Heinemann; W. Gries; H. J. Eichler
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Simulations and experiments on resonantly pumped single-frequency Erbium lasers at 1.6 µm
Author(s): A. Meissner; P. Kucirek; J. Li; S. Yang; M. Hoefer; D. Hoffmann
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Coherent polarization locking of Q-switched Ho:YAG laser
Author(s): C. F. Chua; L. H. Tan; P. B. Phua
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Doped sesquioxide ceramic for eye-safe solid state laser materials
Author(s): Woohong Kim; Colin Baker; Catalin Florea; Jesse Frantz; Guillermo Villalobos; Brandon Shaw; Steve Bowman; Shawn O'Connor; Bryan Sadowski; Michael Hunt; Ishwar Aggalwar; Jasbinder Sanghera
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Supercontinuum generation in mid-IR using chalcogenide and germanate nonlinear fiber
Author(s): Nikolai Tolstik; Evgeni Sorokin; Vladimir Kalashnikov; Dmitriy Klimentov; Vladislav Dvoyrin; Irina T. Sorokina
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Design of a rugged 308 nm tunable UV laser for airborne LIF measurements on top of Zeppelin NT
Author(s): M. Strotkamp; A. Munk; B. Jungbluth; K. Dahlhoff; P. Jansen; S. Broch; S. Gomm; M. Bachner; H. Fuchs; F. Holland; A. Hofzumahaus
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Space-based, multi-wavelength solid-state lasers for NASA's Cloud Aerosol Transport System for International Space Station (CATS-ISS)
Author(s): Ti Chuang; Patrick Burns; E. Brooke Walters; Ted Wysocki; Tim Deely; Andy Losse; Khoa Le; Bill Drumheller; Tom Schum; Mark Hart; Kent Puffenburger; Bill Ziegler; Floyd Hovis
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Space qualified laser transmitter for NASA's ICESat-2 mission
Author(s): Nicholas W. Sawruk; Mark A. Stephen; Slava Litvinovitch; Joel E. Edelman; Michael M. Albert; Ryan E. Edwards; Charles F. Culpepper; William J. Rudd; Elias Fakhoury; Floyd E. Hovis
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A 16-beam non-scanning swath mapping laser altimeter instrument
Author(s): A. W. Yu; M. A. Krainak; D. J. Harding; J. B. Abshire; X. Sun; L. Ramos-Izquierdo; J. Cavanaugh; S. Valett; T. Winkert; M. Plants; C. Kirchner; B. Kamamia; R. Faulkner; P. Dogoda; W. Hasselbrack; T. Filemyr
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A highly energetic, multiwavelength, diode-pumped nanosecond laser system with flexible pulse-shaping capability
Author(s): A. V. Okishev; I. A. Begishev; R. Cuffney; S. Papernov; J. D. Zuegel
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Self-Q-switched Cr:LiCAF laser near 800 nm
Author(s): Ersen Beyatli; Alphan Sennaroglu; Umit Demirbas
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Multi-output Q-switched solid-state laser using an intra-cavity MEMS micromirror array
Author(s): Ralf Bauer; Walter Lubeigt; Caspar Clark; Euan McBrearty; Deepak Uttamchandani
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Flashlamp failure modes and lifetime estimation techniques
Author(s): Ryand J. F. Tucker; Nicholas Cochran; Gregg L. Morelli
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Simulation of solid-state lasers with composites and ceramic crystals
Author(s): Zhabiz Rahimi; Christoph Pflaum
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Thermo-optic quality assessment of doped optical ceramics
Author(s): Christina C. C. Willis; Joshua D. Bradford; Emily Maddox; Lawrence Shah; Martin Richardson
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Optical and spectroscopic properties of Ytterbium-doped YAG
Author(s): Nicholas D. Haynes; David E. Zelmon
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Quasi-single-mode random lasing within a ZnO nanoparticle film
Author(s): Hideki Fujiwara; Ryo Niyuki; Yoshie Ishikawa; Naoto Koshizaki; Takeshi Tsuji; Keiji Sasaki
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Energy scaling of a multipass-cavity mode-locked femtosecond bulk laser with a carbon nanotube saturable absorber
Author(s): I. Baylam; S. Ozharar; H. Cankaya; S. Y. Choi; K. Kim; F. Rotermund; U. Griebner; V. Petrov; A. Sennaroglu
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200W fs Innoslab amplifier with 400µJ pulse energy for industrial applications
Author(s): T. Mans; C. Hönninger; J. Dolkemeyer; A. Letan; C. Schnitzler; E. Mottay
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1 Watt femtosecond mid-IR Cr:ZnS laser
Author(s): Evgeni Sorokin; Nikolai Tolstik; Irina T. Sorokina
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Repetitive petawatt-class laser with near-diffraction-limited focal spot and transform-limited pulse duration
Author(s): Cheng Liu; Sudeep Banerjee; Jun Zhang; Shouyuan Chen; Kevin Brown; Jared Mills; Nathan Powers; Baozhen Zhao; Gregory Golovin; Isaac Ghebregziabher; Donald Umstadter
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Multi-kW high brightness Yb:YAG thin disk laser
Author(s): Y. H. Peng; Y. X. Lim; James Cheng; Y. B. Tan; Ernest Lau; K. S. Lai
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200-W Tm:YLF INNOSLAB laser
Author(s): A. Meissner; J. Li; I. Lopez-Perez; S. Yang; M. Hoefer; D. Hoffmann
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Wavelength dependence of the optical axis in double tungstate crystals
Author(s): Romain Cattoor; Inka Manek-Hönninger; Marc Tondusson; Todor Kalkandjiev; Daniel Rytz; Lionel Canioni; Marc Eichhorn
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Resonant optical devices for IR lasers
Author(s): Eric G. Johnson; Yuan Li; Indumathi Raghu Srimathi; Ryan H. Woodward; Menelaos K. Poutous; Aaron J. Pung; Martin Richardson; Lawrence Shah; Ramesh Shori; Robert Magnusson
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879nm pump diode stack and single Nd:YAG rod design to achieve 20W to 300W adjustable laser output power at 532nm and 38% optical to optical conversion efficiency
Author(s): Jason Rongwei Xuan; Mike Scott; Xirong Yang; T. C. Hasenberg
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High power high repetition rate VCSEL array side-pumped pulsed blue laser
Author(s): Robert van Leeuwen; Pu Zhao; Tong Chen; Bing Xu; Laurence Watkins; Jean-Francois Seurin; Guoyang Xu; Alexander Miglo; Qing Wang; Chuni Ghosh
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0.9-W compact UV pulsed lasers using high-power VCSEL array side-pumping
Author(s): Tong Chen; Bing Xu; Robert Van Leeuwen; Pu Zhao; Jean-Francois Seurin; Guoyang Xu; Alexander Miglo; Qing Wang; Chuni Ghosh
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Laser and phosphor hybrid source for projection display
Author(s): Fei Hu; Yi Li
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Wide temperature operation of a VCSEL pumped 355nm frequency tripled Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Brian Cole; Alan Hays; Chris McIntosh; Lew Goldberg
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Cr:ZnSe thin disk cw laser
Author(s): G. Renz; J. Speiser; A. Giesen; I. T. Sorokina; E. Sorokin
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High-power Kerr-lens mode-locked thin-disk oscillator in the anomalous and normal dispersion regimes
Author(s): Oleg Pronin; Jonathan Brons; Marcus Seidel; Fabian Lücking; Christian Grasse; Gerhard Boehm; Marcus C. Amann; Vladimir Pervak; Alexander Apolonski; Vladimir L. Kalashnikov; Ferenc Krausz
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Erbium-based edge-pumped disk laser
Author(s): John Vetrovec; Drew A. Copeland; Amardeep S. Litt; Detao Du
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Amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) models and approximations for thin-disk laser modeling
Author(s): Drew A. Copeland
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Zero-phonon-line pumped 1 kHz Yb:YAG thin-disk regenerative amplifier
Author(s): Michal Chyla; Taisuke Miura; Martin Smrz; Patricie Severova; Ondrej Novak; Akira Endo; Tomas Mocek
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Solid-state laser source of narrowband ultraviolet B light for skin disease care
Author(s): Aleksandr A. Tarasov; Hong Chu
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Power-scaling of Pr:YAlO3 laser operating in CW regime at 747 nm and 720 nm wavelengths
Author(s): Martin Fibrich; Helena Jelínková
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Tunability of Yb:glass laser
Author(s): Jan Šulc; Ondrej Krivosudský; Helena Jelínková; Ryszard Stepien
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Cavity length dependence of mode beating in passively Q-switched Nd-solid state lasers
Author(s): Nathan D. Zameroski; Michael Wanke; David Bossert
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High energy intracavity pumped eye-safe BaWO4 Raman laser
Author(s): Ondrej Kitzler; Helena Jelínková; Jan Šulc; Lucia Koubíková; Michal Němec; Karel Nejezchleb; Václav Škoda
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A low jitter single frequency Q-switched laser from solid state to optical fiber configuration
Author(s): Frank F. Wu
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Observation of laser beam profile progression inside an extended laser cavity
Author(s): Frank F. Wu; Thomas C. Farrell
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Exploring optical properties of Nd-doped vanadates with intracavity self-mode locking
Author(s): H. C. Liang; J. C. Tung; C. H. Tsou; K. W. Su; Y. F. Chen
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Cr:ZnMgSe laser pumped by 1.7 µm Er:YLF radiation
Author(s): M. E. Doroshenko; H. Jelínková; M. Němec; J. Šulc; M. Jelínek; V. K. Komar; A. S. Gerasimenko; V. M. Puzikov; V. V. Badikov
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Characterization of polarizing splitter optics in extreme environments
Author(s): Ryand J. F. Tucker; Matthew Olson; Gregg L. Morelli
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High energy diode-pumped 5th harmonic generation of Nd: YAG laser
Author(s): Yang Yu; Chee Yuen Cheng; Yong Poo Chia; Wee Hoong Wong; Saw Soon Yong; Weijuan Qu; Xiaoyuan Peng
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High efficient, high peak power of 18kW with 4ns pulses of diode pumped passive Q-switched and self Q-switched Nd: YVO4] laser at both 1064nm using Cr:YAG and 532 nm using ktp crystals
Author(s): Ashraf F. El-Sherif; Mahmoud M. Talaat
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Development of kW class Nd:YAG composite ceramic thin disc laser
Author(s): K. Iyama; R. Bhushan; H. Furukawa; K. Tsubakimoto; H. Yoshida; H. Fujita; M. Fujita; N. Miyanaga; Y. Tamaoki; Y. Kato; T. Kawashima
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Spectroscopic characterization and upconversion processes under ~1.5 um pumping in Er doped Yttria ceramics
Author(s): Ei E. Brown; Uwe Hommerich; Althea Bluiett; Courtney Kucera; John Ballato; Sudhir Trivedi
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