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Energy-based Treatment of Tissue and Assessment VII
Editor(s): Thomas P. Ryan
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Volume Number: 8584
Date Published: 6 March 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8584
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Nanoparticles in medicine: selected observations and experimental caveats
Author(s): Sharon Thomsen; John A. Pearce; Andrew Giustini; P. Jack Hoopes
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Imaging and modification of the tumor vascular barrier for improvement in magnetic nanoparticle uptake and hyperthermia treatment efficacy
Author(s): P. Jack Hoopes; Alicia A. Petryk; Jennifer A. Tate; Mark S. Savellano; Rendall R. Strawbridge; Andrew J. Giustini; Radu V. Stan; Barjor Gimi; Michael Garwood
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New iron-oxide particles for magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia: an in-vitro and in-vivo pilot study
Author(s): Mohammad Hedayati; Anilchandra Attaluri; David Bordelon; R. Goh; Michael Armour; Haoming Zhou; Christine Cornejo; Michele Wabler; Yonggang Zhang; Theodore DeWeese; Robert Ivkov
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Microwave tumor ablation: cooperative academic-industry development of a high-power gas-cooled system with early clinical results
Author(s): Christopher L. Brace; Timothy J. Ziemlewicz; Rick Schefelker; J. Louis Hinshaw; Meghan G. Lubner; Fred T. Lee Jr.
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Thermotolerance of human myometrium: implications for minimally invasive uterine therapies
Author(s): Aaron C. Thomas; Brian T. Grisez; Kathleen McMillan; Nicholas Chill; Tyler P. Harclerode; Rebecca Radabaugh; Ryan M. Jones; James E. Coad
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Determination of the ablation efficiencies of the laser irradiated tissues via rate of temperature change over time
Author(s): Burcu Tunç; Murat Gülsoy
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Incisional effects of 1940 nm thulium fiber laser on oral soft tissues
Author(s): Melike Güney; Burcu Tunç; Murat Gülsoy
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Numerical models of cell death in RF ablation with monopolar and bipolar probes
Author(s): Benjamin M. Bright; John A. Pearce
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Predicting tissue division rates for TURP systems using finite element simulations
Author(s): Arlen K. Ward; George J. Collins
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Targeting of systemically-delivered magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia using a noninvasive, static, external magnetic field
Author(s): Grayson D. Zulauf; B. Stuart Trembly; Andrew J. Giustini; Brian R. Flint; Rendall R. Strawbridge; P. Jack Hoopes
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Preclinical dosimetry of magnetic fluid hyperthermia for bladder cancer
Author(s): Tiago R. Oliveira; Paul R. Stauffer; Chen-Ting Lee; Chelsea Landon; Wiguins Etienne; Paolo F. Maccarini; Brant Inman M.D.; Mark W. Dewhirst
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Understanding mNP hyperthermia for cancer treatment at the cellular scale
Author(s): Robert V. Stigliano; Fridon Shubitidze; Katsiaryna Kekalo; Ian Baker; Andrew J. Giustini; P. Jack Hoopes
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Oxygen microenvironment affects the uptake of nanoparticles in head and neck tumor cells
Author(s): Eunice Y. Chen; Sasson Hodge; Katherine Tai; Huagang Hou; Nadeem Khan; P. Jack Hoopes; Kimberley S. Samkoe
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Biodistribution of antibody-targeted and non-targeted iron oxide nanoparticles in a breast cancer mouse model
Author(s): Jennifer A. Tate; Warren Kett; Christian NDong; Karl E. Griswold; P. Jack Hoopes
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Improved delivery of magnetic nanoparticles with chemotherapy cancer treatment
Author(s): Alicia A. Petryk; Andrew J. Giustini; Rachel E. Gottesman; P. Jack Hoopes
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Biodistribution and imaging of fluorescently-tagged iron oxide nanoparticles in a breast cancer mouse model
Author(s): Jennifer A. Tate; Mark D. Savellano; P. Jack Hoopes
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Iron oxide nanoparticle enhancement of radiation cytotoxicity
Author(s): Courtney M. Mazur; Jennifer A. Tate; Rendall R. Strawbridge; David J. Gladstone; P. Jack Hoopes
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Hypothesis for thermal activation of the caspase cascade in apoptotic cell death at elevated temperatures
Author(s): John A. Pearce
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Evolution of pathology techniques for evaluating energy-based tissue effects
Author(s): Brian T. Grisez; Ryan M. Jones; James E. Coad
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Tissue fusion bursting pressure and the role of tissue water content
Author(s): James Cezo; Eric Kramer; Kenneth Taylor; Virginia Ferguson; Mark Rentschler
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Tissue sealing device associated thermal spread: a comparison of histologic methods for detecting adventitial collagen denaturation
Author(s): Ryan M. Jones; Brian T. Grisez; Aaron C. Thomas; Ryan H. Livengood; James E. Coad
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Overview of plasma technology used in medicine
Author(s): Thomas P. Ryan; Kenneth R. Stalder; Jean Woloszko
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Some physics and chemistry of Coblation electrosurgical plasma devices
Author(s): Kenneth R. Stalder; Thomas P. Ryan; Jean Woloszko M.D.
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Clinical applications of plasma based electrosurgical systems
Author(s): Jean Woloszko; Ashley Endler; Thomas P. Ryan; Kenneth R. Stalder
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Stable microwave radiometry system for long term monitoring of deep tissue temperature
Author(s): Paul R. Stauffer; Dario B. Rodriques; Sara Salahi; Erdem Topsakal; Tiago R. Oliveira; Aniruddh Prakash; Fabio D’Isidoro; Douglas Reudink; Brent W. Snow; Paolo F. Maccarini
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Numerical 3D modeling of heat transfer in human tissues for microwave radiometry monitoring of brown fat metabolism
Author(s): Dario B. Rodrigues; Paolo F. Maccarini; Sara Salahi; Erin Colebeck; Erdem Topsakal; Pedro J. S. Pereira; Paulo Limão-Vieira; Paul R. Stauffer
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In situ treatment of liver using catheter based therapeutic ultrasound with combined imaging and GPS tracking
Author(s): Goutam Ghoshal; Tamas Heffter; Emery Williams; Corinne Bromfield; Vasant Salgaonkar; Laurie Rund; John M. Ehrhardt; Chris J. Diederich; E. Clif Burdette
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Targeted hyperthermia in prostate with an MR-guided endorectal ultrasound phased array: patient specific modeling and preliminary experiments
Author(s): Vasant A. Salgaonkar; Punit Prakash; Juan Plata; Andrew Holbrook; Viola Rieke; John Kurhanewicz; I-C. Hsu; Chris J. Diederich
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MR guided thermal therapy of pancreatic tumors with endoluminal, intraluminal and interstitial catheter-based ultrasound devices: preliminary theoretical and experimental investigations
Author(s): Punit Prakash; Vasant A. Salgaonkar; Serena J. Scott; Peter Jones; Daniel Hensley; Andrew Holbrook; Juan Plata; Graham Sommer; Chris J. Diederich
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Non-invasive estimation of thermal tissue properties by high-intensity focused ultrasound
Author(s): Sunil Appanaboyina; Ari Partanen; Dieter Haemmerich
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Incorporating tissue absorption and scattering in rapid ultrasound beam modeling
Author(s): Douglas Christensen; Scott Almquist
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Ex-vivo and simulation comparison of multi-angular ablation patterns using catheter-based ultrasound transducers
Author(s): Goutam Ghoshal; Vasant Salgaonkar; Jeffrey Wooton; Emery Williams; Paul Neubauer; Lance Frith; Bruce Komadina; Chris Diederich; E. Clif Burdette
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Interstitial ultrasound ablation of tumors within or adjacent to bone: Contributions of preferential heating at the bone surface
Author(s): Serena J. Scott; Punit Prakash; Vasant Salgaonkar; Peter D. Jones; Richard N. Cam; Misung Han; Viola Rieke; E. Clif Burdette; Chris J. Diederich
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Magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia: predictive model for temperature distribution
Author(s): Robert V. Stigliano; Fridon Shubitidze; Alicia A. Petryk; Jennifer A. Tate; P. Jack Hoopes
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Development of a biodegradable iron oxide nanoparticle gel for tumor bed therapy
Author(s): B. P. Cunkelman; E. Y. Chen; A. A. Petryk; J. A. Tate; S. G. Thappa; R. J. Collier; P. J. Hoopes
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Infrared thermography analysis of thermal diffusion induced by RF magnetic field on agar phantoms loaded with magnetic nanoparticles
Author(s): Jose Bante-Guerra; J. D. Macías; L. Caballero-Aguilar; C. Vales-Pinzón; J. J. Alvarado-Gil
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