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Dynamics and Fluctuations in Biomedical Photonics X
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Volume Number: 8580
Date Published: 6 March 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8580
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Mapping of spatial distribution of superficial blood vessels in human skin by double correlation analysis of optical coherence tomography images
Author(s): A. Doronin; S. Botting; M. Meglinski; K. Jentoft; I. Meglinski
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Measurement of dynamic scattering beneath stationary layers using multiple-exposure laser speckle contrast analysis
Author(s): Evan Hirst; Oliver Thompson; Mike Andrews
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Effective frequency sensitivity of laser speckle contrast measurements
Author(s): O. B. Thompson; E. R. Hirst; M. K. Andrews
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Enhancing antibiofilm efficacy in antimicrobial photodynamic therapy: effect of microbubbles
Author(s): Anil Kishen; Saji George
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Monitoring cells in engineered tissues with optical coherence phase microscopy: Optical phase fluctuations as endogenous sources of contrast
Author(s): P. O. Bagnaninchi; Christina Holmes; Maryam Tabrizian
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Optical coherence tomography to delineate the interactions of PAMAM dendrimers with the porcine skin surface
Author(s): Amy M. Judd; Gary P. Moss; Jon Heylings; Ka-Wai Wan; Ying Yang
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A preliminary investigation: the impact of microscopic condenser on depth of field in cytogenetic imaging
Author(s): Liqiang Ren; Yuchen Qiu; Zheng Li; Yuhua Li; Bin Zheng; Shibo Li; Wei R. Chen; Hong Liu
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Multiple reference optical coherence tomography (MR-OCT) system
Author(s): Martin Leahy; Josh Hogan; Carol Wilson; Hrebesh Subhash; Roshan Dsouza
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In vivo microcirculation imaging of the sub surface fingertip using correlation mapping optical coherence tomography (cmOCT)
Author(s): Roshan I. Dsouza; Azhar Zam; Hrebesh M. Subhash; Kirill V. Larin; Martin Leahy
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PCA based polarized fluorescence study for detecting human cervical dysplasia
Author(s): Anita H. Gharekhan; Seema Devi; Jaidip Jagtap; Prasanta K. Panigrahi; Asima Pradhan
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Reflectance spectroscopy for evaluating optical clearing efficacy of skin in vivo
Author(s): Xiewei Zhong; Jing Wang; Rui Shi; Dan Zhu
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Computational analysis of optical coherence tomography images for the detection of soft tissue sarcomas
Author(s): Shang Wang; Narendran Sudheendran; Chih-Hao Liu; Ravi Kiran Manapuram; Valery P. Zakharov; Davis R. Ingram; Alexander J. Lazar; Dina C. Lev; Raphael E. Pollock; Kirill V. Larin
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Structured illumination fluorescence correlation spectroscopy for velocimetry in Zebrafish embryos
Author(s): Paolo Pozzi; Leone Rossetti; Laura Sironi; Stefano Freddi; Laura D'Alfonso; Michele Caccia; Margaux Bouzin; Maddalena Collini; Giuseppe Chirico
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Fluorometry of ischemia reperfusion injury in rat lungs in vivo
Author(s): R. Sepehr; K. Staniszewski; E. R. Jacobs; S. Audi; Mahsa Ranji
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High-speed full-range spectral-domain correlation mapping optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Hrebesh M. Subhash; Martin Leahy
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Modelling cerebral blood oxygenation using Monte Carlo XYZ-PA
Author(s): Azhar Zam; Steven L. Jacques; Sergey Alexandrov; Youzhi Li; Martin J. Leahy
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Variable-range Doppler optical microangiography using stabilized step scanning and phase variance binarized mask
Author(s): Lei Shi; Jia Qin; Suzan Dziennis ; Ruikang K. Wang
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A device to improve the SNR of the measurement of the positional floating reference point
Author(s): Jingying Jiang; Xuzheng Rong; Hao Zhang; Kexin Xu
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Computer vision localization-based in vivo measurement by NIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Jingying Jiang; Hao Zhang; XuZheng Rong; Kexin Xu
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Simulation on how to customize glucose adjustment method for non-invasive blood glucose sensing by NIRS
Author(s): Xiaolin Min; Jingying Jiang; Da Zou; Rong Liu; Kexin Xu
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Monte Carlo simulation on the effect of dermal thickness variances on noninvasive blood glucose sensing
Author(s): Jingying Jiang; Da Zou; Xiaolin Min; Zhenhe Ma; Kexin Xu
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Adaptive wavelet-based recognition of oscillatory patterns on electroencephalograms
Author(s): Alexey I. Nazimov; Alexey N. Pavlov; Alexander E. Hramov; Vadim V. Grubov; Alexey A. Koronovskii; Evgenija Yu. Sitnikova
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On-off intermittency of thalamo-cortical neuronal network oscillations in the electroencephalogram of rodents with genetic predisposition to absence epilepsy
Author(s): Alexander E. Hramov; Vadim V. Grubov; Alexey N. Pavlov; Evgenija Yu. Sitnikova; Alexey A. Koronovskii; Anastasija E. Runnova; Sveltlana A. Shurugina; Alexey V. Ivanov
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Wavelet-based filtering of OCT-data: application to study cerebral arteries
Author(s): Alexey N. Pavlov; Oxana V. Semyachkina-Glushkovskaya; Vladislav V. Lychagov
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4D display of the outflow track of embryonic-chick hearts (HH 14-19) using a high speed streak mode OCT
Author(s): Siyu Ma; Rui Wang; Richard L. Goodwin; Roger R. Markwald; Thomas K. Borg; Raymond B. Runyan; Zhi Gao
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Scaling of photothermal effects accounting for localization of CW and pulse laser radiation within plasmonic nanoparticles
Author(s): Alexander N. Yakunin; Yuri A. Avetisyan; Valery V. Tuchin
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