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Optical Methods for Tumor Treatment and Detection: Mechanisms and Techniques in Photodynamic Therapy XXII
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Volume Number: 8568
Date Published: 15 March 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8568
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Effects of oxygenation on PDT efficacy as a function of reactive oxygen species formation
Author(s): David Kessel; Michael Price
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Environmental effects on molecular biomarkers expression in pancreatic and brain cancer
Author(s): Lawrence Mensah; Srivalleesha Mallidi; Iqbal Massodi; Sriram Anbil; Zhiming Mai; Tayyaba Hasan
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A theoretical comparison of macroscopic and microscopic modeling of singlet oxygen during Photofrin and HPPH mediated-PDT
Author(s): Baochang Liu; Michele M. Kim; Timothy C. Zhu
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Photonic cancer therapy: modulating cellular metabolism with light
Author(s): Isabel Coutinho; Manuel Correia; Thiagarajan Viruthachalam; Gnana Prakash Gajula; Steffen B Petersen; Maria Teresa Neves-Petersen
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Mechanism of enhanced responses after combination photodynamic therapy (cPDT) in carcinoma cells involves C/EBP-mediated transcriptional upregulation of the coproporphyrinogen oxidase (CPO) gene
Author(s): Sanjay Anand; Tayyaba Hasan; Edward V. Maytin
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Subsurface PpIX imaging in vivo with ultrasound-guided tomographic spectroscopy: reconstruction vs. born-normalized data
Author(s): Brendan P. Flynn; Alisha V. D'Souza; Stephen C. Kanick; Edward Maytin; Tayyaba Hasan; Brian W. Pogue
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A theoretical and experimental examination of fluorescence in enclosed cavities
Author(s): Kara Lambson; Xing Liang; Anna V. Sharikova; Timothy C. Zhu; Jarod C. Finlay
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Noninvasive imaging of absolute PpIX concentration distribution in nonmelanoma skin tumors at pre-PDT
Author(s): Ulas Sunar; Daniel Rohrbach; Janet Morgan; Natalie Zeitouni
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Modelling the hypersensitivity of cancer cells to infra-red laser pulse: breaking ROS defence machinery
Author(s): S. G. Sokolovski; A. Goltsov; E. U. Rafailov
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Modeling stromal determinants of 3D tumor growth to inform PDT-mediated combination treatments
Author(s): I. Rizvi; S. Anbil; J. P. Celli; N. Alagic; I. Massodi; T. Hasan
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Photodynamic characterization and optimization using multifunctional nanoparticles for brain cancer treatment
Author(s): Kristen Herrmann; Yong-Eun Lee Koo; Daniel A. Orringer; Oren Sagher; Martin Philbert; Raoul Kopelman
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Photodynamic therapy of locally advanced pancreatic cancer (VERTPAC study): final clinical results
Author(s): M. T. Huggett; M. Jermyn; A. Gillams; S. Mosse; E. Kent; S. G. Bown M.D.; T. Hasan; B. W. Pogue; S. P. Pereira
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Clinical studies of combined photodynamic therapy using 5-fluorouracil and methyl-aminolevulinate in patients at high risk for squamous cell carcinoma
Author(s): Edward V. Maytin M.D.; Sara Lohser M.D.; Alejandra Tellez M.D.; Lauren Wene; Rim Ishak M.D.; Sanjay Anand
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Real-time treatment feedback guidance of Pleural PDT
Author(s): Timothy C. Zhu; Michele M. Kim; Xing Liang; Baochang Liu; Julia L. Meo; Jarod C. Finlay; Andreea Dimofte; Carmen Rodriguez; Charles Simone II; Keith Cengel; Joseph Friedberg
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Effects of modeled optical properties on recovered fluorophore concentration during image-guided fluorescence tomography
Author(s): Alisha V. D'Souza; Brendan P. Flynn; Stephen C. Kanick; Brian W. Pogue
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A robotic multi-channel platform for interstitial photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Anna V. Sharikova; Jarod C. Finlay; Andreea Dimofte; Timothy C. Zhu
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Overcoming therapeutic resistance in pancreatic cancer is not a simple mix of PDT and chemotherapy: Evaluation of PDT-chemotherapy combinations in 3D tumor models
Author(s): Jonathan P. Celli; Ljubica Petrovic; Iqbal Massdodi; Imran Rizvi; Tayyaba Hasan
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A photobleaching-based PDT dose metric predicts PDT efficacy over certain BPD concentration ranges in a three-dimensional model of ovarian cancer
Author(s): S. Anbil; I. Rizvi; J. P. Celli; N. Alagic; T. Hasan
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Monte Carlo simulation of light fluence calculation during pleural PDT
Author(s): Julia L. Meo; Timothy Zhu
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Light dosimetry and dose verification for pleural PDT
Author(s): Andreea Dimofte; Anna V. Sharikova; Julia L. Meo; Charles B. Simone II; Joseph S. Friedberg; Timothy C. Zhu
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LEDs as excitation source for time resolved singlet oxygen luminescence detection in cell suspensions
Author(s): Steffen Hackbarth; Annegret Preuss; Tobias Perna; Jan Schlothauer; Beate Röder
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In-vivo luminescence model for the study of tumor regression and regrowth following combination regimens with differentiation-promoting agents and photodynamic therapy
Author(s): K. Rollakanti; S. Anand; E. V. Maytin
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Photodynamic therapy light dose analysis of a patient based upon arterial and venous contrast CT scan information
Author(s): Michael Jermyn; Scott C. Davis; Hamid Dehghani; Matthew Huggett; Tayyaba Hasan; Stephen P. Pereira; Brian W. Pogue
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Parameter determination for singlet oxygen modeling of BPD-mediated PDT
Author(s): Dayton D. McMillan; Daniel Chen; Michele M. Kim; Xing Liang; Timothy C. Zhu
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A novel near real-time laser scanning device for geometrical determination of pleural cavity surface
Author(s): Michele M. Kim; Timothy C. Zhu
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Monitoring PDT response of head and neck lesions with diffuse optical spectroscopies
Author(s): Daniel J. Rohrbach; Nestor Rigual; Erin Tracy; Ken Keymel; Michele T. Cooper; Heinz Baumann; Barbara W. Henderson; Ulas Sunar
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A probe specific empirical light transport model for improved quantification of optical parameters for accurate PDT dosimetry
Author(s): Daniel J. Rohrbach; Andrew Kowalczewski; Bouri Chen; Ulas Sunar
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Imaging nonmelanoma skin cancers with combined ultrasound-photoacoustic microscopy
Author(s): Ulas Sunar; Daniel J. Rohrbach; Janet Morgan; Natalie Zeitouni
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PDT dose dosimetry for pleural photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Anna V. Sharikova; Jarod C. Finlay; Xing Liang; Timothy C. Zhu
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Targeted imaging of ovarian cancer cells using viral nanoparticles doped with indocyanine green
Author(s): Yadir Guerrero; Baharak Bahmani; Bonsu Jung; Valentine Vullev; Vikas Kundra; Bahman Anvari
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An ultrasound-guided fluorescence tomography system: design and specification
Author(s): Alisha V. D'Souza; Brendan P. Flynn; Stephen C. Kanick; Sason Torosean; Scott C. Davis; Edward V. Maytin; Tayyaba Hasan; Brian W. Pogue
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Towards image-guided photodynamic therapy of Glioblastoma
Author(s): Srivalleesha Mallidi; Huang-Chiao Huang; Joyce Liu; Zhiming Mai; Tayyaba Hasan
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Calculation of singlet oxygen formation from one photon absorbing photosensitizers used in PDT
Author(s): M. Potasek; Evgueni Parilov; K. Beeson
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Pancreas tumor model in rabbit imaged by perfusion CT scans
Author(s): Jason Gunn; Kenneth Tichauer; Karen Moodie; Susan Kane; Jack Hoopes; Errol E. Stewart; Jennifer Hadway; Ting-Yim Lee; Stephen P. Pereira; Brian W. Pogue
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