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Optical Metrology and Inspection for Industrial Applications II
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Volume Number: 8563
Date Published: 2 January 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8563
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multi-frequency sweeping interferometry using spatial optical frequency modulation
Author(s): Samuel Choi; Heiichi Kato; Osami Sasaki; Takamasa Suzuki
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Simulation of real-time large-scale absolute distance measurement with a pair of femtosecond frequency comb lasers
Author(s): Yang Li; Qian Zhou; Kai Ni; Guanhao Wu; Xiaorui Qiao
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An approach to compensate the object movement errors in phase shifting profilometry
Author(s): Lei Lu; Jiangtao Xi; Yanguang Yu; Limei Song
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A composite quality-guided phase unwrapping algorithm for fast 3D profile measurement
Author(s): Ke Chen; Jiangtao Xi; Yanguang Yu; Limei Song
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A data processing method to improve the accuracy of depth measurement by binocular stereo vision system
Author(s): Jia Tang; Ming Zhang; Liqiang Wang
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Coordinates calibration in precision detection of 3D optical deformation measurement system
Author(s): Honggang Lu; Chunsheng Hu; Xingshu Wang; Yang Gao; Wei Wu
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Ball-bar based self-calibration technique for five-axis optical measurement system
Author(s): X. M. Du; Jiajun Gu; K. G. Harding
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A new 3D measurement method and its calibration based on the combination of binocular and monocular vision
Author(s): Dong Li; Jindong Tian; Xin Yang
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Imaging Stokes polarimeter by dual rotating retarder and analyzer and its application of evaluation of Japanese lacquer
Author(s): Ryota Mizutani; Tomoharu Ishikawa; Miyoshi Ayama; Yukitoshi Otani
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Absolute measurement of optical surface profile with a Fizeau interferometer
Author(s): Osami Sasaki; Akihiro Watanabe; Samuel Choi; Takamasa Suzuki
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Spindle error motion measurement using concentric circle grating and phase modulation interferometers
Author(s): M. Aketagawa; M. Madden; S. Uesugi; T. Kumagai; Y. Maeda; E. Okuyama
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Circular gratings' moiré effect for projection measurement in volume optical computerized tomography with two-step phase-shifting method
Author(s): Jia Wang; Yang Song; Zhen-hua Li; An-zhi He
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Phase shift reflectometry for sub-surface defect detection
Author(s): Anand Asundi; Huang Lei; Teoh Kang Min Eden; Parthasarathy Sreemathy; Watt Sook May
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Continuous turbine blade creep measurement based on Moiré
Author(s): Yi Liao; Robert Tait; Kevin Harding; Edward J. Nieters; Wayne C. Hasz; Nicole Piche
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Towards a one step geometric calibration of an optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Jesús Díaz Díaz; Maik Rahlves; Omid Majdani; Eduard Reithmeier; Tobias Ortmaier
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Real-time displacement measurement using VCSEL interferometer
Author(s): Takamasa Suzuki; Noriaki Yamada; Osami Sasaki; Samuel Choi
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Small size probe for inner profile measurement of pipes using optical fiber ring beam device
Author(s): Toshitaka Wakayama; Kizuku Machi; Toru Yoshizawa
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Fiber-optic confocal probe with an integrated real-time apex finder for high-precision center thickness measurement of ball lenses
Author(s): Armote Somboonkaew; Ratthasart Amarit; Sataporn Chanhorm; Boonsong Sutapun
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OCT for industrial applications
Author(s): Guiju Song; Kevin Harding
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Extended depth of field for visual measurement systems with depth-invariant magnification
Author(s): Yanyu Zhao; Yufu Qu
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Simultaneous measurement of birefringence magnitude and direction using Wollaston prism
Author(s): Longhai Liu; Aijun Zeng; Beishi Chen; Lexing Zheng; Huijie Huang
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Image detection of inner wall surface of holes in metal sheets through polarization using a 3D TV monitor
Author(s): Takamasa Suzuki; Katsunori Nakano; Shogo Muramatsu; Toshiro Oitate
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Industrial surface finish method comparison for fine finish measurements
Author(s): Kevin Harding; Esmaeil Heidari; Robert Tait; Guangping Xie; Zirong Zhai
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Temporal phase retrieval in dynamic speckle interferometry by adaptive emperical mode decomposition
Author(s): Hao Zhang; Jin He; Meng Zhu; Zhanhua Huang
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Holographic approach to detection of delamination areas in layered polymeric waveguides by means of strain solitons
Author(s): Irina V. Semenova; Galina V. Dreiden; Karima R. Khusnutdinova; Alexander M. Samsonov
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Research of dynamic detecting the raw silk fineness on line by a linear CCD and FPGA
Author(s): Feng-jiao Liu; Wang Zhou; Guo-qiang Chen; Hong gen Yi
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An optoelectronic system for the in-flight measurement of helicopter rotor blades' motions and strains
Author(s): Youwei Huang; Weizhen Cheng; Yan Li; Wanxin Li
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A speed auto-adaptable system for high speed inspection of rail-track defects
Author(s): Jia Ge; Yunhan Luo; Jun Zhang; Long Guo; Liang Sun; Zhe Chen
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Simultaneous measurements of atmospheric NO2 and HONO using IBBCEAS with a near-ultraviolet LED
Author(s): Liuyi Ling; Pinhua Xie; Min Qin; Renzhi Hu; Nina Zheng; Fuqi Si
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Research on the video detection device in the invisible part of stay cable anchorage system
Author(s): Lin Cai; Nianchun Deng; Zexin Xiao
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Dynamic measurements by the color grating projection method using a two-step Fourier transform method
Author(s): Kazuhide Kamiya; Takashi Nomura; Ami Tanbo; Matsumoto Kimihisa; Tashiro Hatsuzou; Shinya Suzuki
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Multiple-pulse-train-interference-based measurement of refractive index of air using femtosecond optical frequency comb
Author(s): Dong Wei; Kiyoshi Takamasu; Hirokazu Matsumoto
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Use of ellipsometer to determine the optical properties of the satellite surface coated materials
Author(s): Yanhui Li; Zhensen Wu; Lu Bai
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Traceable dual-frequency measurement of Zeeman split He-Ne lasers using an optical frequency comb locked external cavity diode laser
Author(s): Haoyun Wei; Xuejian Wu; Lei Zhou; Jitao Zhang; Yan Li
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A method for phase unwrapping base digital spackle correlation
Author(s): Dong He; Ameng Li; Xiaoli Liu; Xiang Peng
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Analysis of non-uniformity of irradiance measurement uncertainties of a pulsed solar simulator
Author(s): Yingwei He; Limin Xiong; Haifeng Meng; Junchao Zhang; Dingpu Liu; Jieyu Zhang
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Geometric calibration and accuracy assessment of a multispectral imager on UAVs
Author(s): Fengjie Zheng; Tao Yu; Xingfeng Chen; Jiping Chen; Guoti Yuan
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Technology of optical azimuth transmission
Author(s): Honggang Lu; Chunsheng Hu; Xingshu Wang; Yang Gao
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Algorithm research of high-precision optical interferometric phase demodulation based on FPGA
Author(s): Chunxiao Zhi; Jinghua Sun
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Interferometric determination of the silicon sphere diameter using a laser frequency tuning system calibrated by a Fabry-Perot cavity
Author(s): Xuejian Wu; Jitao Zhang; Haoyun Wei; Yan Li
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