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Advanced Sensor Systems and Applications V
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Volume Number: 8561
Date Published: 7 January 2013

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Front Matter: Volume 8561
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
An experimental study on detection of load application onto an optical fiber by means of changes of a speckle pattern
Author(s): Makoto Hasegawa; Muneki Kawahara
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Rock mass acoustic emission detection using DFB fiber lasers
Author(s): Wenzhu Huang; Huaixiang Ma; Wentao Zhang; Fang Li; Yanliang Du
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Rotation phenomena of speckle patterns observed in an output light spot from an optical fiber and its applicability for sensing applications
Author(s): Makoto Hasegawa; Yusuke Takahashi; Muneki Kawahara
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Thermal stability solutions for optical current sensor using the thermoelectric method
Author(s): Shuping Wang; Abdullaziz Alahmari; Xiaoling Yang
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High performance four-element DFB fiber laser hydrophone array system
Author(s): Zhihui Sun; Li Min; Xiaolei Zhang ; Jiasheng Ni ; Haifeng Qi; Yingying Wang; Chang Wang; Jun Chang; Gangding Peng
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Self-phase modulation in a nonlinear single-mode fiber Fabry-Pérot cavity with high intensity pulsed laser injection
Author(s): Haiyan Chen; Cong Chen; Lilin Chen
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Characterization of Mach-Zehnder interferometer-based photonic crystal fiber sensors
Author(s): Amine Ben Salem; Ahmed Dhib; Rim Cherif; Mourad Zghal
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Study of photonic crystal cavity sensor integrated with microfluidic channel in the visible region
Author(s): Lei Zhang; Tun Cao; Zhi Gang Li; Kai Rong Qin; Wei Ping Yan
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Single-helix chiral long-period fiber gratings for wavelength-interrogated liquid level sensing
Author(s): Li Yang; Yunfei Wu
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A fiber-optic flexural disk microphone of high sensitivity
Author(s): Ran Tao; Xuqiang Wu; Qifa Zhang; Sheng Huang; Gang Zhang; Benli Yu
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A novel method for design and development of a magnetic motor based on thermal energy
Author(s): Goona Nithin Kumar; P Saidi Reddy; G. R. C. Reddy
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Monitoring system for a high steep slope based on optical fiber sensing technology
Author(s): Feng Li; Yanliang Du; Wentao Zhang; Baochen Sun; Fang Li
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Fabrication and sensing characteristics of tilted long-period fiber gratings
Author(s): Rui Wu; Yunqi Liu; Na Chen; Fufei Pang; Tingyun Wang
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Highly sensitive temperature measurement based on polymer-coated single-mode, multimode, single-mode, fiber structure
Author(s): Linlin Xue; Yujuan Zhang; Di Che; Qijin Zhang; Li Yang
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Phase shifted FBG fabricated with arc discharge erasing technique
Author(s): Yuanhong Yang; Xiaozhe Zhang; Xuejing Liu
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Experimental investigation of birefringence of solid core polarization maintaining photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): Weiqian Duan; Yuanhong Yang; Xing Zhang; Miao Ye
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Optical voltage sensor using single Fresnel rhomb Bi4Ge3O12 crystal
Author(s): Changsheng Li; Rong Zeng
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Sub-pixel algorithms on linear-array detector grating spectrometer
Author(s): Chuan Qin; Jianlin Zhao; Biqiang Jiang; Dexing Yang
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The influence of fiber inhomogeneity on the positioning accuracy of distributed fiber vibration sensor
Author(s): Shangran Xie; Min Zhang; Yanhe Li; Yanbiao Liao
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Sensitivity limits of guided modes in silicon integrated waveguide-based sensors
Author(s): Oleg Żero; Astrid Aksnes
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Planar optical microring resonators used as biosensors: guidelines for designing polymer compared to semiconductor-based waveguides
Author(s): R. Landgraf; T. Haugwitz; R. Kirchner; W.-J. Fischer
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Camera calibration external parameters amendments in vision measuring
Author(s): Yexin Zhao; Xiaoping Lou; Naiguang Lv
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The design of multi-parameter detection platform of drinking water based on two-electrode voltammetry
Author(s): Ya-zhuo Li; Jia-li Wei; Xiao-ping Wang
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A HBF strain sensor with piezoelectric ceramic based on Sagnac LM
Author(s): Lidan Yin; Li Wang; Tiesheng Wu
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Experimental research on motion detection accuracy of joint transform correlator
Author(s): Guang Lin; Qi Li; Huajun Feng; Zhihai Xu
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An ammonia sensor with high sensitivity in farmland based on laser absorption spectroscopy technology
Author(s): Ying He; Yujun Zhang; Liming Wang; Kun You; Yanwei Gao; Anning Zhu; Wenliang Yang
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FDMA/TDMA hybrid MAC protocol for wireless sensor network
Author(s): Qi Qi; Hong Wu; Lei Ji
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A pressure sensor based on high-birefringence fiber loop mirror
Author(s): Tiancong Xu; Shuyang Hu; Dongmei Bai
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Surface plasmon resonance sensor based on multihole optical fiber with TiO2 layer
Author(s): Di Gao; Chunying Guan; Yaowu Wen; Hailong Wu; Libo Yuan
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PH sensor using fiber Bragg grating based on swelling of hydrogel
Author(s): Xiaohua Lei; Bo Dong; Jianmin Gong; Anbo Wang; Weimin Chen
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Bending characteristics of long-period fiber grating with an over-coupled resonant wavelength
Author(s): Xiaozhong Tian; Chunying Guan; Shuqiang Li; Xing Zhong; Libo Yuan
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A new type fiber-optic accelerometer
Author(s): Chang Yang; Hongpu Zhou; Min Zhang; Shangran Xie; Fajie Duan; Yanbiao Liao
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The research and implementation of mobile sink for the regional information monitoring system based on WSN
Author(s): Biyao Shen; Hong Wu; Lei Ji
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The study of intelligent temperature measurement based on optic fiber
Author(s): Xiaoqiao Xing; Yuexiang Peng; Xinchen Xu
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Theoretical study of the fiber nonlinear polarization sensing based on whispering gallery modes
Author(s): Rui Yang; Hai-peng Jin
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An experimental study about humidity sensors based on tapered optical fibers
Author(s): Xinghu Fu; Guangwei Fu; Weihong Bi
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A novel safety light curtain system using a hemispherical mirror
Author(s): Yusuke Kenjo; Ryosuke Suzue; Huimin Lu; Kohei Miyata; Shiyuan Yang; Seiichi Serikawa
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A new AD device application in the CCD signal process system
Author(s): Su Lei; Qiang min He; Shuang jiang Yu
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Measurement and analysis on infrared imaging system performance under libration
Author(s): Jing Wang; Ming Ji
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Multiplexing of double cladding fiber sensors for bending sensor
Author(s): Libo Wu; Fufei Pang; Zhenyi Chen; Tingyun Wang
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A single-photon detector without cooler
Author(s): Bing Zhou; Fu-yu Huang; Dong-sheng Wu; Jie Liu
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Discrete multi-target on-off states detection and location with optical fiber sensing system
Author(s): Nian Fang; Lutang Wang; Zhaoming Huang; Chen Liu
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Investigation of effects of diameter on characteristics of a long-period fiber grating
Author(s): Xiaobei Zhang; Zhaohui Yin; Yang Li; Fufei Pang; Yunqi Liu; Tingyun Wang
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Distributed feedback fiber laser strain sensor with high sensitivity in a wide frequency range
Author(s): Xiaolei Zhang; Gangding Peng; Chang Wang; Zhihui Sun; Jiasheng Ni; Yingying Wang
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The implementation of zero-phase high-pass filtering in interferometric fiber-optic hydrophone system
Author(s): Yaowen Xiao; Min Zhang; Kai Wang
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Design of semiconductor ice box cooled by solar power supply
Author(s): Jie Hou; Shiquan Qiao; Jun Zuo; Shuwang Chen
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The frequency mixing impact analysis of the light intensity noise with modulation signals in phase generated carrier (PGC) demodulation method
Author(s): Jiaolong Yu; Shenglai Zhen; Xiaoyan Chen; Guowei Tang; Benli Yu
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Characteristics of in-fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometer formed by lateral offset splicing
Author(s): Xiujuan Yu; Ge Li; Shengchun Liu; Jintao Zhang; Xuefeng Chen; Liying Zhang; Yanbiao Liao
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Characteristics analysis of coating layer power distribution of eccentric core optical fiber
Author(s): Jianxia Liu; Hongchang Deng; Libo Yuan
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Use of bending of a single SMS fiber structure for measurement of temperature sensing
Author(s): Yujuan Zhang; Linlin Xue; Li Yang; Qijin Zhang
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Research on fiber Bragg grating based on micro-fiber
Author(s): Nuan Jiang; Zhengtong Wei; Pan Xu; Huayong Yang; Yongming Hu
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Ultra long distance distributed fiber-optic system for intrusion detection
Author(s): Dongsheng Tu; Shangran Xie; Zhaogong Jiang; Min Zhang
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