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Nanosystems in Engineering and Medicine
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Volume Number: 8548
Date Published: 9 November 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8548
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Advanced biohybrid materials based on nanoclays for biomedical applications
Author(s): Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky; Margarita Darder; Bernd Wicklein; Francisco M. Fernandes; Fidel A. Castro-Smirnov; M. Angeles Martín del Burgo; Gustavo del Real; Pilar Aranda
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Multifunctional superparamagnetic nanoparticles for enhanced drug transport in cystic fibrosis
Author(s): Leisha M. Armijo; Yekaterina I. Brandt; Antonio C. Rivera; Nathaniel C. Cook; John B. Plumley; Nathan J. Withers; Michael Kopciuch; Gennady A. Smolyakov; Dale L. Huber; Hugh D. Smyth; Marek Osinski
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Coloring brain tumor with multi-potent micellar nanoscale drug delivery system
Author(s): Kyuha Chong M.D.; Kyungsun Choi; EunSoo Kim; Eun Chun Han; Jungsul Lee; Junghwa Cha; Taeyun Ku; Jonghee Yoon; Ji Ho Park; Chulhee Choi
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Magnetic iron oxide and the effect of grafting on the magnetic properties
Author(s): L. Truong Phuoc; J. Jouhannaud; G. Pourroy
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Bi-photon imaging and diagnostics using ultra-small diagnostic probes engineered from semiconductor nanocrystals and single-domain antibodies
Author(s): Hilal Hafian; Alyona Sukhanova; Patrick Chames; Daniel Baty; Michel Pluot; Jacques H. M. Cohen; Igor R. Nabiev; Jean-Marc Millot
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Semiconductor quantum dots affect fluidity of purple membrane from Halobacterium salinarum through disruption of bacteriorhodopsin trimer organization
Author(s): Nicolas Bouchonville; Michael Molinari; Anthony Le Cigne; Michel Troyon; Alyona Sukhanova; Igor R. Nabiev
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Printable thermoelectric devices and conductive patterns for medical applications
Author(s): Jungmin Lee; Hyunjung Kim; Linfeng Chen; Sang H. Choi; Vijay K. Varadan
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Synthesis and characterization of cellulose-functionalized 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine(dopamine)/silica-gold nanomaterials by sol-gel process.
Author(s): Sivalingam Ramesh; Joo-Hyung Kim
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Wireless glucose monitoring watch enabled by an implantable self-sustaining glucose sensor system
Author(s): Pratyush Rai; Vijay K. Varadan
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Nanocomposite electrodes for smartphone enabled healthcare garments: e-bra and smart vest
Author(s): Prashanth S. Kumar; Pratyush Rai; Sechang Oh; Hyeokjun Kwon; Vijay K. Varadan
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A nanofluidic bioarray chip for fast and high-throughput detection of antibodies in biological fluids
Author(s): Jonathan Lee; Naveed Gulzar; Jamie K. Scott; Paul C. H. Li
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Carbon nanotubes polymer nanoparticles inks for healthcare textile
Author(s): Pratyush Rai; Jungmin Lee; Gyanesh N. Mathur; Vijay K. Varadan
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Histology-directed MALDI mass spectrometry for the diagnostic pathology
Author(s): Hark Kyun Kim; In-Hoo Kim
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Bio-microinstrumentation technology: discrete components to modular systems
Author(s): Bonnie L. Gray
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Gd chelated PANI nanoparticles for combined MR imaging and NIR photothermal cancer therapy
Author(s): Taeksu Lee; Doyeon Bang; Jin-Suck Suh; Yong-Min Huh; Seungjoo Haam
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Luminescence/magnetic resonance imaging and photodynamic therapy based on upconverting nanoparticles
Author(s): Yong Il Park; Hyung Min Kim; Jeong Hyun Kim; Kyung Chul Moon; Byeongjun Yoo; Kang Taek Lee; Soo-Young Yoon; Yung Doug Suh; Sung Ho Lee; Taeghwan Hyeon
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Manipulation of permanent magnetic polymer micro-robots: a new approach towards guided wireless capsule endoscopy
Author(s): D. Hilbich; A. Rahbar; A. Khosla; B. L. Gray
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Wireless Telemedicine Systems for Diagnosing Sleep Disorders with Zigbee Star Network Topology
Author(s): Sechang Oh; Hyeokjun Kwon; Vijay K. Varadan
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The evolution of telemedicine and nano-technology
Author(s): Dong Kyun Park; Eun Young Jung; Byung Chan Moon
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E-Bra system for women ECG measurement with GPRS communication, Nanosensor, and motion artifact remove algorithm
Author(s): Hyeokjun Kwon; Sechang Oh; Prashanth S. Kumar; Vijay K. Varadan
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Smart garments in chronic disease management: progress and challenges
Author(s): Ajit Khosla
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Microwave thermal radiation effects on skin tissues
Author(s): Hargsoon Yoon; Kyo D. Song; Uhn Lee M.D.; Sang H. Choi
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Neurobiological linkage between stress and sleep
Author(s): Larry D. Sanford; Laurie L. Wellman
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Size control of ferrimagnetic iron oxide nanocubes to achieve optimum static dephasing regime r[sub]2[/sub] relaxivity for in vivo MRI
Author(s): Youjin Lee; Nohyun Lee; Mihyun Park; Seung Hong Choi; Taeghwan Hyeon
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Biomimetic approaches for engineered organ chips and skin electronics for in vitro diagnostics
Author(s): Kahp-Yang Suh; Changhyun Pang; Kyung-Jin Jang; Hong Nam Kim; Alex Jiao; Nathaniel S. Hwang; Min Sung Kim; Do-Hyun Kang; Deok-Ho Kim
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Role of metallic stents in benign esophageal stricture
Author(s): Chan Sup Shim M.D.
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Drug-eluting stent in malignant biliary obstruction
Author(s): Dong-Ki Lee; Sung Ill Jang
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A portable and high energy efficient desalination/purification system by ion concentration polarization
Author(s): Sung Jae Kim; Bumjoo Kim; Rhokyun Kwak; Geunbae Kim; Jongyoon Han
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Laminated cubic biodegradable polymer structures for bacteria-based, robotic drug delivery
Author(s): Hyung Jung Yoo; Sangmin Lee; Jae Hyun Ahn; Seok-jun Hong; Minjae Lee; Jong Mo Seo; Tae You Kim; Sung Jae Kim; Dong-il "Dan" Cho
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New drug-eluting stents to prevent stent thrombosis and restenosis for acute myocardial infarction: from the experience of Korean acute myocardial infarction registry
Author(s): In-Ho Bae; Myung Ho Jeong
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Optogenetic mapping of brain circuitry
Author(s): George J. Augustine; Ken Berglund; Harin Gill; Carolin Hoffmann; Malvika Katarya; Jinsook Kim; John Kudolo; Li Ming Lee; Molly Lee; Daniel Lo; Ryuichi Nakajima; Min Yoon Park; Gregory Tan; Yanxia Tang; Peggy Teo; Sachiko Tsuda; Lei Wen; Su-In Yoon
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Resting state brain networks and their implications in neurodegenerative disease
Author(s): William Seunghyun Sohn; Kwangsun Yoo; Jinho Kim; Yong Jeong
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Optogenetic tools for in vivo applications in neonatal mice
Author(s): Yue Zhang; Nan Qin; Yupu Diao; Yangtai Guan; Lu Fan; Michael C. Crair; Jiayi Zhang
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Nanoscale surface cues and in vitro neuronal growth
Author(s): Yoonkey Nam; Min Jee Jang; Kyungtae Kang; Insung S. Choi
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Micro-/nano- robotic manipulation and biomedical applications
Author(s): Fumihito Arai
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Tracing and quantification of pharmaceuticals using MR imaging and spectroscopy at clinical MRI system
Author(s): Eun-Kee Jeong; Xin Liu; Xianfeng Shi; Y. Bruce Yu; Zeng-Rong Lu
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Magnetic resonance imaging using chemical exchange saturation transfer
Author(s): Jaeseok Park
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Properties of herbal extracts against Propionibacterium acnes for biomedical application
Author(s): Youn-Mook Lim; Sung Eun Kim; Yong Soo Kim; Young Min Shin; Sung In Jeong; Sun-Young Jo; Hui-Jeong Gwon; Jong-seok Park; Young-Chang Nho; Jong-Cheol Kim; Seong-Jang Kim; HeungSoo Shin
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A portable microfluidic chip system for cancer diagnosis with simultaneous detection methods
Author(s): Hyoungseon Choi; Kwang Bok Kim; Changsu Jun; Taek Dong Chung; Hee Chan Kim
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Synthesis of hybrid organic-inorganic near-IR responsive magnetic nanoparticles for cancer theragnosis
Author(s): Doyeon Bang; Taeksu Lee; Jihye Choi; Joseph Park; Byunghoon Kang; Yong-Min Huh; Seungjoo Haam
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Magnetic resonance imaging of glioblastoma using aptamer conjugated magnetic nanoparticles
Author(s): Bongjune Kim; Jaemoon Yang; Myeonghwan Hwang; Jin-Suck Suh; Yong-Min Huh; Seungjoo Haam
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Quantum dots induce charge-specific amyloid-like fibrillation of insulin at physiological conditions
Author(s): Alyona Sukhanova; Simon Poly; Anton Shemetov; Igor R. Nabiev
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Electrooxidation of saccharides at platinum electrode
Author(s): Ji-Hyung Han; Taek Dong Chung
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Synthesis of iron oxide nanotubes and their applications in neuroscience and drug delivery
Author(s): Linfeng Chen; Jining Xie; Kiran R. Aatre; Justin Yancey; Malathi Srivatsan; Vijay K. Varadan
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The effect of an alendronate-eluting titanium system to induce osteogenic differentiation in human buccal fat cells (HBFCs)
Author(s): Sung Eun Kim; Su-Young Lee; Young-Pil Yun; Jae Yong Lee; Kyeongsoon Park; Deok-Won Lee; Hae-Ryong Song
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Bionanocomposites based on layered double hydroxides as drug delivery systems
Author(s): Pilar Aranda; Ana C. S. Alcântara; Ligia N. M. Ribeiro; Margarita Darder; Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky
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Development of intelligent theragonostic bacteria-based biomedical microrobot
Author(s): Sungjun Park; Seong Young Ko; Jong-Oh Park; Sukho Park
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