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Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems: Technology and Applications IX
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Volume Number: 8541
Date Published: 2 November 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8541
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
An investigation of material properties for a selection of chalcogenide glasses for precision glass molding
Author(s): William V. Moreshead; Jacklyn Novak; Alan Symmons
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Automated optical testing of LWIR objective lenses using focal plane array sensors
Author(s): Daniel Winters; Patrik Erichsen; Christian Domagalski; Frank Peter; Josef Heinisch; Eugen Dumitrescu
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Status of IR detectors for high operating temperature produced by MOVPE growth of MCT on GaAs substrates
Author(s): P. Knowles; L. Hipwood; N. Shorrocks; I. M. Baker; L. Pillans; P. Abbott; R. M. Ash; J. Harji
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Latest developments of MCT focal plane arrays in France
Author(s): M. Vuillermet; D. Billon-Lanfrey; Y. Reibel; A. Manissadjian; L. Mollard; N. Baier; O. Gravrand; D. Brellier; G. Destéfanis
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High-performance MCT and QWIP IR detectors at Sofradir
Author(s): Yann Reibel; Laurent Rubaldo; Alain Manissadjian; David Billon-Lanfrey; Johan Rothman; Eric de Borniol; Gérard Destéfanis; E. Costard
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Uncooled 17 μm ¼ VGA IRFPA development for compact and low power systems
Author(s): P. Robert; J. Tissot; D. Pochic; V. Gravot; F. Bonnaire; H. Clerambault; A. Durand; S. Tinnes
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Latest pixel size reduction of uncooled IR-FPA at CEA, LETI
Author(s): Sebastien Becker; Pierre Imperinetti; Jean-Jacques Yon; Jean-Louis Ouvrier-Buffet; Valérie Goudon; Antoine Hamelin; Claire Vialle; Agnès Arnaud
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320 x 240 uncooled IRFPA with pixel wise thin film vacuum packaging
Author(s): J-J. Yon; G. Dumont; W. Rabaud; S. Becker; L. Carle; V. Goudon; C. Vialle; A. Hamelin; A. Arnaud
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Short-wave infrared GaInAsSb photodiodes grown on GaAs substrates
Author(s): Andrew R. J. Marshall; Kalyan Nunna; Siew Li Tan; Charles J. Reyner; Baolai Liang; Anitha Jallipalli; John P. R. David; D. L. Huffaker
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A novel snapshot polarimetric imager
Author(s): Gerald Wong; Ciaran McMaster; Robert Struthers; Alistair Gorman; Peter Sinclair; Robert Lamb; Andrew R. Harvey
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Polarimetric imaging for air accident investigation
Author(s): G. J. Privett; M. D. Ashe; M. J. Greaves; D. Holland; L. Davidson
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Archeological treasures protection based on early forest wildfire multi-band imaging detection system
Author(s): B. Gouverneur; S. Verstockt; E. Pauwels; J. Han; P. M. de Zeeuw; J. Vermeiren
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Acoustic and optical multi-sensor threat detection system for border patrol against aerial threats
Author(s): Motasem S. Alsawadi; Ahmad Ismail; Badeea F. Al-Azem; Munir M. El-Desouki; Sultan Alghamdi; Mansour Alghamdi
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A compact 2048x1536 pixel infrared imager for long distance surveillance
Author(s): Claude Chevalier; Nathalie Blanchard; Anne Martel; Marc Terroux; Carl Vachon; Luc Mercier; Lucie Gagnon; Bruno Tremblay; Linda Marchese; Alain Bergeron
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Evaluation of appropriate sensor specifications for space based ballistic missile detection
Author(s): Caroline Schweitzer; Karin Stein; Norbert Wendelstein
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Thermal imaging for current D&S priorities
Author(s): Robert Craig; John F. Parsons
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Infrared detection, recognition and identification of handheld objects
Author(s): Uwe Adomeit
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Electro-optical sensor with automatic suppression of laser dazzling
Author(s): G. Ritt; B. Eberle
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Intracavity, common resonator, Nd:YAG pumped KTP OPO
Author(s): James Beedell; Ian Elder; David Legge; Duncan Hand
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Athermal diode-pumped laser designator modules for targeting application
Author(s): B. Crepy; G. Closse; J. Da Cruz; D. Sabourdy; J. Montagne; L. Nguyen
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IR thermography methods in detection of buried mines
Author(s): Waldemar Swiderski; Pawel Hlosta; Maciej Miszczak
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3D sensor for indirect ranging with pulsed laser source
Author(s): D. Bronzi; S. Bellisai; F. Villa; C. Scarcella; A. Bahgat Shehata; A. Tosi; G. Padovini; F. Zappa; S. Tisa; D. Durini; S. Weyers; W. Brockherde
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Development of highly compact and low power consumption athermal military laser designators
Author(s): A. Sijan
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High dynamic range compression for visualization of IR images in maritime scenarios
Author(s): Alessandro Rossi; Nicola Acito; Marco Diani; Giovanni Corsini
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IR-videostream rendering based on high-level object information
Author(s): Stefan Becker; Wolfgang Hübner; Michael Arens
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A hardware Kalman-based offset estimator for nonuniformity correction on IRFPA
Author(s): Javier Contreras; Rodolfo Redlich; Miguel Figueroa; Sergio Torres
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Digital image processing techniques for uncooled LWIR thermal camera
Author(s): Thiago de M. M. G. Bittencourt; Adilson Gonzaga
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Single frame IR point target detection based on a Gaussian mixture model classification
Author(s): Laure Genin; Frédéric Champagnat; Guy Le Besnerais
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Vehicle detection using multimodal imaging sensors from a moving platform
Author(s): Christopher N. Dickson; Andrew M. Wallace; Matthew Kitchin; Barry Connor
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A continuous object tracking system with stationary and moving camera modes
Author(s): Deniz Emeksiz; Alptekin Temizel
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SR 5000N: a new IR spectroradiometer implementation
Author(s): Dario Cabib; Shmuel Shapira; Moshe Lavi; Amir Gil; Uri Milman
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Influence of area focal plane arrays on the deterioration of interference modulation for Fourier transform spectral imaging
Author(s): Xiarui Guo; Yan Li; Dongdong Fan
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Design and implementation of digital airborne multispectral camera system
Author(s): Zhaorong Lin; Xuguo Zhang; Li Wang; Deai Pan
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Comparative analysis of high-performance infrared avalanche InxGa1-xAsyP1-y and Hg1-xCdxTe heterophotodiodes
Author(s): Viacheslav Kholodnov; Albina Drugova; Mikhail Nikitin; Galina Chekanova
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Determination of range parameters of observation devices
Author(s): J. Bareła; M. Kastek; K. Firmanty; P. Trzaskawka; R. Dulski; J. Kucharz
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Panoramic dynamic data acquisition system based on unmanned helicopter
Author(s): Yigang Yao; Shuguang Zhao; Zhaorong Lin; Gaojin Wen; Qian Zhang; Weiwei Zhang
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Testing of hardware implementation of infrared image enhancing algorithm
Author(s): R. Dulski; T. Sosnowski; T. Piątkowski; P. Trzaskawka; M. Kastek; J. Kucharz
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Narcissus analysis of cooled IR optical system with multi-magnification in wide field of view
Author(s): Jinsuk Hong; Youngsoo Kim
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Research on sensor technology of Lamb-wave signal acquisition using optical low-coherence
Author(s): Y. K. Zhu; C. Yang; X. W. Li; B. Chong
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Determining the responsivity of microbolometer FPA using variable optical aperture stop
Author(s): Grzegorz Bieszczad; Sławomir Gogler; Tomasz Sosnowski; Henryk Madura; Juliusz Kucharz; Alicja Zarzycka
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Model of an optical system's influence on sensitivity of microbolometric focal plane array
Author(s): Sławomir Gogler; Grzegorz Bieszczad; Alicja Zarzycka; Magdalena Szymańska; Tomasz Sosnowski
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Research on infrared small-target tracking technology under complex background
Author(s): Lei Liu; Xin Wang; Jilu Chen; Tao Pan
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Solution based Al/PbS and Ti-Au/PbS Schottky photodiodes for SWIR detection
Author(s): Emre Heves; Yasar Gurbuz
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