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Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Remote Sensing Technology, Techniques and Applications IV
Editor(s): Allen M. Larar; Hyo-Sang Chung; Makoto Suzuki; Jian-yu Wang
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Volume Number: 8527
Date Published: 27 November 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8527
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Performance status of the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder ten years after launch
Author(s): Thomas S. Pagano; Steve Broberg; Hartmut H. Aumann; Denis Elliott; Evan Manning; Larrabee Strow
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Atmospheric sounding information obtainable from present-day advanced infrared systems
Author(s): Allen M. Larar; Daniel K. Zhou; Xu Liu; William L. Smith
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A combined atmospheric radiative transfer (CART) model and its applications for cirrus clouds simulations
Author(s): Heli Wei; Ya'nan Cao; Xiuhong Chen
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Quality evaluation of pansharpened hyperspectral images generated using multispectral images
Author(s): Masayuki Matsuoka; Hiroki Yoshioka
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A method for enhancing spectral resolution of multispectral satellite imagery
Author(s): Tao Guo; Toshihiro Kujirai; Takashi Watanabe; Yu Kitano; Yu Zhao
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SVM texture classification for tropical vegetation mapping
Author(s): Sebastien Chabrier; Benoit Stoll; Jean-Baptiste Goujon
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A novel statistical method for 3D range data registration based on Lie group framework
Author(s): Yaxin Peng; Wei Lin; Chaomin Shen; Shihui Ying
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Determine the optimum spectral reflectance of juniper and pistachio in arid and semi-arid region
Author(s): Hadi Fadaei; Rikie Suzuki
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Detection of seagrass beds in Khung Kraben Bay, Thailand, using ALOS AVNIR2 image
Author(s): Teruhisa Komatsu; Thidarat Noiraksar; Shingo X. Sakamoto; Shuhei Sawayama; Hiroomi Miyamoto; Sophany Phauk; Pornthep Thongdee; Suthep Jualaong; Shuhei Nishida
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Hyperspectral data application for peat forest monitoring in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
Author(s): Takashi Ohki; Keigo Yoshida; Hozuma Sekine; Taichi Takayama; Tomomi Takeda; Kazuyo Hirose; Muhammad Evri; Mitsuru Osaki
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On-orbit absolute radiance standard for the next generation of IR remote sensing instruments
Author(s): Fred A. Best; Douglas P. Adler; Claire Pettersen; Henry E. Revercomb; P. Jonathan Gero; Joseph K. Taylor; Robert O. Knuteson; John H. Perepezko
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The heated halo for space-based blackbody emissivity measurement
Author(s): P. Jonathan Gero; Joseph K. Taylor; Fred A. Best; Henry E. Revercomb; Raymond K. Garcia; Robert O. Knuteson; David C. Tobin; Douglas P. Adler; Nick N. Ciganovich
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The University of Wisconsin Space Science and Engineering Center Absolute Radiance Interferometer (ARI): instrument overview and radiometric performance
Author(s): Joe K. Taylor; Henry E. Revercomb; Henry Buijs; Frederic J. Grandmont; P. Jonathan Gero; Fred A. Best; David C. Tobin; Robert O. Knuteson
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Calibration of superconducting submillimeter-wave limb-emission sounder (SMILES) on the ISS
Author(s): Satoshi Ochiai; Ken-ichi Kikuchi; Toshiyuki Nishibori; Satoko Mizobuchi; Takeshi Manabe
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Research on method of geometry and spectral calibration of pushbroom dispersive hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Zhiping He; Rong Shu; Jianyu Wang
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Calibration of imaging spectrometer based on acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF)
Author(s): Rui Xu; Zhi-ping He; Hu Zhang; Yan-hua Ma; Zhong-qian Fu; Jian-yu Wang
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The measurement of optical and geometric parameters by a coordinate measuring machine
Author(s): Shenq-Tsong Chang; Wei-Cheng Lin; Ting-Ming Huang; Ming-Yin Hsu; Po-Hsuan Huang; Yu-Chuan Lin
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Radiometric calibration plan for the hyperspectral imager suite (HISUI) instruments
Author(s): Hirokazu Yamamoto; Ryosuke Nakamura; Satoshi Tsuchida
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Development of onboard fast lossless compressors for multi and hyperspectral sensors
Author(s): Tetsuhiro Nambu; Jun Takada; Takahiro Kawashima; Hiroki Hihara; Hitomi Inada; Makoto Suzuki; Taeko Seki; Satoshi Ichikawa
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The geostationary remote infrared pollution sounder (GRIPS)
Author(s): H. Bloom; Russell Dickerson; M. Schoeberl; L. L. Gordley; B. T. Marshall; M. McHugh; R. Spackman; C. Fish; J. Kim
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Observation planning strategy of a Japanese spaceborne sensor: hyperspectral imager suite (HISUI)
Author(s): Kenta Ogawa; Makoto Takenaka; Tsuneo Matsunaga; Satoru Yamamoto; Osamu Kashimura; Tetsushi Tachikawa; Satoshi Tsuchida; Jun Tanii; Shuichi Rokugawa
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Effect of particle size on prediction of soil TN with remote sensing based on NIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Xiaofei An; Minzan Li; Lihua Zheng; Yumeng Liu
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Monitoring of maize chlorophyll content based on multispectral vegetation indices
Author(s): Hong Sun; Minzan Li; Lihua Zheng; Yane Zhang; Yajing Zhang
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A multimodal image sensor system for identifying water stress in grapevines
Author(s): Yong Zhao; Qin Zhang; Minzan Li; Yongni Shao; Jianfeng Zhou; Hong Sun
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Development of a portable spectroscopy-based device to detect nutrient status of apple tree
Author(s): Yao Zhang; Lihua Zheng; Minzan Li; Xiaolei Deng; Xiaofei An
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The growth forecasting model for apple tree based on ground-based remote sensing
Author(s): Ronghua Ji; Lihua Zheng; Xiaolei Deng; Yao Zhang; Hong Sun; Minzan Li
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Analysis of soil phosphorus concentration based on Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Lihua Zheng; Won Suk Lee; Minzan Li; Anurag Katti; Ce Yang; Han Li; Hong Sun
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Estimation of tomato leaf nitrogen content using continuum-removal spectroscopy analysis technique
Author(s): Yongjun Ding; Minzan Li; Lihua Zheng; Hong Sun
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Predicting apple tree leaf nitrogen content based on hyperspectral applying wavelet and wavelet packet analysis
Author(s): Yao Zhang; Lihua Zheng; Minzan Li; Xiaolei Deng; Hong Sun
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Parallel evaluation for detector devices of the hyperspectral imager with a supercontinuum source
Author(s): Yu Yamaguchi; Yoshiro Yamada; Juntaro Ishii
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Temporal and spatial variation of canopy spectral characteristics in apple orchard
Author(s): Xiaolei Deng; Minzan Li; Lihua Zheng; Yao Zhang; Xiaofei An
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Remote sensing applications with NH hyperspectral portable video camera
Author(s): Yohei Takara; Naohiro Manago; Hayato Saito; Yusaku Mabuchi; Akihiko Kondoh; Takahiro Fujimori; Fuminori Ando; Makoto Suzuki; Hiroaki Kuze
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