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Land Surface Remote Sensing
Editor(s): Dara Entekhabi; Yoshiaki Honda; Haruo Sawada; Jiancheng Shi; Taikan Oki
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Volume Number: 8524
Date Published: 5 December 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8524
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Mapping fifty global cities' growth using time-series Landsat data
Author(s): Hasi Bagan; Yoshiki Yamagata
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Polarimetric analysis of coastal region using time series of Radarsat-2 images
Author(s): Hsiu-Wen Wang; Kun-Shan Chen; Horn-Ru Liao
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Validation of the wetlands map derived from MODIS imagery in North America
Author(s): Gegen Tana; Husi Letu; Ryutaro Tateishi
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Land cover classification comparisons among dual polarimetric, pseudo-fully polarimetric, and fully polarimetric SAR imagery
Author(s): Bhogendra Mishra; Junichi Susaki
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A compound method for automatically extracting plateau wetlands from satellite imagery
Author(s): Huan Li; Jay Gao
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Analyzing the inundation patterns in Asia floodplains by passive microwave data
Author(s): Haolu Shang; Li Jia; Massimo Menenti
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Airborne active and passive L-band measurements using PALS instrument in SMAPVEX12 soil moisture field campaign
Author(s): Andreas Colliander; Simon Yueh; Seth Chazanoff; Steven Dinardo; Ian O'Dwyer; Thomas Jackson; Heather McNairn; Paul Bullock; Grant Wiseman; Aaron Berg; Ramata Magagi; Eni Njoku
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Monitoring surface climate with its emissivity derived from satellite measurements
Author(s): Daniel K. Zhou; Allen M. Larar; Xu Liu
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Estimation and monitoring heat discharge rates using Landsat ETM+ thermal infrared data: a case study in Unzen geothermal field, Kyushu, Japan
Author(s): Md. Bodruddoza Mia; Yasuhiro Fujimitsu; Chris J. Bromely
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Estimation of global ET-Index from satellite imagery for water resources management
Author(s): Masahiro Tasumi; Reiji Kimura; Masao Moriyama; Richard G. Allen; Aiko Fujii
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Semi-analytical land surface temperature estimation algorithm for GCOM-C/SGLI
Author(s): Masao Moriyama
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Remote sensing based continuous estimation of regional evapotranspiration by improved SEBS model
Author(s): He Chen; Dawen Yang
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Regression imputation with ground air temperature for the satellite-based lake and reservoir temperature database in Japan
Author(s): Hideyuki Tonooka
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Analysis of microwave backscatter measured by radar altimeter on land to study surface aerodynamic roughness
Author(s): Le Yang; Qinhuo Liu
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A decadal observation of vegetation dynamics using multi-resolution satellite images
Author(s): Yang-Sheng Chiang; Kun-Shan Chen; Chang-Jen Chu
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On the high-fidelity monitoring of C3 and C4 crops under nutrient and water stress
Author(s): Gladimir V. G. Baranoski; Tenn F. Chen; Bradley W. Kimmel; Erik Miranda; Daniel Yim
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Isolated tree 3D modeling: based on photographing leaf area density(LAD) calculation and L-system method
Author(s): Shengye Jin; Masayuki Tamura
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Detection of three-dimensional crustal movements due to the 2011 Tohoku, Japan earthquake from TerraSAR-X intensity images
Author(s): W. Liu; F. Yamazaki; T. Nonaka; T. Sasagawa
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Monitoring southwest drought of China using HJ-1A/B and Landsat remote sensing data
Author(s): He Huang; Hongjian Zhou; Ping Wang; Wei Wu; Siquan Yang
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Detecting damage to coastal forests caused by the Tohoku earthquake in Japan using time-series remote sensing images
Author(s): Eiji Kodani; Katsunori Nakamura; Tomoki Sakamoto; Koki Kimura
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Detection of damaged buildings using GeoEye-1 imagery and airborne lidar data: A case study on the 2011 Tohoku earthquake
Author(s): Y. Yamamoto; T. Asaka; S. Aoyama; K. Iwashita; K. Kudou
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A framework for diagnosis of environmental health based on remote sensing
Author(s): Chunxiang Cao; Min Xu; Wei Chen; Rong Tian
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Semi-automatic recognition and mapping of event-induced landslides by exploiting multispectral satellite images and DEM in a Bayesian framework
Author(s): Alessandro C. Mondini; Kang-tsung Chang; Mauro Rossi; Ivan Marchesini; Fausto Guzzetti
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Damage estimation of the Great East Japan Earthquake by NICT airborne SAR (PI-SAR2)
Author(s): Makoto Satake; Tatsuharu Kobayashi; Jyunpei Uemoto; Toshihiko Umehara; Seiho Uratsuka
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Assessing the sensitivity of two new indicators of vegetation response to water availability for drought monitoring
Author(s): Li Jia; Guangcheng Hu; Jie Zhou; Massimo Menenti
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Study on forest above-ground biomass synergy inversion from GLAS and HJ-1 data
Author(s): Zhou Fang; Chunxiang Cao; Wei Ji; Min Xu; Wei Chen
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Mapping Sargassum beds off, ChonBuri Province, Thailand, using ALOS AVNIR2 image
Author(s): Thidarat Noiraksar; Teruhisa Komatsu; Shuhei Sawayama; Sophany Phauk; Ken-ichi Hayashizaki
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Possibility of mutual verification between satellite products and climate model simulation results
Author(s): Kazuo Mabuchi; Yoshiaki Honda; Kenlo N. Nasahara; Hiroshi Murakami; Masahiro Hori; Masao M. Moriyama; Akiko Ono
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Parametric representation of soil isoline equation and its accuracy estimation in red-NIR reflectance space
Author(s): Kenta Taniguchi; Yasuhiro Ikuta; Kenta Obata; Masayuki Matsuoka; Hiroki Yoshioka
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Influences of band-correlated noise on FVC by VI-isoline based LMM: characteristic behavior of propagated error
Author(s): Yasuhiro Ikuta; Kenta Taniguchi; Kenta Obata; Masayuki Matsuoka; Hiroki Yoshioka
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Comparison between the research result of mathematical morphology method applied to satellite SAR data and the other reported results for the detection of the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Japan earthquake and tsunami-affected farmlands
Author(s): Yasuharu Yamada
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Supporting elephant conservation in Sri Lanka through MODIS imagery
Author(s): Kithsiri Perera; Ryutaro Tateishi
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Accuracy assessment of land use classification using hybrid methods
Author(s): K. T. Chang; F. G. Yiu; J. T. Hwang; Y. X. Lin
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Global land cover classification using annual statistical values
Author(s): Noriko Soyama; Kanako Muramatsu; Motomasa Daigo
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The satellite-based, forest-water stress detection algorithm
Author(s): Satoshi Tanigawa; Masao Moriyama; Yoshiaki Honda; Koji Kajiwara
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The effects of urban stream improving the thermal environment in urban area
Author(s): Jin-Ki Park; Sang-il Na; Jong-hwa Park
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Retrieval of land surface temperature by cross-calibrated SVISSR thermal infrared data onboard China geostationary satellite
Author(s): Xiaoying Ouyang; Li Jia
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Radiometric calibration method of the general purpose digital camera and its application for the vegetation monitoring
Author(s): Tokunaga Kenta; Moriyama Masao
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Satellite-based fire detection algorithm for GCOM-C1/SGLI
Author(s): Takashi Miura; Masao Moriyama
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Exploring optimal design of look-up table for PROSAIL model inversion with multi-angle MODIS data
Author(s): Wei He; Hua Yang; Jingjing Pan; Peipei Xu
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Estimation of gross primary production capacity from global satellite observations
Author(s): Kanako Muramatsu; Juthasinee Thanyapraneedkul; Shinobu Furumi; Noriko Soyama; Motomasa Daigo
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Landslide detection using very high-resolution satellite imageries
Author(s): Yuzo Suga; Tomohisa Konishi
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Analysis of road damage after a large-scale earthquake using satellite images
Author(s): Keishi Yamaguchi; Hitoshi Saji
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Study on the tie point selection for DEM extraction from stereo PRISM images
Author(s): Yoshiyuki Kawata; Yukihiro Funatsu; Satoshi Yoshii; Kazuya Takemata
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A study of BRDF over Tokyo for the spaceborne measurements of atmospheric trace gases
Author(s): K. Noguchi; A. Richter; J. P. Burrows; H. Irie; K. Kita
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MATLAB Toolbox for EnviSAT InSAR data processing, visualization, and analysis
Author(s): Zhidong Zhang; Zunjing Ma; Ganlu Chen; Yan Chen; Yilong Lu
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Extraction of road traffic information using satellite images and a three-dimensional digital map
Author(s): Fumito Shinmura; Hitoshi Saji
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Relationship between DMSP/OLS nighttime light and CO2 emission from electric power plant
Author(s): Husi Letu; Yuhai Bao; Gegen Tana; Masanao Hara; Fumihiko Nishio
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Landsat imagery-based water turbidity monitoring in Lake Paldang, Korea
Author(s): Sang-il Na; Jin-ki Park; Shin-chul Baek; Si-young Oh; Jong-hwa Park
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Methane analysis using SCIAMACHY data in permafrost area of China
Author(s): Yi Cen; Taixia Wu; Hengqian Zhao; Lifu Zhang
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A study of fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation characteristics based on SAIL model simulation
Author(s): Li Li; Yongming Du; Yong Tang; Qinhuo Liu
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Distribution of solar radiation including slope effect in South Korea
Author(s): Shin Chul Baek; Jong-Hwa Park; Sang Il Na; Jin-Ki Park
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