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Remote Sensing and Modeling of Ecosystems for Sustainability IX
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Volume Number: 8513
Date Published: 16 October 2012

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Front Matter: Volume 8513
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Remote sensing of fuel moisture content from the ratios of canopy water indices with a foliar dry matter index
Author(s): E. Raymond Hunt Jr.; Lingli Wang; John J. Qu; Xianjun Hao
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Remote sensing of ash tree health associated with the emerald ash borer via analyses of fluctuations in land-based and satellite-based data indices
Author(s): George Tremberger Jr.; Sunil Dehipawala; Todd Holden; Paul J. Marchese; Tak D. Cheung
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A multi-channel calibration method for multi-filter rotating shadow-band radiometer
Author(s): Maosi Chen; John Davis; Hongzhao Tang; Zhiqiang Gao; Wei Gao
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Assessment of RADARSAT-2 quad-polarization SAR data in rice crop mapping and yield estimation
Author(s): Shenbin Yang; Shuanghe Shen; Xiaoyan Zhao
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Monitoring the total organic carbon concentrations in a lake with the integrated data fusion and machine-learning (IDFM) technique
Author(s): Ni-Bin Chang; Benjamin Vannah
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Long-wave infrared imaging of vegetation for detecting leaking CO[sub]2[/sub] gas
Author(s): Jennifer E. Johnson; Joseph A. Shaw; Rick L. Lawrence; Paul W. Nugent; Laura M. Dobeck; Lee H. Spangler
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Simulation studies for comparative evaluation of alternative spectral regions for the sensing of CO2 and O2 suitable for the ASCENDS Mission
Author(s): Denis Pliutau; Narasimha S. Prasad
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Cross wavelet analysis for retrieving climate teleconnection signals between sea surface temperature and forest greenness
Author(s): Lee Mullon; Ni-Bin Chang; Jason Weiss
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The Shortwave Infrared Perpendicular Water Stress Index (SPSI) and its application in drought monitoring
Author(s): Hong-wei Zhang; Huai-liang Chen; Chun-hui Zou
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Inversion land surface temperature by using TM data
Author(s): Jianmao Guo; Junyi Shi; Xiangyun Han; Tengfei Zheng; Qi Wang
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Simulation of regional winter wheat growth by using remote sensing data and crop model
Author(s): Jianmao Guo; Qi Wang; Tengfei Zheng; Junyi Shi; Jinhui Zhu
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Estimation of rice yield based on integration remote sensing information and crop model
Author(s): Jianmao Guo; Qi Wang; Tengfei Zheng; Xujie Li; Junyi Shi; Jinhui Zhu
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Dynamic modelling of future land-use change: a comparison between CLUE-S and Dinamica EGO models
Author(s): Wei Yi; Zhiqiang Gao; Maosi Chen
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Land-use and land-cover sceneries in China: an application of Dinamica EGO model
Author(s): Wei Yi; Zhiqiang Gao; Zhihua Li; Maosi Chen
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Spatial and temporal characteristics of correlation between CO2 and fire pixel counts in China
Author(s): Cong Zhou; Runhe Shi; Yuanyuan Chen; Chaoshun Liu; Wei Gao
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Spatially and seasonally non-stationary relationships between PM10 and related factors in Eastern China by geographically weighted regression
Author(s): Yuanyuan Chen; Runhe Shi; Shijie Shu; Wei Gao
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Population dynamics in Yangtze River delta: a neural-network and spatial statistical analysis
Author(s): Chao Wang; Runhe Shi; Wei Wei; Chaoshun Liu; Tao Qi; Wei Gao
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The transpiration and the spectral response of non-irrigated Haloxylon ammodendron at canopy scale
Author(s): Xiao-ming Cao; Juan-le Wang; Zhiqiang Gao; Mao-si Chen
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The differences in the transpiration of non-irrigated Haloxylon ammodendron in hinterland of Gurbantunggut desert based on diameter
Author(s): Xiao-ming Cao; Juan-le Wang; Mao-si Chen; Zhiqiang Gao
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The simulation of land surface process with MODIS data in Haihe basin, China
Author(s): Zhiqiang Gao; Wei Gao; Xiaoming Cao; Maosi Chen
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The analysis of net primary productivity in China based on GEOLUE model
Author(s): Zhiqiang Gao; Wei Gao; Xiaoming Cao; Maosi Chen
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Application of optical controlling methods for plants under external influence
Author(s): E. V. Timchenko; L. A. Taskina
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Analysis of the annual variation trend of atmospheric methane over China
Author(s): Jinnian Wang; Lifu Zhang; Hengqian Zhao; Taixia Wu
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A method for capturing the shape and location of the sun on occurrence of solar occultation
Author(s): Lingqin Kong; Yuejin Zhao; Fei Yu; Liquan Dong; Bing Li
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Estimation of winter wheat yield by using remote sensing data and crop model
Author(s): Jianmao Guo; Tengfei Zheng; Qi Wang; Jia Yang; Junyi Shi; Jinhui Zhu
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